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This clip has been made by a Non Adventist source but whoa this has been fulfilled, check it out!

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Bush Sr was the director of the CIA so I could imagine he was an evil spook. Well, based on what I've seeing, Trump has been focused here in the United States, not in other places around the world. Trump cabinet pick is different form Reagan and I'm seeing results domestically. 

Yesterday, he met with leaders from Silicon Valley, not with world leaders.  

Also, my business has started to pick up more days prior to the election. So you prob do need to elaborate more on his "NWO Agenda" 

Now, in regards to the high violent crime rate in Chicago, Obama has failed to bring his so called Hope to his hometown. 

 Jason... wasn't that Obama?

I watched Veith here, and he doesn't know what is in Pence's heart about the RC. Pence is siding with Trump on all matters.

Actually, the backlash of conservativism was predicted by me on these very forums.  The ultra liberal PC folks created their own fate by being pushy and arrogant, and now they are reaping what they have sewn.

Obama did more for the Pope than Trump ever has.

Something is not right about this prophecy.

Lots of editing etc. From the time they made Obama President with his liberal agenda, a false conservatism with preparing to take over.

Except that you are wrong about Obama.  He is a conservative Democrat.  He kept most of the programs that George W. Bush had in place by Executive Order.


Deaf and Dumb.

A Conservative Democrat? Um no he legalized gay marriage. 

When you continue the policies of George W. Bush that makes you conservative in my book.  And he didn't do any such thing as legalize gay marriage.  Each state has its own laws on marriage and he may have helped it along, but he does not have the power to pass laws by himself.  Marriage is controlled by the states.

Um not it's not. It was the Supreme Court Decision ;)

#LOVEWINS according to him.


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