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I think I'm done with this site...

While I realize I'm not exactly the picture of perfection in all of my statements, many made to me particularly regarding my autism hit a whole new level and are legally considered discrimination. There is a line between acting like a jerk (as I admittedly have on a few occasions..) and being abusive..

A line which I have never crossed, but apparently some running the show see as the same thing..

Sorry but two wrongs don't make a right.. If I or anyone else is in the wrong here correct us, I have no issue with that.. But allowing abuse just because others are doing it too is madness, which I refuse to be a party too much longer.. 

I will be leaving my profile up a while longer to say goodbye and get e-mails from a few good friends I have made here to stay in touch, but after that... Sorry, but this place has just become toxic and since the pregnancy I have way too many mood swings to appropriately respond to many of the shots made at me.. Much less absorb the blows of abuse...

But I will mince no words here.. Making fun of the mentally disabled, using their disability as ammo is NEVER ok... 

God bless.. 

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I wish you would reconsider.  We all make mistakes.  I can be like an old grissley bear and leave a wake of distruction, but I am always sorry for it.

Dear Daughter of God,

I'm so sorry to hear that you feel this way.   I don't know what you are referring to about the comments- but that certainly does sound abusive and downright cruel.  

As far as this site or debating issues, etc. I only come on every few months anyway because it's so easy to get drawn into talking about issues and let it take away my time to much.  Also it's somewhat stressful to talk about things when others see it differently, especially if there are hurtful words involved.  None of us is perfect yet, though we are striving to perfect His likeness in the flesh. We make mistakes, so I hope you won't feel bad if you don't feel you've said everything the way you would have wanted to.  I'm not perfect either and feel the same way at times- worried that I might not have said it right or misrepresented the Lord's will.  The Lord can lead us step by step to become more like Him and learn of Him.

I kind of got the impression that the moderators might not be monitoring it all that much but recently monitored some more- so it may not be that they were choosing not to address it.  But nevertheless, I truly hope you will not be discouraged by that kind of thing or what people have said.

Even if I didn't agree with you on every issue, I feel that you seem like a very sincere person who has a heart full of faith and love for the Lord.   I rejoice to hear your testimony that you say you have found the Lord after coming from a background that was very different.   I pray that you will not be discouraged but that Christ will fill your heart with strength and His continual companionship and comfort.

Please feel free to contact me any time you would like to talk to a friend for encouragement or support. 

May God bless you dear,


Legalishm among church members is quite sad. After attending Southern Adventist University was a horrid expereince but I cherish my friends which I've made there. I will never attend that school again but i decided to come back just to this site just to network. Responding to threads where people will just bicker and worry about the do's and don'ts is just a waste a time. 

There are too much hardheaded closed minded people but considering meeting new people is what I enjoy online and offline. 

I respect your decision, you need to focus on your pregnancy. too much stress can be harmful for you and for the baby. I hope people on here will respect you and your health but you know how to reach me.

Not sure why you felt it was necessary to go off topic and take a jab at my alma mater.  Going back on topic, I hope Kristina stays.  Unfortunately, this site reflects life.  There will be jerks and there will be extremely nice people and everyone in between.  There is another forum I used to frequent that I just got tired of because the same people were saying the same annoying things on every single thread and it stopped being enjoyable.  Every so often, I'll check the site out but it's like I've never left.  The bad seem to stick around while the good leave.  If you leave, Kristina, don't forget us and stop by and visit once in awhile.

Actually Thomas, I was a member of this site for a long time but dropped my membership months ago. I needed time for myself. Everything is heading to the right direction so I came back to give everyone an update. 

No offense but SAU is not for me after being raised in an Adventist home where I raised to think for myself, SAU is taking their rules and regulations way to seriously. Plus, I do not agree with their academic standards as well.

Now some of the people of this site reflect that kind of close minded mentality and which cause people to leave rather than to keep its members. I own a business. Rule#1 if you want people to come back to do business, be nice to them. 

In conclusion, if you want people to stay in this site then consider my advice because these discussion forums are visible on google. This can promote a bad PR for this site and for this church.

Daughter of God, I have read your posts with enthusiasm and respect...your words of wisdom are dear to me, and I am sorry you have to leave for a while, please come back after your pregnancy...I read your comments about autism, and the abuse of words you received...affliction brings humility and humility drives us more meekly into Jesus power...I too have felt like leaving AO because as so called Christians we are not deeply in love with Jesus, and sometimes it becomes depressing...but than I remember if you come to the stony soils on this forum and cast Jesus seeds among them, some seeds are taken away as quickly as they are sown while others get choked by the worldly cares of life, so expect out of the large gathering of people here, that only a few appreciate the love fruit harvested from growing in Jesus.

Words are tiny but they can heal or abuse depending upon which ones are sown.  Jesus has the words of life, He is the WORD of life, in our role as farmers of His seed do not be discouraged or lose confidence in His seeds, for great is the reward of the faithful who seek meekly the power of His Name. So people are like the Hebrew word "shav" ' all noise but no deliver' the American Indians who say, 'big noise but no rain', the many AO comments are 'all talk but no action', empty-Christians....God is looking for a character that promises rain...and you have that Daughter of God...the third commandment of the Father is about speaking that Jesus character should never be treated as an empty many of us pray to Jesus and expect no answers? Instead we should be confident Jesus does answer us and our Father does give good gifts to His children who ask...There is so much trivial social stuff our forum, its like an empty storm, 'lots of talk but no love'....sadly how many break the third commandment writing words that 'say much but speak little' wonder you are hurt by the clashes of words that thunder mocking because in their pride they hate those that receive droplets of rain....the rain of the Holy Spirit is falling even now, let us actively partake...the Father feeds the birds of the air, but each bird has a daily work  to find that food, or die of hunger..

God bless thee and keep thee and uphold you with His strong arm

Happy Sabbath


I think that the bad PR was done a looooooong time ago.

Yup! Its a shame ;/

These personal attacks slipped by me.  Are they embedded within some very lengthy posts, which I tend to skip?

Thank you all for our kind words... but as I am autistic the toxicity Ideal with here effects me physically.. I am very psychosomatic and thus over the past few years on this site have become quite ill, despite healthful living..

I used to take breaks, but that is no longer enough..

Plus, honestly when the admin here refuses time and time again to, tend to these issues.. I can no longer view this as a Christian site... When there was some control, I could take it.. There was a shepherd here.. But now all we have is a lone wild flock with no shepherd to keep them within their borders.. Men are devouring their brothers here.. and I can no longer bear to see the name of my precious Jesus dragged through them mud..

Even the disciples moved on to the next town eventually... When they realized there was little fertile ground to be sown..

I think it's time I do the same.. There are many other SDA sites on the web, where I pray to find fertile hearts and tended sheep...

That sounds reasonable, sister.  But I hope you won't be discouraged if you don't find greener pastures here on this earth- because we are in the very end of time and deep darkness covers the earth.  Cling to Christ and He will be your refuge and strength.  Soon we will see His face in glory- and find our eternal home. 

God bless.

Daughter of God ...if you do find a more fertile website than AO, please tell us what this is, so I can you say the disciples eventually left the towns that would not hear the message....I have thought about setting up a forum, on my own website, but have not done so, because I am not sure what to do with weeds...and if one makes the members have passwords, you get into judging them harshly if disabling their password....reading character in people is do you quantify that ? It would be nice if a network programme artificially did this for each comment, but I have not seen such a programme available in PHP yet for free....

God bless you and keep you



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