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I think I'm done with this site...

While I realize I'm not exactly the picture of perfection in all of my statements, many made to me particularly regarding my autism hit a whole new level and are legally considered discrimination. There is a line between acting like a jerk (as I admittedly have on a few occasions..) and being abusive..

A line which I have never crossed, but apparently some running the show see as the same thing..

Sorry but two wrongs don't make a right.. If I or anyone else is in the wrong here correct us, I have no issue with that.. But allowing abuse just because others are doing it too is madness, which I refuse to be a party too much longer.. 

I will be leaving my profile up a while longer to say goodbye and get e-mails from a few good friends I have made here to stay in touch, but after that... Sorry, but this place has just become toxic and since the pregnancy I have way too many mood swings to appropriately respond to many of the shots made at me.. Much less absorb the blows of abuse...

But I will mince no words here.. Making fun of the mentally disabled, using their disability as ammo is NEVER ok... 

God bless.. 

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Plus, honestly when the admin here refuses time and time again to, tend to these issues.. I can no longer view this as a Christian site... When there was some control, I could take it.. There was a shepherd here.. But now all we have is a lone wild flock with no shepherd to keep them within their borders.. Men are devouring their brothers here.. and I can no longer bear to see the name of my precious Jesus dragged through them mud..


As you know (because of our many private conversations), I have personally been involved with all the issues you mention.  I have discussed each issue with the other moderators.  I have reported back to you.  We have taken action on the issues raised.  So you know that we have not "refuse(d) time and time again to, tend to these issues."  I understand that we did not take the action you wished us to take.  We prayed fervently on these matters.  We  then did as we were lead by God.  We believe we showed grace and the love of Christ.

I absolutely wish that every member would only behave in a manner consistent with our rules.  I believe that members acting in this fashion will reflect the beautiful image of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know it is possible for members to disagree and still follow our rules.  

I have talked with you about how we were dealing with each issue.  I did not reveal the private counsel given to others.  Please do not confuse that with doing nothing.

Blessings and prayers,

PS.  If you should ever wish to be a part of our company again, we will welcome you with open arms.  :-)

I ask that those of you who would like to keep in touch and continue study with me, please send me a message with your e-mail address, and I will respond with mine.

Hi Daughter of God,

I'm fairly new to the forums so I don't fully understand the reasons you gave for leaving.  I don't agree with your decision to leave, based on your story I think most of us here would conclude you shouldn't be the one leaving.  

Most of here are after truth (or I would like to think that). I don't always agree with others point of view, however I appreciate them since it gives me a chance to view things from angles I don't always consider.  I can't relate to autism the way you do but I've always had issues expressing my emotions.  While I don't know you, knowing you are leaving for the reasons you give makes me feel sad.  If you do leave I hope and pray you find a place to express yourself without such harsh negative criticism and if you find it please let me know :).

I said it already 2 times  so a third time wont hurt  u leaving for the reson u been hurt n aggrivated at others in here that do not see your view point. .  YOUR only duty is to be  a witness Only not convert others to believe the same way u do/ , Your forgetting  Dughter what Paul wrote t o timothy are u not  ? ok let me remind u then and brigng it back to where u are in error. i cant open but 1 window at a time so i cant post links from the bible or Sis  Whites  Proephetic writings except by hand.  I Wont be long..

 1 timothy chap 2 for kings  and all that be in authority that wee may lead a quiet life verses 1-6  and i wont type all of cause weall able to read for own selves. therfore i exhort first of all that supplications , prayers , intersessions and giving of thanks be made for ALL MEN..      PAUSING  ,, IS THIS BEEN YOUR GOAL DEAR ONE? Intersesing means not to argue your point of veiew or even have others  agree with everything u say  does it ? where is room then for giving of thanks too?.. 

 Moving on to verse 2  for  KINGS  and All who are in  Authority that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness nd reverance. question were the ones that overseeing rome pure of heart ? were the yof authority?  nO THE YWERE NOT PURE BUT THEY WERE IN AUTHORITY AND PAUL STATED HEY WERE TO BE HONERED.  it was godliness even t opray and interceede for them also  yes? 

 MOVING ON TO VERSE 3 N 4 .  FOR this is good and acceptable in the sight of GOD our  Saviour  WHO DESIRES ALL MEN TO BE SAVED N TO COME TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH.'''''''''.........  THEIR  is but 1  Meadiator between  God n Man   MOVING ON verse 5 declaires Christ  Jesus who Gave Himself a ransome  fror   ALL  to be testified in   ,, DUE TIME..

 OBOY U SEEM TO BE FORGETTING DEAR 1 YOUR NOT THE MEADITATOR BETWEEN THOSE HERE and  God just   Jesus n in due Time my dear  His due time   not yours    YOUR BEING A WITNESS WIL PAY OFF. BY LEAVING U DOING THE SAME AS  Jonah  RUNNING AWAY that is wrong n i wont be one thalls wrong right , nright wrong just because your pride has been hurt. /   

 Do not run away  DONT  DEBATE  Give a reason for what u believe n give GODS Holy  Spirit His time to do the convicting!!!!!   Was jesus moccked ? was stephen word accepted right off too?YET LOOK AT THE FRUIT  IT PRODUCED     L A  T  E  R!      DO NOT CLAIM U RUNNING AWAY CAUSE OF RIGHTOUS IGNIGNATION THOUGH    IT aint So         NUFF SED!


Sorry to see you leave A O Daughter of God I always found your posts balanced and well thought out. I understand that the autism will make it hard for you to keep up with combative posters. God Bless you I will pray for your health.   

We ought to have some examples, so we know the kind of thing we're talking about.  I've found this comment by Vincenzo:

"You are a Daughter of God!  But you are also mentally handicapped to some degree (by your own admission) and you refuse to back up any of the falsehood you keep insisting is "fact".  That's frustrating.  Something isn't a fact just because you say it over and over again.  You have no basis for it.  It's time to, as they say, put up or shut up."

It's the oldest story in the book.  It's simply making personal attacks to try to discredit a person, as if people are going to think:  "Wow, that was a good insult.  He must be right.  See, how clever he is."

In the world, this provides amusement, and worldly folk tend to confide in the clever, and insulting one.

Yes Rush I  found Vincenzo a most abusive person. Personal attacks is against the rules of A O anyway.   


The cognitive dissonance you hear when putting those two sentences back-to-back must be deafening.  ;-)  You make a personal attack and then immediately say that personal attacks are against the rules.  You must be one of those "do as I SAY, don't do what I DO" kind of people.  LOL

How is stating the facts directly to a person a "personal attack"?  She had stated the exact same thing in the discussion that quote comes from.  Kristina has stated for years that she has a mental disability.  I don't wish that on anyone and am sorry she is afflicted with this condition.

I did not post about her, I talked to her.  You obviously prefer to talk publicly about others.  This is called GOSSIP.

But because she has a condition, are we to encourage her to act in any way she wants?  I don't think so.

Kristina often makes claims without basis.  She then says she already gave the basis for her claim and refuses to give it again.  But she never has given the basis she claims she has.  I know, I looked.

Perhaps it is because of this condition (and she truly thinks she has given a basis for her claim but just won't repeat it), perhaps it is just because she actually has no basis for her claim but doesn't want to admit it.  Whatever the reason, we should all be prepared to give the foundation for our beliefs.  She refuses to do this.  She wants a forum where her baseless opinions are universally agreed with and never questioned.  LOL.

I wish you well!

No worries Vincenzo I will not argue the point. Take Care 

@Vincenzo,So if she confided this to you,why would you display it on a post where everyone can see it? That is a lack of consideration and trust!

It would also be considered taking advantage of that person. Have you and all others whom have psychologically attacked her given that some thought?

She "confided" nothing to me.  She posted publicly, several time over several years, that she has a mental disability.  She did so publicly in the very discussion quoted.

I had no intent to distress her in any way.  I did not want her to feel bad.  I certainly did not want her to leave the site.

I DID want her to give basis quotes for things she kept repeating were "facts" that has no basis.  And yes, I was frustrated by her personal attacks on others.  Shouldn't have been, but I was.

Then,you should have kept it to yourself,Vincenzo. To continue to mention  in public something for which you will not bring a solution to proves to be unnecessary. That's just my observation.

Let us bring support to one another, and try to help, not by bringing shame for any given condition or distressed situation anyone may have shared.


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