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I think I'm done with this site...

While I realize I'm not exactly the picture of perfection in all of my statements, many made to me particularly regarding my autism hit a whole new level and are legally considered discrimination. There is a line between acting like a jerk (as I admittedly have on a few occasions..) and being abusive..

A line which I have never crossed, but apparently some running the show see as the same thing..

Sorry but two wrongs don't make a right.. If I or anyone else is in the wrong here correct us, I have no issue with that.. But allowing abuse just because others are doing it too is madness, which I refuse to be a party too much longer.. 

I will be leaving my profile up a while longer to say goodbye and get e-mails from a few good friends I have made here to stay in touch, but after that... Sorry, but this place has just become toxic and since the pregnancy I have way too many mood swings to appropriately respond to many of the shots made at me.. Much less absorb the blows of abuse...

But I will mince no words here.. Making fun of the mentally disabled, using their disability as ammo is NEVER ok... 

God bless.. 

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rush & ian,

Singling out one person in this way and making a personal attack against them is not only against the rules but unnecessary and gratuitous.

There are better ways to air a grievance than to make a public personal attack on another forum member. I suggest you contact a moderator and deal with this issue in a more appropriate manner. Both of you have behaved in exactly the way that you are complaining about.

It seems sad to me that the issue which caused her so much pain would be brought up in this context, giving the person who hurt her another chance to pour more salt in the wounds. When someone is so hurt/offended that they're announcing they want to leave because of it that seems quite tactless to bring it all up again.

There must be a love for controversy here rather than seeking to smooth things over and be lovingly redemptive according to the spirit of Christ.

As for Adventist Online, I do feel there is a very caring spirit in the things being said by the moderator.

May God bless each one, and help us to learn of Him so that we may have wisdom in how to deal with things.

Thanks for your insight Vicki,

Dealing with sinful humans is often dirty business.

God bless!

Sorry Rush, I would have to agree with JohnB. 



A "public shaming"?  How?

Let me see if I've got this right.  Here's an example:  Say I have a crippled leg since childhood.  I mention it publicly for years when talking of myself.  Then I'm in a discussion about barefoot running and mention my crippled leg again.  Later in that discussion, you say, "Vinny, you have a crippled leg.  You repeatedly insist that running barefoot causes the complete breakdown of leg mobility.  But you don't give any basis for that.  I'm not convinced you know what you talking about since you have only given your strong opinion and no basis for your opinion.  Give me a basis for your opinion.  Science.  Data.  Anything."

Am I to rage back about an "abuser" taking advantage of me and my disability?  Say things like "Making fun of the disabled, using their disability as ammo is NEVER ok"?  Should I do that because someone didn't agree with my opinion and called out my lack of basis for my belief?  Am I being publicly shamed?  Abused?  I don't see it that way.  I brought my disability to the public.  I don't see someone else mentioning it as shaming or abuse.

Just common sense would've been prudent. And compassion for others.


So you were merely suggesting she had no evidence her condition was caused by vaccination?  Because it seemed like you suggested her handicap rendered her unable to comprehend your view on the subject.

Oh, and my earlier response, was in rebellion against accusations of personal attacks.  I'll just delete that.  No harm, right?

I'm still not taking sides in this issue.  I'll not be liable for telling anyone what to do, medically.

I am saying that being "close" to an issue does not make that persons' opinion more factual.  Baseless opinions are still baseless opinions.  Being pressed for a basis of some claim is not abuse or shaming.  Even when saying "I understand you suffer from this..."

I'll not speak to her comprehension as I have no idea what the facts are in that matter.  I do know she repeatedly claimed she had given basis for her statements when she had not.  I don't know why she did that.


PS.  I'm not a fan of deleting posts if they have responses to them.  It renders the responses into nonsense.

Daughter, It has been a pleasure chatting with you. I wish I could change your mind about leaving, although I do understand  how you feel. No one should have to go thru what you have gone thru. I am disappointed to see all the verbal abuse and disrespect that goes on here. And mostly disappointed  in the fact that it had to be SDA men who would do this and to a pregnant woman!  It is not encouraging at all. It speaks very poorly of our church and how they treat women. There are others watching. But just remember one thing: You are a very intelligent woman and a Daughter Of God You are greatly appreciated

I really think you should reconsider.  You have witnessed to many here,and the Lord can continue to use you here at AO.

Maybe you just need a break,to take care of yourself to prepare for your labor as this type of stress is not good for your unborn.  But please,dont be too long. :)  Am going to miss you! thanks for all the  great recipes you have shared.

May the Lord be with you,and your family,and God bless you!

Sincerely, Zowi


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