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I think I'm done with this site...

While I realize I'm not exactly the picture of perfection in all of my statements, many made to me particularly regarding my autism hit a whole new level and are legally considered discrimination. There is a line between acting like a jerk (as I admittedly have on a few occasions..) and being abusive..

A line which I have never crossed, but apparently some running the show see as the same thing..

Sorry but two wrongs don't make a right.. If I or anyone else is in the wrong here correct us, I have no issue with that.. But allowing abuse just because others are doing it too is madness, which I refuse to be a party too much longer.. 

I will be leaving my profile up a while longer to say goodbye and get e-mails from a few good friends I have made here to stay in touch, but after that... Sorry, but this place has just become toxic and since the pregnancy I have way too many mood swings to appropriately respond to many of the shots made at me.. Much less absorb the blows of abuse...

But I will mince no words here.. Making fun of the mentally disabled, using their disability as ammo is NEVER ok... 

God bless.. 

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I know how you feel,@ Daughter. I have thought about leaving AO as well. But have just learned to ignore negativecomments.

I'm done here also, after receiving an extremely evil email from Clark P, which I assume is the owner of this website.

Hi Eugene,

I asked you to abide by the Site Rules & Guidelines and to respond to my private messages before posting further in public.  You have done neither of these things.

I have saved you the trouble of leaving and have removed your profile.

I hope to see you in the Kingdom,
Clark P

Oh... SNAP!  You have oppressed the great Eugene Shubert, the self-proclaimed "modern William Miller"!  You did not bow down to the great Shubee!!!

Be prepared for him to write 3000 articles on the internet about your evil ways.


Evil email? LOL.  Mr Shubert you really are something.  Hope things go well for you. 

The guy should have been banned from the start 


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