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Hi there,

Im curious about the habits you have and your opinions about what to do and not to do on Sabbath.

Some people have no problem with cooking, shopping, cleaning the house while others will wait until sunset. Some people play sports some people dont.

I am one of those who rather wait or prepare everything before the sabbath starts.

What do you think should and should not people do on sabbath? 

Do you think people now do activities they wouldnt do few years ago? 

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Not a bad question.  After all, example is far more powerful than just texts.  Oh, I beleive in checking with God's word.  But, I do not see your question as being in that category.


Here is the approach that I have taken.  I treat the Sabbath as a "date with God."  Just consider the spiritual equivilent of what you would do on a date with someone of the opposite sex, and you have a good idea of what to do on Sabbath.  Here are some suggestions.

  1. Get ready BEFORE the time for the date arrives.  Do not wait untill the time agreed on for a date to start getting ready.  By that time it is too late.
  2. Plan to wear your best.  If you really love the one you are going on a date with, you will want to present yourself in the best light.  Dare we do less when going on a date with the God of the Universe?
  3. Plan to do things that  your date will enjoy.  You don't want to just do what you want, irregardless of what your date wants to do.  It would probably be your last date with that person.  While God is more forgiving, even His patience has an end. For men, you would not work on your car when on a date with someone you love, with the exception of an emergency.  Women, you would not use the time for your date to clean your house, wash your hair, do your nails, etc.  If you do, the chances for a second date would be greatly diminished.
  4. Spend time with mutual friends.  This is a good time to share your date with others.  Allow them to get to know who you have met and get feedback from them.  When God is your date, they should be happy for His fellowship.  If not, than you may want to reconsider what kind of friends you have cultivated.
  5. Spend time in His home.  He wants you to come meet Him there.

You can probably add other like things to do.  In short, this text will give you the principles involved.

    "You are to speak to the people of Israel and say, 'Above all you shall keep my Sabbaths, for this is a sign between me and you throughout your generations, that you may know that I, the Lord, sanctify you."  Exodus 31:13 (ESV)  Also see Ezekiel 20:12, 20 

The Sabbath, like a date, is a sign of a special relationship between you and the one you date.  So, keeping the seventh day as the Sabbath, is a sign that you love God and want to be part of His family.  Likewise, dating the god who wants to meet with you on the first day of the week, tells the Universe that you want to be part of his family.  So, be carefull of who you date.


Happy Sabbath!


Maranatha :)





thats great Ray, thanks!
I must say to you that there are people with varying opinions on this subject however i want to take you back to the days of Israel in the wilderness.  It was Friday and they had to gather manna for Friday and Sabbath and anyone who went out on Sabbath to find food did not meet any. consider the manner in which God conducted this food service. consider the ways of the Adventist.  God has given us the greatest example.   it is easier to understand these things by simply focusing on the word of God than the examples of men

Ray, I like this:


" Plan to do things that  your date will enjoy. "


Yes, the Sabbath is a date with the Creator.

On Sabbath,

read/ study the Bible,

play Bible games

sing/play/ listen to  Christian  song,



watch video/DVD about God/nature,

fast or eat-  alone or with family./ friends/ brethren

visit the sick

feed  the sick and shut-in


go to church - Sabbath School, divine service. Youth meeting in the afternoon, vespers a few minutes before sunset

focus on your roots - God, the source of your existence

be thankful

Enjoy the day

Hi All,


I have sometimes watched the sun go down feeling the day was rushed from early morning meetings until late night meetings and a close sabbath programme, and on the drive home I get a quiet feeling of sadness, because we can push so much into the day that we don't spend one minute with God personally.

Kind of like shopping for all the wedding things and forgetting the person you are actually marrying in all the ceremony.

That, I believe should be avoiced and I find as a general rule that our church folk believe they have done their duty in attending sabbath school, church, luncheon, afternoon programme, then closing sabbath in prayer, and never having one personal conversation with God.

Has anyone else had these thoughts and feelings or are they only mine?

Oh and to the lady who takes a nap, for Mothers it may be a necessity, and I am sure God would know you are oh so weary, I have lain on my bed bible in hand and spent an hour so reading and talking with God and then dozed off and then woken and felt refreshed enough to continue the day.  Being a single mother of 6, it's fairly hard to re-charge at any time.

Suzanna Wesley used to have to put her apron over her face as a sign she was praying!! So her kids gave her some space.

The heart of reverence, the care taken to keep all in your power away from being done on that day is noted by God I think, but if a glass breaks and milk goes everywhere, we get out the mop.


The lady who naps has no children. 

Well, still what can I say, we are told we are not supposed to allow our business to consume us so that we have no time for the sabbath, but I personally find that difficult.  Life is a major stress these days, perhaps you may need to check your vitamin and mineral intake and prioritise.  Then its easier said than done.  Better idea, ask God to show you how to use your time wisely during the week so that sabbath is a wide awake day.


So essentially am not being a good steward of my time because I sleep some Sabbath afternoons?

I've read everything you have posted and I just can't seem to understand why exactly sleep on the Sabbath in daylight hours is a problem.

Zoe is that for me, DJ?


 I never meant that.  I was thinking of myself and the same problems I have.  I have so much to do that come sabbath, I sometimes just collapse and find I am so weary, as if I had to push to get that far.  The world is speeding on and on. 

I am not at liberty to tell you if you are a good steward or not.  I have no desire to be a vulture and pick the flesh from off your bones.I suppose I thought you were saying you are very tired. and I thought I could empathise and so I gave you the same plan I had for myself.  thts all.



I thought I might mention that Jesus slept the whole sabbath day and when He was awakened by the Spirit, He came forth with a smile on his face (Rom 8:11).

When reading the Psalms I came across an interesting verse that would suggest the Lord can give us counsel even as we sleep (Ps 16:7). This makes perfect sense when we realise that while our conscious mind is at rest, our subconscious (heart) is wide awake.

In reality, there is no place we can go (awake or asleep) that the Lord isn't there:

"Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?  If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there" (Ps 139:7-8).

There are many stories where God visited people while they were sleeping, probably one of my favourites would be Solomon's (1 kings 3:5-15).

So, if you are feeling tired and worn out on occasions during the sabbath day, dedicate your sleep time to the Lord and it will be sweet (Prov 3:24)! He may even give you heavenly downloads during that time, and be blessed oh daughter of the King.

Now, that Matt, is wisdom!!

Blessings to you for that and for all of us who heard it.


You are so right, when God seems to come softly when we are sleeping.


Anyone ever heard of Carol Zsarska?  She has a series of 10 DVD's all talking about the voice of the Lord as opposed to the voice of God and she takes people that are suffering from all sorts of evils to the word of God to show them that the voice they have been hearing and being oppressed by is not God's voice at all, but a counterfeit. 

I personally can't see Jesus standing by our bedsides if we are weary and shaking his head.

I like what Matt had to say.



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