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Doug Batchelor disinvited to preach Spring Meadows Church in Sanford.

Pastor  Batchelor was called a polarizing influence and has been punished.

When the leadership of the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists recommended to the Spring Meadows Church in Sanford, Florida that the congregation reconsider its invitation of Amazing Facts speaker Doug Batchelor to a series of meetings in October, calling Batchelor a "polarizing influence18," the reaction was swift and, perhaps unsurprisingly, polarized.

Batchelor supporters and fans of his television ministry decried the move as heavy-handed, while those who disagree with Batchelor's strident anti-women's-ordination agitation lauded the move by the Florida Conference.

On Monday, Cauley wrote on Facebook, “The power of social media is arresting. On Friday, we responded to four emails about our concern with the Speaker/Director of Amazing Facts coming to speak. Today, that reply is everywhere. Disappointing. It was not our intent to make a public thing of this.”

Batchelor has thus far not commented publicly.

So rather than listen to the word of God we are to be pressured by social media? 

To be disinvited is a political game learned from the world being played out on Doug Batchelor as someone pointed out to me.   The leadership of the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists of Spring Meadows Church in Sanford, Florida  is only doing what it see's  the world doing.  So if they copy the world are they prayerfully following God?  I don't think so.  Here is a link to a list of colleges that do this type of thing to punish people they do not find politically correct.

It is a long list.   

The Goal Punish Pastor Batchelor for not being PC and also shut down debate.   If WO is so wonderful and so great why shut down debate?

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It was the right call for that Conference and that Church. Batchelor went somewhere else.  No harm done.

If Batchelor stuck to the word of God there woud be no problem.  

Sarah and Shannon it is not a problem that you comment, your comments are welcome but essentially what you have done is a drive by shooting and then sped off with out giving any real substance.  This is not a twitter feed this is an actual discussion board. 

Sarah why was it the right call?  Why was there no harm done?  How could  you possibly  know there is no harm done do you have some prophetic insight?

Shannon can you give good examples of where Batchelor has spoken outside of the Bible? More facts rather than opinion please.

Nothing wrong with Sarah's and Shannon's post. You can read above in the discusion description that DB is a polarising influence. That is a credential he has earned due to his instance on politicising instead of preaching the gospel.

I have never heard Pastor Doug Batchelor talk politics.  Have you?  Who is he indorsing? Are you talking about WO or the pope?  I might remind you that the church belongs to Jesus and is not a political body that votes in laws and ordinances.  WO has to be in accordance with the Bible  and that is the debate not something having to do with politics and who votes what.   Snippy remarks are of no use here but if you want to bring in facts or Bible verse that is worth commenting on that would be good.  

I know when the situation first happened (as this is dated information) and personally know of people who live in Florida they would have been impacted or affected.  I have also seen the letter that was sent by the Conference to the Church that would have been hosting and financially paying for Batchelor.

The Conference was well within their rights to encourage them to re-think implications for the that local church and the female pastors and elders that currently serve not only in the conference, but at that church as well.  His personal views regarding not only women ordination, but also on women elders would have been problematic.  That was the reason the church rescinded their invitation. 


So your saying the feelings of those female pastors would have had their feelings impacted by Pastor Batchelors  being there?   What if these same female pastors have to make a stand for the Sabbath or some other form of persecution will they handle it if they cannot handle Pastor Batchelor ?  If they stand on the word what is the problem? How come they were not up front and say they could not pay for the cost and instead say that Pastor Batchelor was polarizing?

Not only the pastors in the conference but the female elders and leaders at that particular church. If as a Body you disagree strongly with something, it would be harmful to have someone who disagrees with that position to be invited as a leader to your church.  It would be like you placing a babysitter over your child who does not affirm or support your parenting beliefs or skills, neither would you place your child in the care of someone who they were uncomfortable with.

Not sure where you gathered you conclusion from, the Church HAS the money to retain Batchelor services.  They simply rescinded it.  

Bart - "at if these same female pastors have to make a stand for the Sabbath or some other form of persecution will they handle it if they cannot handle Pastor Batchelor ? "

Are you saying that DB's presence should be used as a trial test to see if woman pastors can withstand persecution ? Anything that is a "polarising influence" should be dealt with accordingly and it's influence reduced. 

Are you saying that DB's presence should be used as a trial test to see if woman pastors can withstand persecution ? Anything that is a "polarising influence" should be dealt with accordingly and it's influence reduced.

That is nonsense ZJOutback, No that is not what I am saying to be clear. 

Okay, well here is some of the wisdom dispensed by Batchelor on his Feb 6, 2010 sermon:

    • a. The British Journal of Psychology - “According to The British Journal of Psychology, while women’s brains communicate better right to left, men on an average score five points higher on an IQ test.”

    • b. The Olympics - “That’s why you find divisions in the men and women Olympic events.”

    • c. “Feminist” Step-Mother - “‘Most of them [the feminists] are angry lesbians that want to be men.’ [You] can take whatever you want - I’m just telling what my mother said.”

    • d. Abraham Lincoln - “Lincoln used to say, ‘you can call a dog’s tail a leg, but it’s still a tail.’”

    • e. Etymologists - “If we go back into the book of Genesis, you notice right away that the first woman came from man. Matter of fact, some argue that’s where the word woman comes from—from the womb of man. Now there’s another group that believes it’s a corruption of the word ‘wifman,’ meaning the wife of man.”

    • f. More Etymologists - “By the way, the word seminary comes from the same word as semen. So it’s interesting that you’ve got so many women in the seminary studying for – that’s just where the root of the word is.

  1. Personal Belief. “I believe that men should be men and I believe that God has called men to lead. And I think what you’re seeing in the church has been a reflection of what’s been happening in our culture.”

    • a. “I believe that we have been badgered and intimidated so that we are not really going by what does the Bible say.”

    • b. “I believe the Bible only teaches that men should be ordained as pastors and elders.” [Would it be fair to suggest that what Batchelor meant here was “the Bible teaches that only men should be ordained,” rather than “the Bible only teaches...”?]

  2. My Way of Thinking. “You know, I think about this statement, you’ve probably seen it from the book Education, page 57, one of my favorites, written by a woman: ‘The greatest want of the world is the want of men. Men who will not be bought or sold, men who in their inmost souls are true and honest, men...”

    • a. “And some when they read this they say, ‘Oh, she’s just speaking in generic terms.’ I might be wrong, but I don’t think so. I think she specifically is emphasizing God is looking for men because there’s a vacuum of men.”

    • b. “I think one of the things that is going to bring the wrath of God on this generation is that men are not being men. They’ve been intimidated. We’ve been intimidated, men.”

    • c. “Everybody could approach Christ directly. You didn’t need to go through a priest anymore. That’s what Paul is telling us. So you’ve got to mitigate [sic] this statement of Paul with everything else he says and you see what you think.”

    • d. “Now don’t miss this because I’m going to make a jump here. Jump with me.”

    1. Communication. “Women tend to communicate more effectively then men.”

      • a. “And part of that is because the left hemisphere of their brain and the right hemisphere are connected with four times as many neurons as with men. So they’ve got their logical and task oriented part communicating with their relational and emotional part as they process information.”

      • b. “Which often causes problems in marriages because men will want to address a specific problem in a discussion and all of a sudden in the discussion there’s this quantum leap to something that happened three weeks ago.”

      • c. “And, you know, you’re talking about changing the oil and all of a sudden she’s talking about the children’s education and you’re going, ‘Wait a second! How’d we get on that subject?’ And so all the wires go back and forth.”

    2. Intelligence. “Men on an average score five points higher on an IQ test.”

    3. Dealing with Stress. “Men tend to have a fight or flight response.”

      • a. “Women often look for strategies in dealing with these kinds of stresses. And they want to tend and befriend. Now that’s good in relationships. You know if you’re in a board meeting it’s nice to have someone say let talk through this.”

      • b. “If you’re on a battlefield, you don’t want the tend and befriend attitude. You want the either attack or retreat, fight or flight attitude. And that’s why I think on combat men are better suited for that.”

    4. Pain. “Men and women perceive pain differently. Men will deny their pain longer than women will.”

    5. Spatial Ability. “In their spatial ability, men typically have stronger spatial abilities in being able to mentally represent a shape and its dynamics, where women typically struggle in this area.”

      • a. “Medical experts have discovered that women have a thicker parietal region of the brain which hinders the ability to mentally rotate objects in their brain in the aspect of spatial abilities.”

      • b. “So men can think better in 3D.”

Thank you Shannon that is allot to go over.  I will look at it.  What part of it bothers you?  Nothing is really jumping out at me other than the IQ thing?  Science is finding that there are many kinds of intelligence.  I have never have liked the IQ test. There are many who succeed and do not have a high IQ per say but have high intelligence in other things like reading peoples emotions or having way with music.  That said I would say it is dumb to express that men are smarter than women and that is not the point of WO if this is in context to that.  WO has to be in accordance with the bible and the conference votes will not make null Gods word. 


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