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This is on of the most ignorant statements I have ever heard. People seriously want to vote for this guy? It is really sad hearing such ignorance coming out of an educated man.

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Dr Carson should stick to neruology. His grandiose thinking is getting the better of him.

I have much respect for Dr. Carson.  But this is why I am against him being involved in politics. You can't be a famous politician and stick to your core values here in the US. Maybe you can be a mayor who stays true to God, but definitely not a president. The longer he takes in "considering" his run for presidency, the more obvious it becomes that he will be compromised. Especially in the dirty world of politics.

Now I understand that many of you feel differently in this manner. And I respect your opinions either way.

Oh and for the record I don't think his "prison" example is valid.

I agree with what you've stated. Also like Herbert said, he should stick ot neurology. If he does continue to pursue politics as he's doing now, it would be interesting to see what his views would look like years down the road.

I personally do not believe it is time of any faithful christian to be involved in any political office. Like i said it is my opinion. 

It is a dangerous place to be at this time, the world is in chaos, it is time for us to consider our ways and focus on our walk with God. If we keep our eyes and ears open we can see that time is short. so much war and confusion is in the world. The pope is traveling the world forming his alliances. yet we christians are sleeping. We need to wake up. 

To get involve in politics at such a late hour is taking a big step back. I mean consider the nature of politics today. 

Any way enough said .

Some brothers and sister would say you are a conspiracy nut and that we need to fill the pews with the unrepentant.

I do agree we should be faithful Christians.

I agree with you Grey,

I believe politics as it is today is not a place for Adventist any more, it is treading on dangerous grounds. It calls for a lot of compromise and for some reason i do not believe we have time to compromise as we are literally living in the "Time of the End". To many things are happening, we should be less involved in the matters of this world. we have to be vigilant as, keep our eyes open and focus on what is to come a head. 

So, who would you pick if you only had two options:

Huckabee (Who has a documented Anti-Sabbath rant).


Ben Carson.

I will pick no one

 That is one right i do not practice 

So, you have never, ever voted for anyone ever?

No, never have.

Do you have any research to back this up? Carson is a medical dr who is aware of such statistics. CNN host Chris Cuomo had a hard time with the statistics.

Although Carson said he misspoke

That a good thing about a wild card running for president, they may not get elected but they do raise some important issues.

James S

Take it from a Social Science expert who has worked in prisons for quite a while. There is no validity to his statement. Remember, many of our Christian pioneers spent time in prison.



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