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While I don't agree with some of Dr. Carson's positions, I found the Republican debate this week very enjoyable and thought Dr. Carson did very well in it.  He was humble, thoughtful, respectful, and brought new ideas to the table.  What do you think?

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IS IT TRUE DR BEN CARSON met with the Pope in the Congress session and called him your Holiness??I will have to check this news source out but according to other ADVENTISTS  In Facebook this did happen.. If a Seventh Day Adventist will go this far we in AMERICA  are in water over our heads An their no turning the tide. Public opinion of the Pope too is out of  this world and it is unbelevable almost the positive reaction the Popes visit has generated and surely their is no sign of the wound he once received ... .

 IT seems to me if we have been riding  the fence in our spiritual walk It is time to be sure our life is fully hid in Christ and we set our minds on the things above not finding our joy here on her in whatever fashion that we as a individual may find our self easily led astray in doing or thinking.. . i now know it matters not how much knowledge we posses of end time Prophecy  none of this  will help us resit the temptations  that beset us if we not walking Daily with Christ n not compromising our faith .


I doubt Dr Carsen would have addressed the poop as "your holiness" and if there is evidence I would sure love to see or hear it.

If you have a link or article purporting such evidence please post.

Gerald  i only asked if others had seen this llink ok?? I do not know for sure . let us as best as possible  look into this ourselves for not all that  have their names in the Books of 7th day Adventist church rolls will under examination or duress prove to be fully loyal.. When u enter Politics   it is mind Boggling the amount of compromising u will find yourself doing thinking it pleases the Lord../ , THE bible does tell us  to Prove all things  .  I not making any accusations fully just asking if anyone else has seen  what i have heard stated ,,  . .some have better news sources and access then others....


that's why I replied that if you have by the off chance seen the link or read the article then you should actually post it.

There is nothing malicious in my reply or any accusations against you Murray.

PS: I would have confirmed the new source first before asking such a question. Well that's just me, I see you do things differently lol.

Gerald, why would he not address the pope as such, it’s his title. He certainly wouldn’t say Your Majesty or Sir Pope; would he? And if he became president he’ll be kissing his ring just as all the others. 

As Seventh Day Adventists we do not address people as "your holiness" and since Dr Carson was born SDA, I am sure he has been instilled with the values of only addressing God as the only Holy God not any man. The title "your holiness" espouses that the pope is god to some if not the majority of Christendom and then some.

The title of "your holiness" was bestowed upon this individual by earthly mortals and not by God and as such he should not be addressed as "your holiness" or even father. That spiritual title is reserved for God and God alone.

Would you address him as "your holiness" or bow your knee to him or kiss his ring? I certainly would not and I hope that as intelligent as DR Carson is, he would not either.

I know where I stand and I hope this clarifies my statement and position on this matter.  

Your statement was clear, I’m just saying that respectfully I think Dr. Carson, as president would have to give the proper respect to the pope’s office.  He has already chosen to insult an entire group of Americans just to seem more religious himself.

No, he doesn't.  Just like he doesn't have to bow before Saudi royalists.  The Office of the Papacy is responsible for the martyrdom of millions of people.  Tell me, if Germany Adopted a new Fuhrer would you address him as, "Mein Fuhrer"?

Uncle Murray,

I don’t think that he got a chance to greet the pope, he was just a guess to hear the congressional speech.

Carson to attend papal address to Congress

…Carson, a Seventh Day Adventist, said despite his schedule, hearing the pope is a high priority. "It's always a historic occasion when the Pontiff comes to America. And I hope we're very welcoming and we'd love to hear what he has to say," Carson said Wednesday in Jackson, Michigan. "I feel a need to be everywhere. And that happened to be on the top of the list tomorrow." 

??? WHY WOULD U BE INTERESTED  in what the Pope has to say when it is actually already known?  I know my own weaknesses and it is just foolish to place yourself where Satan can ever so sweet Speak so hyponoticaly few realize the y be taken in before it to late their already under his spell.  I

do not think the  Doctor is able to face the Popes delusions for he may be a smooth talker himself still  he does compromise when faced with adversity from others


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