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Is it Biblically right for a man to put on a woman's clothes, or a woman to put on a man's clothes? Responses to be accompanied with references!

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Are you suggesting that a woman should not wear pants? It might be good to define what ownership there is for men and women of certain clothing.
I don't see any reference to pants there... ;-)

But I would also like to know what defines men's and women's clothing.
It's actually very simple.

Clothes that are made for men are men's clothes and clothes that are made for women are women's clothes.

Men should not wear women's clothes and women should not wear men's clothes.
Does it not depend upon the culture in which you live?

If I arrived at church in a Scottish Kilt ... I doubt I would be accepted.
Then wear the clothes that are made for men in your own culture.
Okay. I'll do that. My point was that one can't just make hard fast rules without defining and considering culture.
Good point, Travis. And as for modesty, I would rather see a woman dressed in pants than in revealing atire. Pants and shirts are now part of our dress customs. Not necessarily the same everywhere, and we should be tolerant of others, not condemning. We should not insist on our customs elsewhere, when they would offend others either.
When I was growing up. Women only wore dresses or skirts. Then the pant suit came out. Authors such as Joe Crews decleared them an evil sin. The theory was that women were not to wear the pants in the family. Pants were for men.

So, time and culture do change and determine what is appropriate to wear.

Ellen White insisited that women wear pants. So, to each his own. It just depends upon culture.

LIke has been stated .... we should not make any hard and fast rules in this regard.
Hmm... slightly disagreeing with you here, N Him, as the hard and fast rule has already been made: Men shouldn't put on women's clothes and vice versa.

However, you are right in that it is one of the few rules that is affected by time and culture as to what actually comprises mens/womens clothes. Sadly, in any discussion on this topic it is all too easy to find cultural fascists who are intent on trying to impose their culture on others who are not of that culture.

Btw: Ellen White "insisted" that women wear pants??? I doubt that you are going to be able to produce a reference to back up the "insisted" part.
I will take up that challenge and look up the quote I was referring to. Wanna make a bet. Be right back.
Okay .... I admit defeat. She didn't insist as I had thought. But she did outline the correct attire and it included and did not condemn the wearing of pants and indeed authorized it or gave her blessing.
It was clearly Joe Crews in Creeping Compromise that condemned it:

"Wearing of pantsuits by women has caused borderline homosexuals to go over the line into perversion". p.43

Ellen White actually said we should not be addressing the subject of dress at all:

" A Work of the Heart.--There are many who try to correct the life of others by attacking what they consider are wrong habits. They go to those whom they think are in error, and point out their defects. They say, "You don't dress as you should." They try to pick off the ornaments, or whatever seems offensive, but they do not seek to fasten the mind to the truth. Those who seek to correct others should present the attractions of Jesus. They should talk of His love and compassion, present His example and sacrifice, reveal His Spirit, and they need not touch the subject of dress at all. There is no need to make the dress question the main point of your religion. There is something richer to speak of. Talk of Christ, and when the heart is converted, everything that is out of harmony with the Word of God will drop off. It is only labor in vain to pick leaves off a living tree. The leaves will reappear. The ax must be laid at the root of the tree, and then the leaves will fall off, never to return." Ev 272
This message is speficially for N HIM there is one thing that I will like you to do. Search for the word CULT-ture, find out its origins and the definition/meaning of that word before you use it again because apparently you do not fully understand the true meaning of that word. Respond to this message when you have done your research.


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