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Is it Biblically right for a man to put on a woman's clothes, or a woman to put on a man's clothes? Responses to be accompanied with references!

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amen sister, well said!
Quoting Gabriel (and I couldn't agree with him more): "Women looks very hot in a pant suit."

While the Bible does not mention this specifically, this is one of the inferred reasons for women to dress up in feminine attire, pants (pair of trousers) being a mode of dress designed for male folk, whose hips and other sensual bodily features do not necessarily show through normal pants.

Of course, a man in tight pants is another issue altogether!
the Bible does not teach that either of them should put on either's clothing
I think it best not to attribute motive when it comes to dress, simply follow the instructions. Female articles of clothing for females, male garments for males. God really does make it easy to understand.


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