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Is it Biblically right for a man to put on a woman's clothes, or a woman to put on a man's clothes? Responses to be accompanied with references!

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Travis, never give up that dream. It was Christ's desire for His church that we should all be one and we have the promise of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to unify the church. I found this statement yesterday and it rings so true,

"The secret of unity is found in the equality of believers in Christ. The reason for all division, discord, and difference is found in separation from Christ. Christ is the center to which all should be attracted; for the nearer we approach the center, the closer we shall come together in feeling, in sympathy, in love, growing into the character and image of Jesus. With God there is no respect of persons." (1 Selectred Messages, p.259)

Isn't this why our goal is to live our lives in harmony with the guidance and prompting of the Holy Spirit? Unity is in our hands, we decide.
WOW!! BROTHER CORBEN I been in the church for 27 years now An no I guess I never got involved with church politics but HOLD TO the veiws of reasoning.
It does amaze me thoughThat simple factions can cause such divisionsamong those that are suppose to reason thingsout fully n not just folow their opinions or the opinions of their friends.
In my time I have seen churches split an ddivided for cultural differences too .hatians fight against jamaicans someone says something wrong in the pulpit and others get offended and leave..
. I have seen many fight against their favorite pastor having to leave n go elsewhere and this caused a fight . I seen main stream Adventist pastors quit the conference n go independant too.,TODAY we seem honestly to have gotten away from simplicity in truth and worship style and have run up expences to run a church that was never meant to be..
IT also seems to be that simple reasonin has taken on a new form n called selective arguments or debates where anything and everything has to have a reply!
I can not see the usefulness of endless chatter over seemingly nothingless . Whatever happened to let your yes be yes n your NO be No or THAT the Apostle Pauls warnings to his young Protege Timothy not to enter into useless debates??
I am sure one that is well educated like your self knows the difference between vain babbling just to be heard than simple reasoning skills?? Young Travis here has apoint although seemingle unrealistic it will occour but only after persecution arise it seems that will end this endless on going debates..
Michael, do you like war, violence and bloodshed as well?
Michael said, "Your disdain for Ford is well known here, so you will forgive me if I make certain connections."


Sorry, I don't understand, are you apologising for projecting your misconceptions onto me or are you justifying it? So you want me to accept you making assumptions while you continue to accuse and denounce anyone who you perceive as doing the same to you?

IIRC I haven't posted anything about Ford for well over a year. However, if my posts are that memorable I will take it as a compliment. No doubt you are also taking into consideration the praise that I have heaped on Ford's book on Daniel within that statement?

When you start arguing with your own post, or rather, arguing with me because I accept and adopt your post... no, it's all a bit too ridiculous. If you really want to discuss the IJ or Ford then start a topic and I'll continue in there. If all you want to do is argue and belittle the perceived "opposition" then I'll leave you to do that by yourself.
So this is the "well-known disdain"...?

Michael, I'm not going to get dragged into another side-issue fight with you, you can post a response in that topic if you want to. Trying to justify one man's behaviour by comparing it with the later behaviour of others is an emotional argument devoid of reason.

Anyway... "issues with the man", certainly, "well known" disdain? No, I would be very surprised if it was "well known". I don't think that I'm so important to others that they are going remember anything that I post beyond the moment, or even the title of that particular thread. I thank you for the compliment but I think you are mistaken.

Anything left of the clothes topic?
Michael said," and you feel the admin was justified in all things"

This is what I don't understand.. why do you still insist on making assumptions about other people? You don't like it if people do it to you yet you continually do it to others.

Stop telling me what I do or don't feel. Speak for yourself, I am quite capable of speaking for myself without needing you to project your assumptions and misconceptions on to me.
"Accurately recorded in the books of heaven are the sneers and trivial remarks made by sinners who pay no heed to the call of mercy when Christ is represented to them by a servant of God. As the artist takes on the polished glass a true picture of a human face, so God daily places upon the books of heaven an exact representation of the character of every individual " (MS 105, 1901). 4BC 1171.7
I guess I missed the discussion on Ford. Because of his apostasy I would disdain to read anything "good" that he wrote. He is a sickening, disgusting example of a false theologian that has done incalculable damage to the cause of Christ.

Jack Sequeria, to me is in the same category, how he has kept his ministerial credentials is a mystery that I just cannot fathom. Staying "under the radar" comes to mind.

Just like A.F. Ballenger, the church is to be commended for bending over backwards to give Ford a chance to repent. As hundreds of church administrators and theologians converged at Glacier View to examine his heresies, he was given every consideration and opportunity to reform.

Of course liberals contend that Ford should have been allowed to continue on unchecked, because all liberals are having theological nightmares anyway. To them it's not what God says His word actually means, it's whatever humanistic spin they deem necessary to let them continue in worldly sin unabated.

One day, those who continue to cling to error and spout demonic heresies will have their mouths stopped forever. God is just. He has given us all a chance to believe and follow the truth. I for one look forward to the day when truth will prevail. No one will be speaking lies in hypocrisy.

"The great controversy is ended. Sin and sinners are no more. The entire universe is clean. One pulse of harmony and gladness beats through the vast creation. From Him who created all, flow life and light and gladness, throughout the realms of illimitable space. From the minutest atom to the greatest world, all things, animate and inanimate, in their unshadowed beauty and perfect joy, declare that God is love." {GC88 678.3}
I agree with you Michael. His post is a 'sickening and disgusting example of hate and hypocrisy'. And his kind of post is applauded here by many. Apparently He does not accept the words of our prophet:

"Accurately recorded in the books of heaven are the sneers and trivial remarks made by sinners who pay no heed to the call of mercy when Christ is represented to them by a servant of God. As the artist takes on the polished glass a true picture of a human face, so God daily places upon the books of heaven an exact representation of the character of every individual " (MS 105, 1901). 4BC 1171.7
Stephen said, "I guess I missed the discussion on Ford."

Yes, you did. However, if you want to comment you can go to that thread here or start your own thread where the subject will not be off-topic.

As it is, your contribution here was not at all helpful. I'm not saying that you are deliberately trying to stir up trouble but your timing and manner of response were the worst one could imagine. It would be nice to stop the feuding whilst we celebrate the Sabbath - and then not start it up again.

Can we not maintain a good level of posts rather than stepping down to the level of abuse that has suddenly become apparent here over the last couple of weeks?
The Bible is Distinctive Brethren

Deutronomy 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.

Let's follow it and we shall Live
Again ... I will ask for you to define what you mean by this text. Please provide the definitions so that we can know how to abide by it.


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