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i wonder why we do not use drums or tambourines in SDA worship. once i asked a pastor in our local church about this matter and he told me that it depends on the culture of the country. traditional SDA worship doesn't use drums or other loud musical instruments but should we not really use them in worship? many texts in the bible said we can worship with those instruments though...

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Excellent way of putting it Alexandria. Very true.

Personally ... I can have them or leave them. I like hymns and all kinds of styles. But, I just don't want to impose music styles on anyone. I think we need a variety of styles to meet a variety of people.
Hymns and Drums are a good mix. I'll give you that Gabe.
It IS important to be relevant to the society today. Jesus needs to be presented as relevant.

Did you say trumpets?

Well ... I would not be surprised if there were drums also.

But I do acknowledge the trumpets.

I agree. Drums do not raise 'Cain'.

@ N Him

with regards to what kind of music we can play and listen to! - it should not be about trying to please different people - and from different cultures. I am sure God has the same rule about music, singing.... for all people! the same rules!!

Hi there Irene, I agree with your comment there.  When you think about it, the effects of sound (apart from anything else to consider in music) and what it communicates are beyond any culture and whatever else we may want to base our justification for the differences in preferences and tastes.  Simple test....movies and whatever effect holy wood want to put us need to just change the language and the same behaviour is expected from the whole world.  So, yes God has principles guiding in this area and imagine what danger we are in when we do not even want to know what they are; and when we do, we do not want them as they cut right across our old selves.  live long and God bless.

@Scobs - thank you for your comment here :) great to hear you agree with this! God bless you and your family - always!! :)

Dude I'm really feeling u, to be rather on the young side and think this way. I would really like to meet u some day and sit and brake bread, u to Irene. We become fixed on what we want, and what we think is right. In the words of Stephen D. Lewis, we need to become fully converted to be able to see clearly, to put our preferences aside and to get back to our roots, " The Word Of God". We are looking more and more like the world every day and u can't tell the deference any more. U can not save the world with the world. Yvor said that and I truly believe it. PEACE.....


unfortunately here in australia - its not played i an orderly way - too upbeat - too loud!! 

Stand up n be counted my sistah. I live in mas. now, N.Y. became too crazy for my wife n I and we left. Its happening everywhere. In LOVE we must take a stand for our Lord Jesus Christ and speak out of conviction. Thomas Jefferson said" One man with courage is a majority" There are people who are praying, speaking, and standing up. We will be praying for you. G.B.

thanks Frank! :) God bless u and your family too!

I have already mentioned to some people here!  I guess many people like the loud drum music and even other instruments played too loud and in a worldy manner! but... who knows how many like it or not - but they do allow it - thats for sure!

I am glad its not in all the churches! but we do have it here in this country for sure - everywhere!! and I know in US also! many countries!!


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