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i wonder why we do not use drums or tambourines in SDA worship. once i asked a pastor in our local church about this matter and he told me that it depends on the culture of the country. traditional SDA worship doesn't use drums or other loud musical instruments but should we not really use them in worship? many texts in the bible said we can worship with those instruments though...

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John in Revelation was taken to Heaven. He saw the act of adoration from celestial beings towards God (chapter 4, 5 and 19). There was solemnity and reverence. He did not describe the use of any instrument of music. Jesus said that men and women will be like angels in Heaven. We will worship with the angels, like the angels.

our heavenly voices were the instruments. I'm looking forward to being there.

Revelation 15:3
And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints.

This refers to the saved of earth.  Those who have victory over the beast, his image and his mark, and over the number of his name.  This is a song the angels cannot sing.  Why?  Because they never sinned and they do not know what GRACE is.  Only the saved can sing this song.  And this song will be sung to the top of our lungs so it will not be anywhere near quiet.

I couldn't of put it better myself. We are drugged, Google the four brain  wave patterns and see which one we spent the majority of the time in, maybe that will open our minds a bit.

@ VicDay - I bet we wont have drums - but if so - I am sure it wont be played like they do here - and not be able to hearing the singing! drums played like you are playing worldly music!! no way!!

We have drums and they are played too loud here in Australia -t in some churches in the city I live in (and I am sure in many other places here too) ! I have to say - I am not happy with this!

I believe Ellen White was against drums being played - well, in church worship anyway -  I wish I knew the book its played in. I know she did say it along with dancing though. so am confused a bit.

Anyway, the drums here in some SDA churches as played along with the very loud singing at the front - that one cant even hear the congregation sing much at all! not good!!

Does what the Bible say mean anything?

Hi Sarah

ofcourse it does matter what the Bible says first!!

what I mentioned a few times here. and others also wrote - not everything that God allowed/allows to happen - means He approves of it!

The men had many wives also and concubines - God allowed them to do this and they did so for such a long time - But we all know - God is against this lifestyle!! we are only allowed one spouse!! So, it can be the case with music as well - God allows people to do many things like this but does not mean God approves of it!!

And I did say - the drums are played way too loud - you can't even concentrate on the words of the christian songs!! this is wrong. with me its not just the drums itself - but the way its played!! too loud and too worldly!! like secular music!! 

By the way Irene, loud drums and in fact loud instruments or accompaniment, louder than the voices is the order of the day (in most cases) even here too (South Africa, ie, in those churches where they have bands); especially for live performances be it in church or concerts.  ... and just as VicDay has pointed out, just the book of Revelation for me gives the opposite picture to what I see preferred nowadays. 

Consider this one too. I would like to think that when Lucifer was in Heaven as choir master, he would be the one conducting as the choir sings. When i was much younger, I remember a time when this was the order of the day at church ..... one chorister at the front.  Of late, you have anything between 1 and at times 5 people all in the front and leading the congregation.  If what is happening in Heaven is anything to go by as depicted or shown in the Bible, this is not it.  I have understood, that this new wave of praise and worship in most of our SDA churches is as a result (amongst other reasons) of copying what other denominations (protestants) claim to be their solution to increasing church membership.  I think this is a sad picture.

@Scobs - yes!! sadly true!! 

quantity not quality...........lets bring back ALL the back sliders...........but how can we do so...........water down the message...................

Distraction Dilemma - Motive: Music Mechanics & Body Language


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