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i wonder why we do not use drums or tambourines in SDA worship. once i asked a pastor in our local church about this matter and he told me that it depends on the culture of the country. traditional SDA worship doesn't use drums or other loud musical instruments but should we not really use them in worship? many texts in the bible said we can worship with those instruments though...

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Can u send me the link to this, I would like to take a closer look at this..........I have some stuff I can send u that's on audio verse...........If I can purchase it even better.

If we read Psalm 100 and 147-150 we get a very clear picture of what music in heaven will be like.  Therefore, I see no reason not to practice while on earth.  Christ is our example, so you can never go wrong once you follow God's Word.


guess as long as it is true worship instruments is not a problem:)

I agree Prakash, and like Ms. White says, "We are not to oppose the use of instrumental music in our work..."  (Evangelism p.507)  But we do have warnings, and Vernon Howell (David Koresh) stands as a warning beacon to us all...


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