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i wonder why we do not use drums or tambourines in SDA worship. once i asked a pastor in our local church about this matter and he told me that it depends on the culture of the country. traditional SDA worship doesn't use drums or other loud musical instruments but should we not really use them in worship? many texts in the bible said we can worship with those instruments though...

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@ N Him

we have different drums now and besides that - its played far too loud and in a worldly way!! this is against God - i am sure!!

A Church should worry about the preferences God has set before us first. Because what if a member thinks we should worship with electric guitar and screaming vocals should we allow that into our church to satisfy their musical taste?

"And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God." Romans 12:2

@ Gabriel

I dont agree!! I am sure those people who play drums and in that loud wordly way and also the loud electric guitars... are playing because they enjoy that style and volume of music themselves - its their own interest!! we do not glorify God playing music in a worldly way!!

Look up Isaiah 58:1-2. Shout it as loud as u can! Don't hold back! Raise ur voice like the sound of a rams horn, and show my people their sins and the descendants of Jacob their transgressions.......Amen

Thank you Matt Richard!! at last!! :)

Amen to that :)

What about principals, do they go out the window with the needs and preferences of others. Again is in it about Christ. When and how did it become about us??????????????? Christ chilled with sinners,but He did not become one himself. We need to be careful with meeting people where there at. That can bring many a problems to the church. In LOVE but also in TRUTH...........

Well ... if you do away with drums ... the churches in Africa will be without much music. They can't afford the fancy drums as in piano etc.
N Him

How many congregations do you know in Africa? I have a friend who goes to my church and is an immigrant from Togo. He explained to us that SDA churches in Togo don't use drums because it is associated with Voodoo worship. The church there is very musically oriented without drums.

That is not to say of course that congregations in Africa do not use drums, but they do not have to in order to enjoy music.


My church is very culture oriented and we have quite a few people from Africa. They say the same thing about not having the drums. I believe that because the drum came from their that people automatically think it MUST be used their. Hay Gabriel, what makes that church awesome? The worship style they use, or because The Lord is in HIS holly temple.....................

@N HIm

i am sure God will provide a way

we have to do the right thing by God - not worry about loosing an instrument!!

Hi N Him, I've been in Africa most of my life and am 40+ now. At church, no drums instead when there was an instrument it would be a piano, church organ, accordion or guitar and perhaps trumpet played in isolation (special).  Those years, (before we saw an increase in the use of band (live) or music that has drums, etc), membership was high, church was lively, spiritual growth high and of late; those churches that have been busy with bands; see increase in youth, marked drop in values and most still do not use drums nor pianos and yet membership is still growing and people love the Lord.  Check most African countries....we have a challenge in South Africa...the gateway to Africa.

Make no mistake though ... most of the churches sing well even without instruments.

An uncontrolled use of instruments; even music without instruments easily becomes a dangerous drug; either you prepare the congregation to expect nothing else but excitement (definition of which will be anything excluding sermons, Bible study, nature walk, prison ministries, etc) or you prepare them to listen to or learn to listen to God speak through His servants.  Be reminded that, besides the Sabbath, music or sound used to grab our attention and keep us fixed is with ALL kinds of instruments; that not conditioning? TV, RADIO, INTERNET, WALKMAN, CELLPHONE, all kinds of gadgets over the past years have been readily manufactured to deliver this type of audio and video to us.

If, to bring people to Christ we use the same methods used by holy wood then we are in the wrong business.  Christ met people where they were at, He went to them and when they came to Him they did not find Him immersed in whatever it was they were in. live long. God bless.

Today, the church is facing problems with its music standards. Music that was once thought of as being permissible is now considered to be acceptable by some. Great care must be exercised to discern whether the changes in music are due to certain sociological fluxes or if it is the intrusion of the secular into the realm of the sacred. Thus, there is a need to reevaluate where we have been, where we are, where we are headed and where we should have been headed.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church came into existence in fulfillment of prophecy to be God’s instrument in a world-wide proclamation of the Good News of salvation through faith in the atoning sacrifice of God’s Son and of obedience to His commands in preparation for our Lord’s return. The lives of those who accept this responsibility must be as distinctive as their message. This calls for total commitment by each church member to the ideals and objective of the Church. Such commitment will affect every department of church life, and will certainly influence the music used by the Church in fulfillment of its God-given commission.


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