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In the last year or 2 (jus my experience) I've seen a lot of drums used in the church for praise teams, and well pretty much anything else involving music. I have yet to see drums mentioned in the Bible. I've heard that instrument isn't mentioned there. I'm not sure but I believe Ellen White saw drums entering the church eventually too and wrote about that altho I couldn't find where right now. And I kno theres cultures out there who use them to summon spirits.. soo...yeah... lol. But does anyone else know anything around all this? Whats your take on it?

UPDATE (10/10 & 14/11): Over time I have learned a lot over the study of the Bible and SOP concerning the use of drums in the church. I don't want to make this reading extra long so I'll share some studies I have written it, with Scripture and SOP, as well as other sources with much even scientific evidence. God bless in your studies, and may we make the right decision. 

MUSIC & THE 3 ANGELS MESSAGES -Fitzroy Anderson | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


SONIC WARFARE -Ivor Myers | 1 (find this one, you find them all)





THE BEAST FROM THE ABYSS -Ivor Myers (please see also the other 3 connecting sermons located right below the player. Can't miss it)


Music seminar segment in THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES (Music and the Great Controversy) (Patterns from Music) (Satan's Musical church) (Music and the Emerging Church)




Some of my own studies <-- A growing group of SDA Youth on Facebook against secular music in our church.


Dwayne Lemon Testimony <-- hitting real close to home, maybe even there, actually.. 


Please friends, no more "I think", "I feel" answers. Lets study it out. I understand there will be disagreement, I've seen this in my journey to get an answer. We are Seventh-Day Adventists who seek citizenship in heaven! ...however :) That comes first, and heaven should be our culture. Lets be honest, sincere, and willing to look at the evidence. These are, after all, well learned Seventh-Day Adventists, who base what they will share on Scripture. After all, we too need to remember who we are.


He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him. - Proverbs 18:13 KJV


God bless. 


10/31/11 UPDATE


Seminar: Music-Dwayne Lemon


History repeats itself:

God's Instruction on Music:

Music, the Sanctuary, and the Judgement:

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Is/are there any text or verse in the Bible that prohibits us from using drums?
No. Drums are not mentioned in the Bible. I can already see how this may receive criticism, but I went to (online Bible in multiple languages and versions), typed in "drums" and no results were found. I used the King James Version & New King James Version.
Maybe they didn't use the word "drums".
No, its just not there. Drums well existed in that time, but the Bible does not have that instrument mentioned in it. There is the word timbrel, not a drum though. EGW however, did mention it. Check out some of the things other ppl were able to share, and someone else posted a great link to both sides.
It is about the Spirit of worship.

Have you ever watched a Pagan dance to music?

African, Asian etc...

Is that how God wants to be worshiped?

God asks for reverence, celebration and praise.

Not for a rock concert.

We do not need to convert the church to be like the world to attract those genuinely seeking God.

We need to be converted and then take that conversion to the world.

How can I worship God with drums banging away in the background?

Be still and know that I am God?

Maybe when we stop finding the world so attractive we will stop finding excuses to bring the world into the Church.

How many that want drums in the church listen to worldly music as a conscious decision?

I prefer to watch Christians dance rather than Pagans.
Well my friend, watch a charismatic meeting.

Then watch an African Pagan dance or Tribal Dance.

Then tell me if there is any difference in the spirit of the two.

Then tell me if you would like the pagans dancing to drums in your church...

There is no difference between the two.

The drum is part of the toolkit of the spiritualistic attack on the Church.

Check out the pentecostals, they have fully succumbed.

And we want to be like them?


We do not want to be like them.

Do we?
Well ... I think they are very tasteful. I enjoy watching 3ABN and in particular ... the Andrews service. Frequently they will have someone playing an African drum. It is done rather tastefully.

I say ... 2 each his or her own. This is where a little tolerace for those who feel differently is appreciated. We really don't have to attack with Bible quotes and EGW quotes to those who interpret scripture differently.
Who is them?
The charismatic churches. :-)
We need to be able to discuss this thoroughly.

My view is that it has not done the other churches any benefit.

Why do we want to be like them?

They are just trying to be like the world and water the gospel down to the lowest common denominator to get bodies in the door.

We think it works because they have numbers.

It is not numbers we need but conversions.

A rock concert does not produce conversions.

Meeting Jesus does.

It seems that we want to hold a rock concert in the stadium and then hope we can get a few to come backstage with passes and then meet Jesus.

Take the rock group off of the stage and put Jesus there...

Do not think to hide Him in the back room to bring out to people that have been bought in under the false delusion that Christianity is about entertainment.

Why do we want to cheapen the Gospel like this?

A drum does not make a rock concert, just so you know. I don't think anyone was proposing that in the first place. I would venture to guess that at your nearest Adventist summer camp they use drums, and probably even move while they're singing, but I doubt that the innocent children are being indoctrinated into paganism.


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