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In the last year or 2 (jus my experience) I've seen a lot of drums used in the church for praise teams, and well pretty much anything else involving music. I have yet to see drums mentioned in the Bible. I've heard that instrument isn't mentioned there. I'm not sure but I believe Ellen White saw drums entering the church eventually too and wrote about that altho I couldn't find where right now. And I kno theres cultures out there who use them to summon spirits.. soo...yeah... lol. But does anyone else know anything around all this? Whats your take on it?

UPDATE (10/10 & 14/11): Over time I have learned a lot over the study of the Bible and SOP concerning the use of drums in the church. I don't want to make this reading extra long so I'll share some studies I have written it, with Scripture and SOP, as well as other sources with much even scientific evidence. God bless in your studies, and may we make the right decision. 

MUSIC & THE 3 ANGELS MESSAGES -Fitzroy Anderson | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


SONIC WARFARE -Ivor Myers | 1 (find this one, you find them all)





THE BEAST FROM THE ABYSS -Ivor Myers (please see also the other 3 connecting sermons located right below the player. Can't miss it)


Music seminar segment in THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES (Music and the Great Controversy) (Patterns from Music) (Satan's Musical church) (Music and the Emerging Church)




Some of my own studies <-- A growing group of SDA Youth on Facebook against secular music in our church.


Dwayne Lemon Testimony <-- hitting real close to home, maybe even there, actually.. 


Please friends, no more "I think", "I feel" answers. Lets study it out. I understand there will be disagreement, I've seen this in my journey to get an answer. We are Seventh-Day Adventists who seek citizenship in heaven! ...however :) That comes first, and heaven should be our culture. Lets be honest, sincere, and willing to look at the evidence. These are, after all, well learned Seventh-Day Adventists, who base what they will share on Scripture. After all, we too need to remember who we are.


He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him. - Proverbs 18:13 KJV


God bless. 


10/31/11 UPDATE


Seminar: Music-Dwayne Lemon


History repeats itself:

God's Instruction on Music:

Music, the Sanctuary, and the Judgement:

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God calls upon His people to walk with sobriety and holy consistency. They should be very careful not to misrepresent and dishonor the holy doctrines of truth by strange performances, by confusion and tumult. By this, unbelievers are led to think that Seventh-day Adventists are a set of fanatics. Thus prejudice is created that prevents souls from receiving the message for this time. When believers speak the truth as it is in Jesus, they reveal a holy, sensible calm, not a storm of confusion.--General Conference Bulletin, April 23, 1901. {2SM 36.1}

I think musical instruments have really to be handled with care. Drums if handled with care during worship can lead someone into worship.

The problem the current charismatic churches using drums and other collection of musical instruments handle them carelessly that there's no difference in beats between secular music and worship music (Now that's conforming to the patterns of this world)
There are a couple of worship songs where drums are used and for sure the songs give glory to God; Songs composed and sang by Bill Gaither, Don Moen to mention but a few.
I find Hill Songs too similar to secular music.

We have to understand that worship is worship, we show reverence not swaying of hips as some pointed out on another forum.
The moment the SDA church shifts from singing hymns during praise and worship and bring in songs sang by the likes of Kirk Franklin, Hill Songs to replace the old sweet wonderful hymns, the hymns which stood the test of time, then that will be conforming to the standards of the world.

I conclude by saying, drums and other musical instruments can be used, but they have to be handled with care not to give an impression of dancing, shouting as if it's some sort of baal worship or summoning gods.
Worship should show an atmosphere of the presence of God.

I have no problem the songs below are played in SDA church with the accompanying instruments.

Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus
There's a Fountain Filled With Blood
This is Your House
The Spirit of worship has not changed, why would we think the standards have changed?

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

He is not as changeable as the breeze.
It does increase, but we have to be careful in grabbing hold of "liberality" and confusing that with "godly standards" and replacing one with the other.

We are to be liberal in our patience and love of others.

But we are not to be liberal with Gods standards.

Good discussion can open up those standards of course.

It's just like christmas, of pagan origin, yet we (mostly) celebrate it. We just downplayed the festivities and used it as an opportunity to reach out to others (accdg to last year's forum) why can't we do the same to drums? We're not goin to use the drums per se to encourage people to attend to our services but surely having a lively atmosphere helps.

I do understand others why we have to worry if we let drums in our church... things might get out of hand but then again we are far better than the charismatic churches out there... because we have the truth we just have to instill it in our youths (including me).
Again, it is clear that if drums were not permitted in the the SDA church as a valid worship instrument, then we would NOT be having this type of discussion. Drums have NOT been banned in the SDA church for the followig reasons:

1. No biblical evidence.
2. No Spirit of Prochecy evidence
3. Not mentioned in the church manual
4. Not supported in any Sabbath School lesson
5. Not supported in the SDA Bible Commentary
6. Not supported in the SDA Philosphy of music, 1976 and 2005, both voted at the top conference level.

The problem is, if you ban drums you have to ban women from the sanctuary as it appears both were not used there. Also the piano was not used there either.
Let me aim your attention to a story in the bible. This story has king Saul being in an evil mood. And Only David's harp and soft kind words could make Sauls evil spirits go away so that he could relax. Why didn't david bring in a canaster with tight leather hyde tied over the top of it and start beating his drum while he sang soft sweet words to Saul? King Saul had lost of muscians but none could make him feel better except for a humble shepard boy with his little harp that was probably home made. Harp music is so beautiful. Put a heart and a drum together and I bet the 2 dont go hand in hand. And I bet people wont loose control of their bodys listening to a boy play a harp while singing.
How do you know what Davids harp sounded like? Do you really think it sounded like the European harps you hear today. We need to go the east and hear what a harp sounds like there. I can assure you, you probably will not be able to relate to it because they use a different scale more of a minor scale rather that our major scale.

What harp music were you thinking about?

That's the reason why we do not use Jewish music, because it is different from what we have been conditioned to accept as valid. Some of their notes cannot even be played on the european harps beciase they fall in between.

I conclude that David was a rock guitarist, check out his life and draw your conclusion.
Good Post. Thanks.
What really confuses me is that certain church folks are saying that hymns and classical are suitable, but why not Jewish music? Christ is a Jew, so why is music of the 1700 - 1800's suitable and actual Jewish music ignored?

SDA's are in confusion, we have the Sabbath, but have the Sunday music - confusion. Let me tell you about an actual incident:

I was playing in a Sunday church with a keyboard friend of mine. We started playing 'Don't Forget the Sabbath', which we thought was quite ironic and smiled with victory to ourselves. Later that day I decided to find out who composed the song. It turned out to be Fanny Crosby who was blind and composed over 8000 hymns. She was a Methodist so her sabbath was sunday. Considering the ORIGIN of the hymn, when we sing it are we acknowledging that sunday is the sabbath?

How many hymns have adventists published? Very few if any. Why are we not afraid of being seen to be the same as the rest by using their hymns?
Good Comment. Yeah. It used to be considered that a guitar was somehow evil. I think that idea has gone with the wind. At least I hope so. Let's work on the drums issue next.
Hi everyone, this was sent to me from a member on AO. This is from a new member in the church. She became a member in 2004. This is her view of the drums in the church from a newbie prospective.

Hi, Josh,

I can't believe how they can let ungodly instruments be used to sing so called Christian songs....I think they're mostly repeatitive anyway and Jesus didn't want us to pray that way, so why sing that way..... even though the words are often taken from the Bible. I've been to Pentecostal churches in the past and it really sunk in (when i learnt the truth) that that sort of music was wrong and satan used it to draw people to the entertainment value in church rather than the spiritual fulfillment by learning spiritual truths and following them! I never thought they i would prefer hymns...but I do and it happened instantly without even trying...i don't listen to any songs....only church hymns and Melissa Otto who is an Adventist singer and I think her music is based on the bible.

Actually, i went to a regional meeting once and had to walk out of the youth section because they had drums and electric guitars, the pastor's wife was upset that i didn't join the youth, but it made me so angry....i couldn't imagine facing it on a weeking basis, especially since the Sabbath is such a holy, special day.

In Australia, I know some churches are singing those songs written by a pentecostal church here that has millions of members....Our church doesnt generally, unless it's done by individuals as a special item, but if the electric guitar and drums arent used it's not as bad. Some churches have a modern section and a "old fasshioned" one....Also at the first and last youth rally i attended, i cried cos i felt like i was at a rap/rock concert on the Sabbath and I couldn't leave cos I went with a friend.
I don't mean to offend your friend, and I respect her opinion, but it's only her opinion. Other people may get a blessing from different styles of music, and I really think it would be better to sit quietly rather than offend someone who may be getting spiritual blessings from the music. If you don't think God approves of a certain instrument or musical style, understand that others are bound to disagree with you and that music shouldn't divide you from other believers.


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