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I not watch online sermons often and seldon.wacth.them whole! I watch.twice likely.half of sermon from him.and its was stronger.and.deeper than all sermons in english lamguage that I have heard mainly in UK ! Some.of them..Pr Selburn Fray...other Ray Patrick..seems like you are in a circus! Or pentecostal church!
Is pr Nelson a Jesuit? Or a serious man of God?
Thanks for helping me to clarify this!

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Andrew you mean to say you do not compare EGW with the Bible? what I have read is in Keeping with the Bible. 

Isaiah 8:20: 'To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.'

Hi there, I bought a devocional book it was write by the pastor Dwight K. Nelson "God's dream for you" (Spanish version), I did choose it only because he was the author. He is a good writer and preacher. I think he is a man of God, humble. It is a pity there are not many sermons of him in Spanish. Yes, he believe in the Ordination of Women and explain why and this don't convert to him in a Jesuit or an apostate, right? I think there is an bad understanding about him. I yes would give to him the benefit of the doubt.

You can look his website here

I can agree that Pr Nelson is a great preacher and writes just as well. But I do not agree with his view on WO or Islam and Allah who is, in reality, a Moon God see my post a little higher up. 

Hi everybody,

Hi Elijah,

Pastor Dwight Nelson wrote in his devotional book “God’s Dream for You” about of Hagar, mother of Ishmael, Father of the Arabs, whom God listened her prayer and God has love special for the muslims too. This is what I can perceive (my view) about the message of the pastor D. Nelson in his devotional book, where he there speaks of the Islam in some pages, doing reference to the texts of Apocalypse 18:1; Genesis 16:11; 37:28, Romans 15:20, 21

I think the pastor Nelson is saying that we are a people with a mission, with a message that should be give everybody, without to discriminate no one, but to include others communities of faith, to whom God will one day light them.

I don't have listened the complete sermon where he speaks about Allah is God, I think we should know the complete message (context) and don't only 4-6 minutes doing maybe conclusions hurried. I searched for Google some video about this but I don't found it, not complete.

What I can to say is about what I have read and understood of the devotional book, I appears is the same idea. And now, I have copied only a twos of texts of the book above mentioned:

“And who was Muhammad? He was born into the polytheistic Quraish tribe in Mecca around A.D. 570. Soon orphaned and raised by an uncle, at age 25 Muhammad married a wealthy widow. Fifteen years later, in a cave, he received a vision from the angel Gabriel, visions that continued for 12 years. In obedience to the angel, Muhammad began to teach that there was only one true God, Allah. His message of monotheism met strong resistance. But in 630 he and his forces retook Mecca, making it the center for islamic worship that it is today. Twenty years after his death his visions were transcribed and codified into the Qur’an. Could it be that into the darkness of paganism God ignited the faint light of truth? After all, He had done it before.” (Dwight K. Nelson, The chosen: God’s Dream for You, October 17)

“Every religión has its fanatical minority. But to call a religión satanic because of extremists is hardly a manifestation of the Christian Golden rule.” (Dwight K. Nelson, The chosen: God’s Dream for You, October 20)

On this link Preview devotional Book D. K. Nelson you can to find some preview of the pages of book cited and read since the page 301 or october 17 until October 20, page 304 and  know the context.


Amelia Thanks for your reply. As you say:

“Every religión has its fanatical minority. But to call a religión satanic because of extremists is hardly a manifestation of the Christian Golden rule.” 

Yes Amelia I have Read the account in Genesis indeed. Maybe you should take some time to read Revelation 9 where it clearly says the Muslims are the spawn of Satan. 

Hi Elijah

You say: "where it clearly says the Muslims are the spawn of Satan." (emphasis mine) This is what I mean when say that we can come to "conclusions hurried", I don't see "clearly" that Revelation 9 mention in no way to "the Muslims". And, thanks for the advice :) I'll investigate. I read an article about What did Ellen White say about Islam? "White was shown a different power at the core of the conflict in the last days. It was not Islam." Well I think that is other theme of discussion, this is not the original topic :)

Have a nice Sabbath!

Happy Sabbath

Revelation 9
1And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. 2And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

9:1-2 The Fifth Trumpet, The First Woe: Many Christian expositors, including Martin Luther, the great Reformer; Sir Isaac Newton, the famous scientist; and the historian, Edward Gibbon; have seen in the fifth and sixth trumpets the rise and progress of Islam. In view of the tremendous military, religious, economic and cultural impact Islam has had on the Christian world in the nearly fourteen hundred years since its rise in the 600s, this interpretation deserves our serious attention.
Islam, the religion of the followers of Mohammed, originated around A.D. 612.
As we have seen before, a “star” represents a leader. The “bottomless pit” comes from the Greek word “abbusos,” where we get our word “abyss,” and it means a desolate empty place; similar to the word “void” in Genesis 1:2. This star or great leader was Mohammed, the founder of Islam. The “bottomless pit” applies here to the vast desolate wastelands of present day Saudi Arabia, from which “the smoke,” the religion of Islam, issued forth, darkening the light of Christ and Christianity in all the lands that come under their control.

9:3 Out of the “smoke” comes “locusts.” When conditions are favorable a swarm of hundreds of millions of locusts may hatch at the same time. After exhausting the local food supply, they spread out gobbling up nearly every green plant in their path, and leaving desolation and famine behind them. By the time of his death in A.D. 632 Mohammed had united the Arabian Peninsula under Islam. Over the next 100 years the Muslim tide spread in a raging flood across the earth until the year 732 when they were narrowly defeated at the Battle of Tours in France. This victory saved Western Europe from conversion to Islam.

9:4-7 The “trees” and “grass” are here set as opposites to ‘those men which have not the seal of God.” The “trees” and “grass” represent the many groups of Christians who still preserved the true Biblical faith of early Christianity. See notes on Revelation 7:2-3. The “locusts” were not to hurt these pure commandment-keeping people. The Islamic conquerors did not destroy property wantonly or kill Christians and Jews so long as they agreed to pay tribute. They did, however, relentlessly attack the remainder of the Roman Empire centered in Constantinople, at whom this judgment is directed.
The “locusts” are given power to “torment” like the sting of a “scorpion” for 5 months, or 150 literal years. Starting in 1299 at the Battle of Bapheum the Turkish Muslims began a persistent assault on the eastern Roman Empire. In 1449, after 150 years of conflict, the Eastern Roman, or Byzantine, Empire became a vassal state, subordinate to the Ottoman Empire. At that time Constantine XI needed the permission and backing of the Ottoman Empire to outmaneuver the other claimant to the throne, so as to become emperor. During this time period the Byzantine Empire was “tormented” by the Ottoman Empire but not yet destroyed.

Etc see more here

Thanks for your reply Amelia, If you can not see the Muslims in Rev. Ch. 9 is because you prefer not to see it. By the same token maybe you may be kind to tell me what you read that Chapter. And please take the time to read Jason's post it explains it better than I ever could. You see Pr Nelson may be a wonderful preacher but he is after all only a human and can get things wrong. I have noticed he have some personal preferences that he loves to air in some of his sermons. 

Hi, everybody!

Elijah, when I say «I don't see "clearly" that Revelation 9 mention in no way to "the Muslims"» I refer particularly to the word "clearly" that you used, I'm refering that the book of Revelation has many symbols and demands an search appropriate for its comprehension and not just a superficial reading for a common reader. In relation with interpretation of Revelation 9 posted above by Jason, it is very interesting and I don't contradict it, in fact I read since the first trumpet and I have listened one interpretation also in Spanish, similar. I don't know if at present the ASD Church has an official interpretation about the Seven trumpets because I read (I say it just as information) "such a final interpretation is not available" (A.M. Rodriguez, source here))

Only as information, I leave here these links:

Global Center for Adventist-Muslim Relations

Adventists and Muslims Meet

but this is NOT the topic of discussion.

Independently of the fulfillment of the prophecy, we don’t can to deny that God blessed to the Adventist Church with a message and mission to share with the humanity, including others communities of faith, so let's come back to the subject Posted by christian striver (SDA) “Dwight Nelson: who is he?” He is the Adventist Pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church of the Andrews University since 1983, author of some Works and a renowned evangelist. I don't think he is a Jesuit, I think he is a serious man of God.

This is my view, I hope it will be helpful to you christian striver (SDA).


Thanks for your reply Amelia, I know Pr Nelson is a gifted man and in many of his Lectures I am happy to agree with his findings. But when it comes to the question about the Muslims. I do not agree.

I know that the prophecy of the 7 trumpets is a hard nut to crack. I believe in the historicist approach to the interpretation of the trumpets. There are things yet not fully understood. However, we have got to be careful that we do not use a scholarship to rationalize inspiration because the interpretations of the Ellen White do not agree with our thinking. Mrs. White gave support to the prophetic interpretations to some of the Millerites views. In some instances where there were problems, she pointed them out. She gave support to the interpretation of the views of Revelation 11 and the two witnesses in the light of the French Revolution. She gave support to the interpretation of the 2300 days as far as the dates were a concern and to some extent the events (the pre advent judgment). She supported the early Adventists views to a large extent on the three angels message. No one seemed to have a problem with those interpretations. But when it comes to the interpretation of the 6th trumpet, suddenly we have a problem with that. I know Ellen White was no Bible scholar or professional historian. But we must be consistent in our hermeneutics of her writings. Whatever little light God has revealed to us through her on apocalyptic prophecies let's be careful that we do not enshroud it in darkness and confusion when there is really no need to. She emphatically said that the interpretation of the 6th trumpet "was another remarkable fulfillment of prophecy".This is quite authoritative to me. Here I stand. And I rest my case. No need for speculation.


   "Then he showed me the conductor, a fair, stately person, whom all the passengers looked up to and reverenced. I was perplexed and asked my attending angel who it was. He said, "It is Satan. He is the conductor, in the form of an angel of light. He has taken the world captive. They are given over to strong delusions, to believe a lie that they may be damned. His agent, the highest in order next to him, is the engineer, and others of his agents are employed in different offices as he may need them, and they are all going with lightning speed to perdition."  {EW 263.1}

If Satan, himself, gave a sermon, probably everyone would think it was the best sermon ever, just because it was the greatest demonstration of talent they'd ever seen.

   "Emotional Preaching--If the preaching is of an emotional character, it will affect the feelings, but not the heart and conscience. Such preaching results in no lasting good, but it often wins the hearts of the people and calls out their affections for the man who pleases them. They forget that God has said: "Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils."--5T 301. {VSS 290.2} 

   "Trust in God, Not Man--I am pained beyond measure to see the little discernment existing among our people who have had so great light. They listen to a sermon that stirs their emotions, and the language of their hearts is, "Evermore give us the ministry of this man; he moves our hearts, he makes us feel." They forget God, and praise and exalt the man, to his injury and the injury of their own souls . When will those who claim to believe the truth cease from man whose breath is in his nostrils? When will they trust in God, make Him just what He is--all and in all?--Lt 8, 1889. {VSS 290.3}

    "Those who have yielded step by step to worldly demands and conformed to worldly customs will then yield to the powers that be, rather than subject themselves to derision, insult, threatened imprisonment, and death. At that time the gold will be separated from the dross. True godliness will be clearly distinguished from the appearance and tinsel of it. Many a star that we have admired for its brilliance will then go out in darkness. Those who have assumed the ornaments of the sanctuary, but are not clothed with Christ's righteousness, will then appear in the shame of their own nakedness.  {PK 188.1} 

    There is to be in the churches a wonderful manifestation of the power of God, but it will not move upon those who have not humbled themselves before the Lord, and opened the door of the heart by confession and repentance. In the manifestation of that power which lightens the earth with the glory of God, they will see only something which in their blindness they think dangerous, something which will arouse their fears, and they will brace themselves to resist it. Because the Lord does not work according to their ideas and expectations, they will oppose the work. "Why," they say, "should not we know the Spirit of God, when we have been in the work so many years?-- Because they did not respond to the warnings, the entreaties of the messages of God, but persistently said, "I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing." Talent, long experience, will not make men channels of light, unless they place themselves under the bright beams of the Sun of Righteousness, and are called, and chosen, and prepared by the endowment of the Holy Spirit. When men who handle sacred things will humble themselves under the mighty hand of God, the Lord will lift them up. He will make them men of discernment--men rich in the grace of his Spirit. Their strong, selfish traits of character, their stubbornness, will be seen in the light shining from the Light of the world.  {1888 765.5}  


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