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The following was copied from section of Charimatic Experiences In Early Seventh Day Adventist History by Arthur L. White.. See PDF.

”Counterfeit Healings [Top of this Section]

However, just as other special blessings made possible through the Holy Spirit have been counterfeited, so have miraculous healings been counterfeited. Ellen White warned:

"Let none cherish the idea that special providences or miraculous manifestations are to be the proof of the genuineness of their work or of the ideas they advocate. . . . "Satan will work in a most subtle manner to introduce human inventions clothed with angel garments. But the light from the Word is shining amid the moral darkness; and the Bible will never be superseded by miraculous manifestations. The truth must be studied, it must be searched for as hidden treasure. Wonderful illuminations will not be given aside from the Word, or to take the place of it. Cling to the Word, receive the ingrafted Word, which will make men wise unto salvation. . . .

"The wonderful, the marvelous, will be represented and presented. Through satanic delusions, wonderful miracles, the claims of human agents will be urged. Beware of all this. "Christ has given warning, so that none need accept falsehood for truth. The only channel through which the Spirit operates is that of the truth. . . . Our faith and hope are founded, not in feeling, but in God." --Selected Messages, book 2, pp. 48, 49.

She explained why we cannot depend on miracles today, though Christ often worked through miracles:

"The way in which Christ worked was to preach the Word, and to relieve suffering by miraculous works of healing. But I am instructed that we cannot now work in this way, for Satan will exercise his power by working miracles. God's

servants today could not work by means of miracles, because spurious works of healing, claiming to be divine, will be wrought.

"For this reason the Lord has

Page 14

marked out a way in which His people are to carry forward a work of physical healing, combined with the teaching of the Word. Sanitariums are to be established, and with these institutions are to be connected workers who will carry forward genuine medical missionary work. Thus a guarding influence is thrown around those who come to the sanitariums for treatment."--Ibid., p. 54. (Emphasis supplied.)”

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James said:

"No, I am not wasting my time. If one person believes the Word of God and takes to heart that we are supposed to walk in love in the power of the holy spirit, and rises up in desire and faith, and asks God for the spirit that is already inside the believer."

I seem to remember you saying SDA does not have the spirit. And if so what are you doing? And Gods' word is showing you up for what you are Demonpossessed 

You are very ill spiritually speaking.

I have never said that SDA do not have the spirit of God. It is in every believer but most do not utilize its power and abilities.

For you people that can reason and are reasonable, what I am saying is if a born again Christian asks God to manifest the holy spirit that is already inside, that God will grant it and the spirit manifests from the inside of the person outward whether it be interpretation of tongues as Paul says he that speaks in tongues pray that he may interpret, no demon from the outside is involved, as the spirit is in every believer. If a son asks a father for bread, will he give him a stone? NO.

I leave the illness to one side for now. So you think it is reasonable to follow the Antichrist and his false Sabbath and speak in glossolalia? Do you think no demon is near you? You are displaying many fruits of the flesh and think you are in the Holy Spirit? 


Why leave your illness to one side?

You accuse without authority or proof. You hate and are blind and have put SDA above God and cannot receive truths from the scriptures. I have documented everything with scriptures, Greek words, context and testimonies. Obviously you didn’t read and consider the Word I posted. You are biased.

SDA does not have a monopoly on God. You do ere, not knowing how the holy spirit works. You oppose the manifestations of holy spirit and remain ignorant. You are not willing to renew your mind to the word, and stand in opposition to Jesus, Paul who Jesus appointed to receive the sacred secrets given to him that were hid in God.

You are mean spirited and the gaul of bitterness compasses you, and the poison of asp is under your tongue. Demons inspire you and you have been warned by your own brethren, whom you also speak evil of and make evil surmising. As difficult as it is I continue to pray for you as much as I dislike your behavior and mean attitude, though you are a person in bondage to demons and religion.

May God have mercy on your soul and you learn to walk by the spirit and that your name Elijah be true in faith and love to that great prophet, instead contrary-wise and an insult to his name as it stands now. It is a small thing to be judged by ignorant and mean spirited people who are not meek to the holy spirit. James, independent minister of The Gospel

James said:

"You accuse without authority or proof. You hate and are blind and have put SDA above God and cannot receive truths from the scriptures. I have documented everything with scriptures, Greek words, context and testimonies."

Little higher up you can read JohnB's post that points out some dishonesty in your use of greek words. You thought we are too stupid to spot your dishonesty. I admit that I did not look it up because I knew that you are not an honest person so why should I find out how dishonest you really are? I think you are the one who needs to discard Satan's spirit, and you are no minister of the Gospel whatsoever. If you are a minister for anything it is for satans falsehood. 



The REV translators are so knowledgeable compared to you, knowing Greek, Hebrew, figures of speech used in the Bible, history and the subtle and close to two decades experience in translation, as well as having practical knowledge in using the manifestations of the holy spirit. You are just ignorant, and Paul says he who wants to be ignorant, let him. I will let you be ignorant, The SDA is not the place to go to learn about the holy spirit and its operations. No accurate knowledge or understanding of the holy spirit and its manifestations, no mentors, no tradition of using the manifestations, no prophet for over 100 years. Would you want to learn to drive a car with an organization or person that had no accurate knowledge about cars, no mentors, no tradition of using cars?

If you drive a car like you understand the holy spirit field, you would be dead by accident the first time you got behind the wheel. You have no respect for people that have decades and decades of study and experience in this field. Now that is both ignorant and unwise. I was blessed to have studied art, art conservation, law, and the Bible by brilliant believers who know how to walk with God.

I have no intention to learn about glossolalia and happy clappers claptrap what so ever. I would have thought it would be more important to be loyal to God and His just requirements than dismissing the Sabbath as a rabid dog and go to church on the day ordained by the antichrist. Jesus said by their fruit you will know them. You display fruits like dishonesty lies bragging anger and other kinds of falsehood. 

James & Elijah, you two are as bad as each other. You both use the same insults to each other, you both attack with the same spirit - the two ends of the horseshoe, same place just different ends.

Neither of you come off very well in these discussions. What happened to the truce where you were not going to respond to each other? - I'm sure that you will each blame the other but someone has to take and hold the higher ground.

Amen JohnB I tend to get swept up by the Insults. 

James said, “The researchers have operated the manifestations since the 1970's and the REV Bible and commentary is an excellent source of research. You admit that you have not deeply studied this field. I and the REV people have studied this field very deeply.”

The REV Commentary is only an “excellent source of research” because the authors have the same belief as you in this area. This is not unbiased research this is just recommending someone’s (or someones’) opinion that agrees with your own. It is unusual not to see Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes being recommended... perhaps it is not recommended at this time because Bullinger did not believe in the modern "operation" of "tongues"?

As to: “I think if you read the REV I Cor. 14 pdf I uploaded, it will clarify the chapter as it is easier to understand then KJV.”

I have to disagree. The REV is a dynamic equivalence translation as opposed to the KJV which is a literal translation. Dynamic equivalence may be better for reading but for study a literal translation must be better by its very nature.
If you want to properly understand the original text then read the original text.

For example, ετεραις γλωσσαις in Acts 2:4 is used in 1 Cor.14:21 in a slightly different construction – ετερογλωσσοις - (both are translated as “other tongues”). But more to the point is that 1 Cor. 14:21 quotes Isa.28:11, “Indeed, he will speak to this nation with stammering lips and in another language.”

If one goes to the Apostolic Bible Polyglot the Greek of Isa.28:11 uses λωσσοις ετερογ (tongue another) and translates it as “another tongue”. In Acts 2:11 the Polyglot uses ημετεραις λωσσοις and translates it “our own languages”. It would seem to me that it follows that Paul is saying, according to the Greek, that the Corinthians were speaking known languages.

Young’s Literal Translation also bears this out, so one may just as well use the KJV or even the Peshitta or Polyglot as the REV. The difference is in the commentary which, in the REV, is biased and therefore not impartial. For example, Bullinger’s Bible Commentary, which, as I said, is often recommended, comments on Isa.28:11 that “another = foreign. Referring to the Assyrian language they were (alas!) soon to hear (Compare Isa_33:19. Deu_28:49).” However, Bullinger believed that the gifts of the Spirit were for the Apostolic Church and not for the Christian Church after the Apostles so appealing to him would find an opposite point of view to the one that is being promoted.

Seventh-day Adventists have traditionally treated the KJV as the “gold standard”. Whilst there was a flirtation with the NIV for a time in the main that was soon replaced with the NKJV. None of these versions, including the KJV, are perfect but I return to the point that a literal translation is better for study than a dynamic translation.

On another point, James said, “JohnB acknowledged that he had spoken in tongues, did not understand the language and wasn't sure what was happening, but a listener heard it as it was in his own native language.” (Emphasis mine.)

I want to correct the bolded part of the statement above. I did not say that I was not sure what was happening, I said, “I was not even aware of what was happening at the time.” This may appear to be semantics but there is a difference between not being sure what was happening (which implies that I was aware that *something* was happening) and not being aware at the time that anything was happening. I’m sure James summarised in good faith but that was not the intent of the words that I wrote.


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