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They have been hit with over a thousand and keep having them...

More than 1280 earthquakes since December....

We called and they are going to safer open areas or to less devastated areas. There are many Adventist members in the island and they know these are the signs of the last days, but still its hard. We wanted to go but they tell us the shacking is cracking roads and many structures are compromised, so its not safe. We can only pray.

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God Bless!  I live Puerto Rico. About the roads, I haven't heard that there is not safe to travel to the affected areas.  Turkey was hit today by an earthquake also.  As of now 15 dead and 500 injured.  The beginning of sorrows.  Last year pastor Jeremiah Davis was preaching about 2020 the beginning of the end, and look how things have started in 2020.  

Take a look at this, is says even in San Juan there is damage to the infrastructure...

Yes, but the roads are safe, and the greater damage occurred in a few towns of the southwest of the island.  Those structures are not safe, but the rest of the island are fine, only but a few structures were damaged outside of the southwest.  We had a 4.2 and a 4.5 recently during sleep.  So many aftershocks.  

We will check, but the house is in San German which is much closer to the epicenter.

Whoa, a 5.0. Looks like we will hold back for a while before going as it still looks like its continuing.,..

Yes, It was getting better and yesterday boom a 5.0. 

Are you a missionary?  That's why you want to come to PR?

My wife has much family in PR, and many near the earthquake zone around San German and Mayaguez.

I now, I live in Las Marias, besides Mayaguez.  

Has the tremors done much damage in your area.

God bless you!  The key is prayers that makes a difference as long as your surrendered.

Not much damaged to where I live.  Probably less than 10 houses suffered some sort of damage in the entire town of Las Marias.  

Where has the sides of the hill or mountain fallen on the roads, as I saw pictures with that.


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