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Some where I live, including church elders, eat in restaurants on the Sabbath on a regular basis. I have been invited to join them in the sanctuary as we filed out after worship.Of course I always politely refuse. I believe it is Sabbathbreaking. How do we uphold the standards of the Bible, teach the Sabbath, then turn around and violate its sanctity by doing that which is common on God's Holy day? I believe that those who do this, will obviously think that we who do not, are legalists.

So those who eat out on the Sabbath must also think nothing of doing other shopping as well. Buying and selling, business as usual. I believe that those who come to the churches on Sabbath, and sell their CD's or books and collect the money "after sundown" is also Sabbathbreaking. A business transaction is made. What do you think? Or do?

Paying for a Sabbath meal on Friday and then eating in a restaurant? That is causing someone to work on the Sabbath as the employees prepare and serve the food. Then there is this:

1Th 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

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Sounds like legalism to me.We should be Christians 24/7. Maybe you should define your "party." Sounds worldly to me. Jesus never said to party after Sabbath. Do you live by the Bible or some other book? Have you accepted Jesus as your Savior? Are you born again? Lets hope so, we know the Lord wants you in heaven.

I believe it's important to make Jesus the Lord of our lives as anything else just leads to more problems relating to our sin nature.
"Judge not". Really.
it's not judging, we are defining the truth of the Sabbath.Judging is condemning. "Partying" does not compute with Christianity in the sense he used.
Have you accepted Jesus as your Savior? Are you born again? Lets hope so, we know the Lord wants you in heaven.

Sure looks condemning to me. He must not be a Christian because he parties after Sabbath!
I agree with you Travis. And this thread is a set up for him to do just that.

It is an Adventist tradition to 'party' on Saturday night after the Sabbath.

I see no problem with that. We as SDAs miss out on the Friday night partying. So, when do you want the youth to party ... except for Saturday night. Sunday night is not good when you have classes the next day.

Last night our pastor had all the youth over for a party on Saturday night.

I see NO problem with it.
Amen Ian, well said. This is no game, we are in a struggle for life and death. We don't put Jesus on the shelf after the Sabbath and then take Him down at Friday sundown. We must have Him in our heart to truly love the Sabbath and shun all worldliness,and frivolous amusements that dishonor Christ.

I enjoy the society of likeminded brothers and sisters as we share the power of God's Word to change our lives and prepare us for heaven.

Psa 119:11 Your word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against you.
Who's accusing Evelyn? Time after time I express my Bible views and I get accused of "telling someone what do do." Maybe you should take your own advice.

For me, TV and movies, bowling, golf, games are worldly and interfere with my spirituality. I see that the Bible and Ellen White both present this position, that is why I am like I am because of God's Word.

I recognize we all need room to grow, but sadly most will not make it to heaven. A big part of that will be worldly activities that crowd out God.

We make choices, for God or for the "world." I choose God.
Hey, Stephen... doesn't ripping tares out of the church interfere with your spiritual life, or does it make God love you more?

At any rate, it's good to know that you'll be in heaven, even if the wordly people who go bowling won't be.
To liberals, it may be a tradition, to those who are serious about God, no. I don't find my joy in frivolous amusements that waste time, give unholy examples, and accomplish nothing.

At the Saviour's advent, men had become thoroughly absorbed in earthly things. They did not with spiritual vision penetrate to the glories of the world to come. A view of heavenly things would have balanced the mind and engrossed the affections, so that they would have borne the image of the heavenly instead of the image of the earthly. Jesus sought to correct this evil. He gave lesson upon lesson to break the spell of infatuation that bound men to the earth. He asked, "What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" Christ presented the momentous claims of eternity to inspire the efforts of man to reach heavenly things. He presented before them the grandeur of the future in contrast with the insignificance of the present. He assigned to worldly enterprises a place subordinate to the interests of spiritual things. He opened before the minds of men the fact that every moment of life is weighty with eternal consequences. He showed them that the vanities of the world that bind men in a tyrannical bondage are superfluous and worthless. {RH, July 1, 1890 par. 5}

Every moment is freighted with eternal consequences. We are to stand as minute men, ready for service at a moment's notice. The opportunity that is now ours to speak to some needy soul the word of life may never offer again. God may say to that one, "This night thy soul shall be required of thee," and through our neglect he may not be ready. (Luke 12:20.) In the great judgment day, how shall we render our account to God? {COL 343.2}
As ordinarily conducted, parties of pleasure . . . are a hindrance to real growth, either of mind or of character. Frivolous associations, habits of extravagance, of pleasure seeking, and too often of dissipation are formed that shape the whole life for evil. In place of such amusements parents and teachers can do much to supply diversions wholesome and life giving. {AH 514.2}
There has been a class of social gatherings in -----, . . . parties of pleasure that have been a disgrace to our institutions and to the church. They encourage pride of dress, pride of appearance, self-gratification, hilarity, and trifling. Satan is entertained as an honored guest, and he takes possession of those who patronize these gatherings. {AH 514.3}
A view of one such company was presented to me, where were assembled those who profess to believe the truth. One was seated at the instrument of music, and such songs were poured forth as made the watching angels weep. There was mirth, there was coarse laughter, there was abundance of enthusiasm and a kind of inspiration; but the joy was such as Satan only is able to create. This is an enthusiasm and infatuation of which all who love God will be ashamed. It prepares the participants for unholy thought and action. I have reason to
think that some who were engaged in that scene heartily repented of the shameful performance. {AH 514.4}
I really think we need to define "party" before judging anyone.

Is it wrong to play secular board games on Saturday night?
Is it wrong to watch secular TV on Saturday night?
Is it wrong to invite some friends over to do those things with you?
Is it wrong to celebrate a birthday on Saturday night?
What about on Friday night?
what is wrong for me, may not be for you. A few years ago I was watching TV and playing games. I believe the Bible and EGW say no to frivolous amusements and certainly TV.

Movies and TV exalt sin, no they do not just come out and say, we love murder and robbery, please do it. Those who watch and enjoy "drama" are taking part vicariously in those same sins. Taking pleasure in the sins of another.

Rom 1:32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

Having pleasure in them that do them is the key. Whether real or fantasy does not matter, the effect is the same.

Why should I watch movies and TV, trashing my mind that is dedicated to Christ, when I can use the time for Bible study, or other work of the Lord? The world apart from Christ is into these things, Christians should not be.

TV and movies are loaded with spiritualism.And it gets worse.

All Need a Bulwark Against Temptation.--In Christian homes a bulwark should be built against temptation. Satan is using every means to make crime and degrading vice popular. We cannot walk the streets of our cities without encountering flaring notices of crime presented in some novel or to be acted at some theater. The mind is educated to familiarity with sin. The course pursued by the base and vile is kept before the people in the periodicals of the day, and everything that can arouse passion is brought before them in exciting stories. {AH 406.2}
Some fathers and mothers are so indifferent, so careless, that they think it makes no difference whether their children attend a church school or a public school. "We are in the world," they say, "and we cannot get out of it." But, parents, we can get a good way out of the world, if we choose to do so. We can avoid seeing many of the evils that are multiplying so fast in these last days. We can avoid hearing about much of the wickedness and crime that exist.
{AH 406.3}
Few Popular Amusements Are Safe.--Many of the amusements popular in the world today, even with those who claim to be Christians, tend to the same end as did those of the heathen. There are indeed few among them that Satan does not turn to account in destroying souls. Through the drama he has worked for ages to excite passion and glorify vice. The opera, with its fascinating display and bewildering music, the masquerade, the dance, the card table, Satan employs to break down the barriers of principle and open the door to sensual indulgence. In every gathering for pleasure where pride is fostered or appetite indulged, where one is led to forget God and lose sight of eternal interests, there Satan is binding his chains about the soul. {AH 515.3}
The true Christian will not desire to enter any place of amusement or engage in any diversion upon which he cannot ask the blessing of God. He will not be found at the theater, the billiard hall, or the bowling saloon. He will not unite with the gay waltzers or indulge in any other bewitching pleasure that will banish Christ from the mind. {AH 515.4}
The world is teeming with errors and fables. Novelties in the form of sensational dramas are continually arising to engross the mind; and absurd theories abound which are destructive to moral and spiritual advancement. The cause of God needs men of intellect, men of thought, men well versed in the Scriptures, to meet the inflowing tide of opposition. We should give no sanction to arrogance, narrow-mindedness, and inconsistencies, although the garment of professed piety may be thrown over them. Those who have the sanctifying power of the truth upon their hearts will exert a persuasive influence. Knowing that the advocates of error cannot create or destroy truth, they can afford to be considerate and calm. {GW92 170.1}
Amazing Facts will not be happy to hear that they are evil. :(


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