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Some where I live, including church elders, eat in restaurants on the Sabbath on a regular basis. I have been invited to join them in the sanctuary as we filed out after worship.Of course I always politely refuse. I believe it is Sabbathbreaking. How do we uphold the standards of the Bible, teach the Sabbath, then turn around and violate its sanctity by doing that which is common on God's Holy day? I believe that those who do this, will obviously think that we who do not, are legalists.

So those who eat out on the Sabbath must also think nothing of doing other shopping as well. Buying and selling, business as usual. I believe that those who come to the churches on Sabbath, and sell their CD's or books and collect the money "after sundown" is also Sabbathbreaking. A business transaction is made. What do you think? Or do?

Paying for a Sabbath meal on Friday and then eating in a restaurant? That is causing someone to work on the Sabbath as the employees prepare and serve the food. Then there is this:

1Th 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

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Correct,but I do try to avoid legalistic extremes. The Sabbath is a wonderful treasure for me. Through it, a deeper understanding of God's love for man is revealed to me.He knows we need this 24 hour break from the world and its cares, and then to focus on Him; to strengthen our spirituality and we also behold Jesus in the Sabbath and we are changed into His image.

If Adam and Eve needed the Sabbath before sin, think how much more we need it now! What about Jesus and the Father? What benefits do the Creators get out of the Sabbath if the sabbath as we are told is "made for man, not man for the Sabbath?

Does it not bring the Father and Son inexpressible joy as His children come before Him on the Sabbath to worship His Holy name, to reverence Him in the sanctuary, to worship Him in the beauty of Holiness? Do not the angels sing with gladness as they behold sinners transformed by the grace of Christ into saints that now love righteousness, and not evil?

Thus is manifested before the universe the power of love to overcome sin. Praise God!
No, I don't think so. For safety reasons and security, ones vehicle should not be left on the side of the road overnight. If I were at church or someones house for Sabbath and my car was dead, since it it is in a safe place, I would leave it for Sunday. The church parking lot may also be questionable to leave the vehicle overnight, but there is also a sense of asking God to protect our vehicle on His property.

Luke 14:5 And answered them, saying, Which of you shall have a donkey or an ox fallen into a pit, and will not straightway pull him out on the sabbath day?

This may have a loose application.A vehicle, in my view does not have the value of an ox or donkey, and the animal is in danger in the pit.
John E. and Gabriel,

I am not making double standards.

Both examples you gave are emergencies that cannot be planned for. Both of them must be done for the health and safety of others. If a car is broken on the side of the road it is a hazard to the public, that may cause others to have accidents. You cannot plan around that.

Friday is called the preparation day for a reason. It is to prepare for the Sabbath. Any work that can be done on Friday to avoid work on the Sabbath should be done then. If you know you are going to need medicine on Friday, you should purchase it then.

Eating out on the Sabbath is something that you are planning to do, and it is not an emergency. You know that you are going to be hungry Sabbath evening, so you should have a meal planned for and prepared. If you are a diabetic and your blood sugar gets low, and no other food is available, then yes purchase that food because that is an emergency. An unexpected emergency to help or protect someone is different than planning to break the Sabbath. God allowed the manna to last an extra day on the Sabbath and instructed the Israelites to collect a double portion every Friday to avoid having to gather it on Sabbath.

Excellent reasoning Jon, I'm in agreement The Lord does not have to spell out every little detail of his commands to us, that's why He gave us the big brain!
John, (i. e., towing) Maybe, maybe not, at least in my view.See my post on this please.
Thanks, John, lets give Jesus the glory!
Of course eating out on the sabbath is not keeping the the day holy. You're paying for the food right is that not spending money. People we need to wake up, we are lukewarm and God wish we will be hot or cold, but most of us just go to church because it's our custom, we can't wait for sunset we try to rush the sabbath. We need to wake up stop playing church stop looking at what church members are doing salvation is an individual thing we all have to stand and face him on that day indivduallly, so don't do something if you know it not right because someone else in the church is doing it
Speaking of customs. Where did this custom of not paying for things come from? And are there any exceptions to this custom? Who authored this custom? And WHO is just playing church? Sounds like a lot of attacks on those who just sincerely differ in their interpretations of our customs. It is beginning to sound like the Jews of old around here. And give some of us some credit for having a brain and not just doing something because others are doing it. That is why I don't just follow hook line and sinker all the wild conservative ideas around here. I have enough brains to question some of this.

And for the record ... I don't feel comfortable in a restaurant environment on Sabbath. But, I will do it when I travel if necessary. The main point is that I just refuse to question and criticize the religious dedication of those who do choose to eat out.
"You're paying for the food right? is that not spending money?"

Look at this sentence again where I inserted the question marks she omitted. She is saying one is paying for food.

Its not that we are condemning folks who eat out on the Sabbath, has God condemned them yet? No.

No one is doubting your intelligence. But are we using our brains to figure out what God commands or what we say it all means? For me, that is the challenge.
I like your solid Bible stand Jemma. praise God!

you said 

"Paying for a Sabbath meal on Friday and then eating in a restaurant? That is causing someone to work on the Sabbath as the employees prepare and serve the food. Then there is this:"

lol i like that 

What do you mean Jason? " lol i like that" because they paid their meals a day before, but dine out on a Sabbath which caused the employees prepared and served the food? I guess not all Adventists will be in agreement when it comes to self denial. I see it a lot on AO. I read different topics and issues and most of the time people are always in disagreement with their answers or inputs because everybody is not walking the same pace. Stephen may sound legalist, but unless everybody is touched or convicted by the Holy Spirit on this area, there will be a continuing disagreement from the people who will be posting their replies. As for me, I have to agree with Stephen and with the few others because God's word plainly said and explained on the Chapter Exodus 20. Ellen White did advise us to carefully observe the Sabbath holy. I still use the word "sucks" sometimes though. This word is still stuck in my tongue. I guess the years of rebellion really have a strong hold on me.


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