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I read an online version of the original word to the "little flock" pamphlet that was written by EGW and James White.  They mentioned the apocrypha, especially 2 Esdras and EGW said that in the last days, the "wise" will understand it.

I am shocked. I didn't even know the apocrypha existed until I found a Bible that had it when I was 10.  It was a Bible in my church school. I asked my pastor about it and he said that we don't need to follow those books.  I also remembe reading a "Guide" magazine article about the apocrypha, and it said that we don't need to follow those books and that they were outrageous and silly.


Why, just why, would James and Ellen White be endorsing the apocrypha in the early days?  I know that apocrypha doesn't seem to be mentioned later in SDA history.




original pamplet





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EGW authorized and used the Apocrypha early in her writings.

Like most people ... she grew and received additional light.

I think it unfair to judge her on something that was so early in her spiritual experience.

No human is perfect. No human was born perfect. We have to grow.

She never said that the Apocrypha was inspired by God, all she said it that the wise would understand it in the last days. That can mean many things and I for one believe that the apocrypha is completely wrong. Take for instance the place where someone uses fish gall to ward off a demon that is killing men who try to marry a woman. And all so the demon can have her for himself. That is not biblical. Also if you had read those essays you would see where James White added the quotes for the apocrypha, not Ellen White.


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