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What caused the visions of EGW to stop altogether after the 1870's?

Were dreams the only source of information after that time? Or how was the information received?

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I believe  that, instead of us trying to answer all your contentions, we should attempt to change your worldview on the SDA Church.  If we answered all your objections you would recycle them or fabricate somem

Do you believe in the prophecies found in the bible? 

These are not contentions, I would like to know. Aren't you interested in hoe our prophet got her information?

Do you believe she got it from Satan? 

Why does every question I ask have to have a negative response? I did just make a post of a letter EGW wrote, where she talked to her dead husband in a dream, and took his advise.

Of course I'm interested in where and how EGW got her information. You should be too.

You always think everything is of the devil, what's8 your connection?

I don't always think everything is of the devil. Don't take it personal, it's just a question, yes or no? 

I really couldn't prove it ether way.

He asked you what you believed, not what you could prove.

I don't think they were from the devil. The question would be "were they from God?"

This is a valid question or questions.  I have been told and read that Mrs. White would pray, then go into a trance, and either her husband or another member of her family or senior church member would write down her words as she spoke them.

Why do you believe her "visions" stopped after 1870?

I have no clue.

Well, she lived into the 20th century and was a prolific writer.  I do not see any notes or evidence that Mrs. White stopped her visions after 1870.  Surely, if something of that major importance had happened it would have been mentioned somewhere in the record. 

W C White said the last vision he witnessed was Dec. 22,1874. Good research project, I was taught in school that she stopped having visions in the 1870's.


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