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I saw the following question in an article some time ago and wonder what people think:

"Do Seventh-day Adventists regard the writings of Ellen G. White as on an equal plane with the writings of the Bible? Do you place her in the prophetic class with such men as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel? Are her interpretations of Bible prophecy regarded as final authority, and is belief in these writings made a test of fellowship in the Seventh-day Adventist Church?"

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Some adventist do, but shouldn't


No.  As time moves, so do some prophesy.  For is said "when you see these things".

And no it should not.

Ellen White herself believed in the supremacy of the Bible.  She refered to her writings as the lesser light to the greater light. To the best of my knowledge the pioneers went to the Bible to establish the major doctrines held by Adventist.  Visions were only supplimentary.  Jesus in leaving his disciple promised to send the the Holy Spirit to guide the church from earth to glory. EG White died in almost 100 years ago.  I suspect the HS is still doing his work guiding the people of God into all truth.  There are manythings EG White could not have seen or understond so the term final authority may be a little premature. Should she be a test? Absolutely not.  The greater light should be the test not the lesser.

I know that 40 years ago when I was baptised, belief in her was part of the baptismal vows.  I don't know about now.  I personally have a problem with the argument about whether her writings are equal to the Bible.  The Bible was written for people of all times.  Ellen White's writings were given specfically for our time.  Just as some prophets in the Bible were for only the time and the people of that time and their prophecies were not included in the Bible.  Yet those prophecies were important and binding upon the people of that time.  It is the same with Ellen White's writings.  God chose to make her work binding upon those who live in the end times.  It does not mean that they are less important than the Bible or less binding upon us.  A person can be saved without her writings just as a person can be saved without knowledge of the Bible.  It is when we turn away from more light, that we are lost.  I believe that those who turn away from the light that God gave through Ellen White will be judged by God for rejecting what He wanted us to know. 

I don't live up to some of the health message 100% but I believe that God will hold me accountable for those decisions unless I am praying for His help to overcome and making changes.  But when it comes to what Ellen White writes about the future, I am definitely thankful that God has revealed what will come to pass in the future.  I'm not sure why so many in the church want to leave her council and advice and visions out....why are they rejecting Ellen White even if they consider her a lesser light?  She is still the light for our times given to us by God and when God gives you something, and you reject it, are you rejecting God? 

DJ Harman: even though her writings were mentioned in the baptismal vows, somehow, it doesn't mean that she is above the Bible. She herself already admitted that her writings are just a lesser light. If that's the case, the reason it is included in the Baptismal vow is to reaffirm that we understand and believe that God has bestowed upon SDA church a gift of prophecy of the end time while at the same time reminding ourselves that it is a light that enlightens Bible apart of texts-to-texts enlightenment, book to book and so on and so forth. Yes, though there are some of the messages that we could not totally meet now here on earth, I believe that we should not be discouraged as we have to consistently praying for the guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit that will enable us to act on the messages which is important for our total regeneration and renewal. God bless you and fellow friends as we all strive in His power towards that renewal until His coming.

How many of us see SOP as a Hebrew to English translator?

I find her words are found in Scripture

For example "love feast" is a reference to feast keeping...and these words are found in Jude and 2Peter.
THE church were meeping the Feasts up to 4th century AD.

Sadly we no longer follow her teachings.....


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