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There is lots of confusion as to whether Ellen G White is to be regarded as a true messenger of God. There are SDA who take everything she says, some take some things she says and some take none. So, then how is one to decipher this which sounds like confusion to me.

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One thing you can bank on is this.  The closer to truth something or someone is, the harder Satan will attempt to discredit it or them.  The very fact there are so many conflicting theories about Ellen White is a strongt bits of evidence that she was inspired by God. 


It is doubtful that anyone on the forum has been reading the writtings of Ellen White any loger then I have.  Back in the 50's, I had read virtually everything that had been released by the White Estate.  Of course, much has been released since then and I have not kept up with it, although I have spent many hours in the White Estate vaults reading original manuscripts.  In addition, I even was able to speak with one of her secretaries in person one Sabbath.  It was a most interesting visit.  In addition, I have spent some time at Elms Haven, as I lived just a  few miles from there, and was able to stand in the very place where she recieved many of her visions while there. 

Over the years, many have attacked her writtings and I have read some of these  attacks on her life and ministry.  In every case, the arguments were not even worth responding too, as they had no substance.  When an attack is as flimsy as those were, giving them any credibility would be less then worthless.


I have no problem recommending her life, ministry and writings as being from God.  This from first hand expose, not just what the church says.  The major problem with her attackers is that they start from the basis that she is not from God and then attempt to bend and twist their "evidence" to seem to support their forgone conclusion.  This is not even intellectuall honest, much less an argumnt that carries any weight.  And some of these attackers, I have known prersonally in the past. 


Notice what the Bible says:

    "Jehoshaphat stood and said, "Hear me, Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem! Believe in the Lord your God, and you will be established; believe his prophets, and you will succeed." 2 Chron. 20:20 (ESV) 

When we dismiss someone who God has send to bring light to us, we are in fact rejecting God, not the prophet.  The Bible tells us:

   "Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world."  1JO 4:1 NASB

The Bible gives us the tests that we should use to test any spirit/intelligence that brings truth to us.  If they pass the biblical tests, then we are responsible for submitting our ideas and opinions or find ourself fighting God.  Just applying human tests does not make it.  Only the Biblical tests will do.


Maranatha :)



Thanks for the comments but would you say that it is wise to take everything Mrs. White says or should we test everything she says. Also is Ellen White the last messenger of God or is he still uses others to bring new light to us.




OK, those are fair questions.  The last one first. 


As to her being the last of the prophets who God will speak to in dreams and visions, I would suspect that she is the last.  For the messages given to herwrittings take us down to the very end of time.  Another prophet would be redundant.  If we do not accept what she has written, the chances of accepting a later prophet would be about zero.  RIGHT?


Now for the first question. 


Always test everything anyone says, including Ellen White by the biblical tests.  You can find a list of them on my website:   What Ellen White says has to be understood in the context of the Bible.  She was not sent to be a theologian, but a messenger of God.  Paul was the last theologian, we do not need another one. 


On the other hand, the way Ellen White makes an application of a passage can give us clues as to what is being meant in the Bible passage.  I use the two together.  Most of the time the Bible explains what Ellen White is saying, however, at times her comments open up a thought about what the Bible says that I had not noticed before.  Since I believe that the same God inspired both the biblical authors as well as Ellen White, this would be a logical interaction.  However, the Bible is always the final word.  She is just a lesser light leading to a greater light.


Maranatha :)


Thanks for the information 


Very true Ray.    I also believe that individuals should approach the work of E.G White as they would approach Bible Studies.   In this way the approach fits the means in which E.G. White's intended her works to be a guide to enlighten the reader in the understanding of God's message.

Its when an individual approaches her works in light of debunking or idolizing her is when the true meaning of her work is lost.  If an individual approaches E.G. White's work looking for a replacement of God's word they will be sorely disappointed...she edifies ..she does not replace.

When i do my daily devotion, i use the bible and i use Ellen G White books. When i compare the writings of Ellen G White, with the bible, i just see that it is basically the same. She uses bible reference most times and i have not come across any statement in her writings that contradicts the bible. I all things she point us to Christ, the savior and this was one of the Most important part of her ministry, to point others to Christ the savior. 

So yes Leslie i do believe in the writing of Ellen G White, because indeed she was sent from God.

Grace and peace to all... 


Good for you Emmy but you do know many will not agree with you.


Do people have to agree with what you are lead works for you?  It is individual and personal between the individual and the Lord!  

You would be surprised that there are Christians who respect the fact that perhaps a person "needs" something else to help them spiritually on a regular basis.  It has been my experience and observation that people need to also respect the fact that there are other Christians who do not.  For those who have to have EGW--Praise the Lord!  For those who do not need to rely on EGW, but allow the Holy Spirit to speak through the Bible--Praise the Lord!  Just remember that people do not have to do what you do---but the do have to follow what God says in His Word.  That's all! =)

Generally, it has been it is those who rely on EGW the most that have a problem with those who rely on the Bible the most.  Something to think about....



Thanks for listening....even if we do not agree. =)

Sarah you should be ashamed of yourself. I can't sit back any longer and not reply to you. Almost all of your posts are to "get the last word" or twist what people are saying to take it out of context to make it seem like you and those like you are being wronged. 

I've stated before that I know how you operate and you should cease your reckless behavior. Sister you are traveling on dangerous ground. Why would you say " For those who do not need to rely on EGW, but allow the Holy Spirit to speak through the Bible--Praise the Lord!" 

I'm offended and others should be. I hope and pray that I misunderstood your sentence, and for that matter everything you say. Sarah, I don't know what world you live in, but in this one when people SAY they rely on the bible only, they usually end up wrong. I'm in no way saying that we can't rely on the bible only. I don't use EGW to prove anything from the bible. I use it in my private life and among my pastor and friends. I do know people who hold her writings above the bible and people who have gone off the deep end with her writings. You can't "generalize" everyone because of those people. If you don't need EGW then great for you. But I know and you know as well that those people aren't the reason for these outlandish comments. 

EGW writings reprove you, for that matter all of us. But praise the Lord for those who are shown their errors and pray to God to change them. I pray that you do the same sister. If her writings reprove you then you should be glad that your ways are shown to you and that you have a God that can change you. If they don't reprove you then the bible does. You see your eyes have been too closed as to see that her writings agree with the bible and that the bible actually does call out your wicked ways. So obviously you are not spiritually discerning something because many of your comments shouldn't even be posted. What you don't realize is that those very things you post not only does sister White's writings rebuke but most importantly, the bible does the same. She is God's messenger and when God sends a messenger we should take heed of what is being said not blow it off as saying who he/she isn't on the same level as another.

If you don't want to take heed of anything in EGW's writings, okay. But Sarah they are there to help you despite what people are saying or what people have done. But know this, if you don't read them or whatever the case may be, make sure your beliefs are on point. Because I've seen you say some things on this website that are not in accordance with God's word.

Written with love

KaySi...I am praying for you....and it is very much O.K. for people to have an individual relationship with Christ that is real and not be consistently dependent on anything less than the Word.  You have made this personal (about you) and I have posted my perspective and convictions, well-supported by scripture.  I don't have a problem with where you are in your spiritual journey.  Allow others the same privilege.  

There is another thread recently started about what to do with those who have left the church or are on their way out.  Some will say that they have been hurt....many will also say that they are tired of people trying to think for them and tell them who they need to accept as what outside of Bible.  Comments like this are what makes them not want to stay. They desire to know God and to hear His voice speak to them  without "help" from anywhere else.  If they choose inspirational writers, it is who they are convicted and not someone else telling them "they have to in order to be a SDA Christian".  The Lord wants to dwell with each of us....he wants us to know him and know when He is speaking through whomever He chooses, and not just who you think it should come through.

We (collectively) need to learn to allow people to have their walk with Christ as the Holy Spirit leads them--and not as you "want" or "think" they should.  Until that mindset changes, there will not be any unity in the Body of Christ....until there is unity (not uniformity) there can be no outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Latter Rain).  

It has been stated that people are trying to put things in others mouths, anything less what I have just stated and have just posted is just that.  Learn to agree to disagree without the personalization where it was never directed.  When that is done, there will be no doubt about whether anyone is writing in love. 

Sarah you should be ashamed of yourself. I can't sit back any longer and not reply to you. Almost all of your posts are to "get the last word" or twist what people are saying to take it out of context to make it seem like you and those like you are being wronged. 

I've stated before that I know how you operate and you should cease your reckless behavior. Sister you are traveling on dangerous ground. 

Sorry, your post to me (the person at whom it is directed) is not presented in love, but rather for you to "release" and "vent" your disagreement. 


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