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There is lots of confusion as to whether Ellen G White is to be regarded as a true messenger of God. There are SDA who take everything she says, some take some things she says and some take none. So, then how is one to decipher this which sounds like confusion to me.

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Sister, you are confused whether Sister White was inspired by God? Don't be so, it's same as you're confused of being an Adventist..

Amen Dan Praise God!!!

Confusion is absolutely the powerful strategy of Satan to weaken the faith of God's people toward's His Prophets.. Ive been reading the Spirit of Prophecy for many years, an I dont find any thing contradicted to the scriptures. Why dont you read it yourself?

Many Adventist never believe Ellen White? You know why? Its because, they hated being corrected.. Lay your prejudice aside and read the testimonies, you will find why these people were acting like you..READ, READ..

It seems that everybody's posting same discussions as "Ellen White Confusion", "Should we separate SOP..." etc, etc..

I suggest everyone should read the Life Sketches of Ellen White, how she brought this church closer unto God- tears and toils, she once labour for this church. People easily forgot how difficult the past of Sister White to have this church-successful as it is now...

 Reply by Sarah Sulton on January 31, 2012 at 10:37am

Do what is best for you in your own walk with God and allow others to do the same.

Amen Sarah! I agree with your posts here Sarah. The bible is most important. I also know SDA'S who don't read Ellen and that is their bussiness. I like Ellen's writings but I read my bible more. Didn't Ellen say if peope knew/read their bible more they wouldn't need her writings? Our salvation is not in Ellen. Sarah, you have said nothing here to be ashamed of, others on the other hand...not so much:)

Ellen G White is a prophet from God take your time read her books read the bible and be the jugde

Amen Newton praise God she sure is...

It is written,

 Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets.

Mt 23:31


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