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..............not held in high esteem in some circles because some fanatics have used her as a whip to enforce their adgenda's. Should we discard her writtings on face value because of a bad experence or should we read her for ourselves and come to our own conclutions? Unfortunatly many Adventist have never read anything she ever wrote and have only heard of her occationaly from the pulpit. Many are short changing themselves. What do you think?

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Dear Stuart,

The Spirit of Prophecy is the magnifying glass of the Bible. Of course, as the prophet said, if we would have studied the Word, we would not have needed her writings. But, the Heavenly Father knew that even though the Bible is so easily available now, so few are reading it.

I have found over the years that those who criticize the SOP have never read the 54 or more books and compilations of instructions the Spirit of the LORD has so kindly given to us through Sis. White. I have read the Bible and the SOP conjointly ever since I became acquainted with it in 1982 through the book The Great Controversy. What a blessing these books are to prepare us for what is coming upon us through the Sunday Law and the time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation.

Why reject the additional light when the world, both secular and religious is so confused and in darkness? I still have to figure out how pastors and people can separate the writings of the SOP as less inspired as for example, Judges Chapter 19. The Bible is full of instructions yet it relates historical facts like the concubine cut in pieces in chapter 19 of Judges which are like today, showing the wickedness of humanity. I prefer personally to dwell on Desire of Ages anytime than the book of Kings and all the wickedness of the kings of Israel and Judah, including the 1000 wives and concubines of Solomon. I supposed it is learning by warning rather than example!

My point is, the Bible and the SOP are both given for our instructions in these last days as the world is going further and further from truth and our mind is taken over by so many attractions. We need the SOP instructions on health, dress reform, children education and basic Bible principles. Why reject the very One who knew we needed His teachings by enlarging and magnifying His instructions. By the time people question her writings they could have read her beautiful instruction. To discard the SOP would be like discarding our map to the Kingdom! It is not the road but the map to guide us to it.

With His love,

Bravo Sis!
I agree.The Seventh day Adventist church had its foundation based on bible and combined with the SOP brought out forgotten truths and saved the lives of many by promoting the health principles that we take for granted today. In the 19th century many thought that pain and illness were part of God's plan for our lives.Mrs. White's messages were a breath of fresh air to suffering people. They were very radical for the times. Many thought that smoking was a healthy thing to do and liquior and caffeinated drinks were normal things to do. Many in the church have turned thieir backs on this council and are freely drinking coffee and cola and eatting large quantities of meat. WE as adventist need to get back into the lead on these things.
bro Stuart:
can I ask you a favour ,please?you can go trough my post here to help me to put them in a correct way,because I fear that perhaps I did it wrong,cos I have not received contribuitions like I was hopeful!
can you check them please!not need all of them,but 2 or three,cos I felt you one inamorato for her writting like me,and maybe more expert in understand them!bless you!
with HIS love
Sounds like english is not your first language. What can I do to help you out?
to Dixon:
yes!I am native portuguese speaker! I have got indescribable speed(about 6 times faster than my compatriots) but its no easy learn in full a new language! I fear that I have used SOP in the contrary hand cos still not work here!its not my intention ,show my own ideas or show off! if you can take time to judge my post ,I will be thankfully glad!
I am sure that many of Mrs.Whites books are in Portugese. Pray before reading and the Holy Spirit will guide
yes!in portuguese is around 100 available!I got them from heart in my 26!I am still missing some.....
maran natha
Yes, always a prayful approach to the study of the word of God and Spirit of Prophecy is advised, for God alone can lead and guide us into all Truth, for He is the Truth. So what better guide than the Holy Spirit?! Much prayer!! It is our powerful tool left to us to communicate and commune with our Father! Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow!
Dear Tony,

I am sorry but I cannot understand what you wrote.

With His love,

Should we use the methods of Babylon to speak in tongues? ;-)
its really the true!but if you use them for futher help to clarify "hard"issues,all the time appear someone against,just cos she is really "preaching" for changes ,and the person think is "a lot of"or its impossible to ear her advises! I am wrong?
with HIs love


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