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..............not held in high esteem in some circles because some fanatics have used her as a whip to enforce their adgenda's. Should we discard her writtings on face value because of a bad experence or should we read her for ourselves and come to our own conclutions? Unfortunatly many Adventist have never read anything she ever wrote and have only heard of her occationaly from the pulpit. Many are short changing themselves. What do you think?

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I will try to show you that SOP lose their value:I post here about latter rain,how "WE" can prepare our souls
to great meeting with JESUS and you can check out ,how many wanted share something for "we" growth up together! perhaps "nobody" knows about latter rain???????sorry! this is not the real reason!its not the correct answer!please ,help me,saying something......
with His love
I am troubled by the tendency I see, to use the terms "Ellen White" and "Spirit of Prophecy" interchangeably.

Ellen White is NOT the Spirit of Prophecy.

The Spirit of Prophecy is God's Holy Spirit. He inspired Mrs White, in the same way that He inspired all people throughout the ages who had the gift of prophecy. He is still working, and is still able to inspire whoever He chooses. He did not suddenly cease to exist in 1915. When the last days are upon us and "your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams and young men will see visions", it will be the same Spirit at work.

To apply a term used for one of the members of the Godhead to a human being, seems to me to be dangerously close to blasphemy.

Yes, but whether they say "Gift of Prophecy" or "Spirit of Prophecy" they are still referring to Mrs White.

Ask 10 random Adventists what is the definition of the term "Spirit of Prophecy" and they will say Ellen G. White. Or at best, "the writings of Ellen G. White." That is what I mean.

Yet the scriptures refer to the SOP as the testimony of Jesus Christ. It is safe to refer to her writings as the testimonies. While I agree with you in principle that the S in SOP is the Holy Spirit, I believe that the phrase is used to mean any set of writings that came about as a result of the Spirit's guidance.
Bobby and yet the terms SOP is is exclusively referred as the writings of EGW. One would think that EGW is the only writer that came about as a result of the guidance of the holy spirit.

We can try and play around with words and do verbal gymnastics but from the offset of the church we a have reffered to the writings of EGW as the SOP and you must confess that is a wong title. Also the gift of prophecy and the Spirit of prohesy is not the same thing. SDA's use them interchangeably in order to prove that EGW is a prophet.

When folks says that the gifts died with the apostles we say "no in the last days your young men will dream dreams and have visions and Paul list prophesy as a gift to the church" when go on to say EGW is the testimony of Jesus and according to Rev 19:10 the TOJ is the SOP.

EGW was a prophet true But EGW is not the Spirit of Prophesy. Further more EGW WAS NOT the originator of

The Sabbath Doctrine
The Sanctuary Message
The Health Message
The State of the of the dead
or any of the so call Pillars of SDA.

So for peope to argue that if it was not for EGW writings we would not have the health message of the sabbath truth or an understanding of the State of the dead, is misguided as best and dishonest at worst.
I think Charliebyowo, it is well understood in SDA circles, that when speaking of the SOP, we are referencing documentary provided by E.G. White, not as the sole voice of the Holy Spirit but certainly as an authoritative voice ordained by God. I do believe having read other perspectives on this topic here, that most everyone is in agreement that the Holy Spirit is a requisite entity in the life of a converted Christian and too that God, as you pointed out, will give messages of import through individuals as needed.

I am trying to preempt another 'war' about this. I really do think most everyone here is in agreement. So when referencing the SOP we are addressing EG White's comments but not suggesting in any way that she is the Spirit of Prophecy but that she was a profound illustration of the GIFT of prophecy.
Peace to you friend,
Shay so why reference her as the SOP? It is misguided on 2 fronts. Firstly She is not the SOP and secondly she is not and was not the only person with the GOP. We normal make the state I believe in the Bible and the SOP. What we mean is that we believe in the 66 books that makes up the bible. And we believe in the ??? number of books written by EGW. So here is the equation, the bible = 66 books written by various authors, The SOP= ??? books written by the lone pen of EGW.

??? I a not certain how many book she actually wrote.

We can clearly see that the bible was written by many but the SOP ws wrotten by One.
I think this Charlie is a good illustration of "straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel". lol. You are right that the Bible is a collection of various authors all of whom were inspired by the Holy Spirit such as E.G. White was. I think we can all agree though that in SDA parlance, the term SOP simply denotes the more modern manisfestation of the prophetic gift in a pronounced way. Nothing to split hairs over my friend.

Excellent Charlie. Good and valid points.

Well stated Charliebwoyo.

Thank you for so clearly articulating the Truth on this matter. It is SO often misunderstood in SDA circles and it is thus important to point out.

We do need to look at our words and traditions to see if they are in fact truthful. The Catholics are not the only one with oral traditions !!!!
You know what your problem is Charley is that you like to argue for argument sake. You're constantly saying what people don't say just so you can win an argument. You take people's words at best and twist them so tightly that all that comes from you is pure confusion.

Relax and take it easy man.
This is typically how people who think outside of the norm or outside the box get treated. If someone for instance interprets Ellen White differently than the typical conservative box .... they are accused of hating Ellen White and trying to make her of "non-effect'. And then come all the ravenous wolves.

Hey folks. Just try. Just try to have a little tolerance for diversity of thought without making personal accusations.


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