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Man must be emptied of self before he can be, in the fullest sense, a believer in Jesus. When self is renounced, then the Lord can make man a new creature. New bottles can contain the new wine. The love of Christ will animate the believer with new life. In him who looks unto the Author and Finisher of our faith the character of Christ will be manifest.{DA 280.4}

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It is a wonderful thought, Meta.

The Bible calls us to forsake -- abandon -- our "unrighteous" thoughts and ways (Isa 55:7). I'm sure this includes a lot more than we might imagine. But if, by the grace of God, it is achieved, will God leave us with "nothing"? I'm sure He won't do that.

To "be emptied of self" is a huge victory, but the sifter needs to be kept moving, doesn't it? The big pieces of "self" can be found and removed quite easily, but perhaps the smaller, more subtle, pieces require a finer "mesh". I think finding and renouncing them constitutes the work of a life-time. (Would it be correct to say that the renouncing of self means that we will not allow it to return, once it has been evicted?)

Hopefully we will be able to say with those that have gone before us : "I have been crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I that live, but Christ that lives in me" (Gal 2:20).

It strikes me now, that Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit are perfectly emptied of "self".

Attention seeking is foreign to their characters, but I think that for our sakes they are trying to draw our attention toward Jesus... perhaps in the same way that a man would try to draw the attention of somebody who is driving a vehicle quickly towards a place where a bridge has been washed out.

Brother Stewart,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us....much to consider..

Many thanks


I struggle with the Scriptures on "self" such a Hebrew word does not exist, what does it mean to be emptied of self ?

However there are many Hebrew words around the concept of self

Q1 What is the first principle of Self Indulgence ? ..Self-powered..

The King James translation do not have a single word for "self" or "self indulgence" or even "selfish". However the Hebrew Scripture does have a concept for "self". See studies of the "self-powered" ones. There are dozens of words around the theme of "self", "self-powered" and the "self-indulgent" person.

To help the reader with this study, a brief overview is given in the next webparts. For a serious reader, wanting to prove my studies the following "word studies" are given here below.

I trust you will read all about self indulgence. How 'self - indulgence' keeps our will from being willing to submit to Jesus, who should be our stronger authority, every second of our lives. Shalom

SELF theme Continue

Index of verses that relate to the theme of "self" and "self indulgence" :-

    "high" "strongs 1364"

    "bold" "strongs 6277"

    "unclean" "strongs 2931"

    "whole" "strongs 8535"

    "bad" "strongs 7451"

    "foolish" "strongs 191"

    "kindness" "strongs 2617"

    "wise" "strongs 2450"

    "eye" "strongs 5869"

    "cling" "strongs 982"

    "heart" "strongs 3820"

    "fool" "strongs 3684"

    "empty-storm" "Strongs 7723"

  "straight-path" "Strongs 6662"

    "lofty" "strongs 1365"

    "high" "Strongs 7312"

    "walking-pride" "Strongs 1346"

    "leave" "Strongs 5800"

    "wicked" "Strongs 7562"

    "wicked-immoral" "Strongs 5766"

    "denial" "Strongs 3585"

    "fill" "Strongs 7646"

    "forget" "Strongs 7911"

    "boiling-pride" "Strongs 2087"

    "deceiving-debt" "Strongs 5377"

While I agree to be emptied of self is important, is more along the idea of NOT being self empowered, or the Hebrew word "Bal" which is related with BAAL , the religion of those who do heart effort that is nothing in the eyes of God....

It is a fascinating study to look up the Hebrew about the theme of "self" , but I bring to the forum, that there is no Hebrew for "self", HOWEVER, the concept of "self" is real enough though


We know that our old natures were crucified with him so that our sin-laden bodies might be rendered powerless and we might no longer be slaves to sin.  Romans 6:6


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