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From: Ernie and Becky Knoll
Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 11:30 AM
To: Ernie and Becky Knoll
Subject: Public confession

Dear One,

By now you may have heard or read that Candace was a hoax. I created “her” to try to deter some of the negative things that people were saying about the ministry and it went downhill from there. (Becky did not learn about it until a couple days ago.) The dreams were also not from God. I want to say I am truly sorry and want to ask for forgiveness. Becky wants to ask for your forgiveness as well that she was deceived. We have repented of our sins and pray that healing will come to you and all those we have affected. On a positive note, we are glad that the Creeping Compromise book has gone out to many people.

If you have sent donations to us, we plan to pay it back if and when we are able.

In His mercy and gracious love…Ernie and Becky

P.S. We hope to get a public confession up on the 4 His People website very soon.


Hi Folks,

GOD is truly merciful, finally Ernie Knolls as sincere as he has been,recently admitted that his dreams were not from God.

Please read below and pass this on to others. I know that people in the Church have been convinced that his dreams were of God but as he admits, they were indeed from not deceived.

07/22/2009 - NOTICE FROM 4HisPeople Board: The 4 His People Ministry Board learned of some very disturbing information the week of July 15. This information has led us to believe that though the dreams appear to be of a supernatural source, we now believe that this source was of Satan. Along with the meetings being cancelled and no future meetings authorized by the board, please know that Ernie and Becky Knoll are suspended from any activity related to the 4 His People Ministry.

Please cease contributing funds to this ministry.

For those of you who read the testimony and/or received emails from someone going by the name of “Candace”, we were able to determine through tracking email IP information, that Ernie Knoll is “Candace”. When pressed, he admitted to this on July 21 at 2:43pm in a phone call to two ministry board members. We have also determined that the “Great Commission Counsel” is also Ernie Knoll.

We urge everyone who has a “dream book” to throw it away, as we now understand that there are mind control elements in it.

We sincerely apologize to all who have read and believed these messages. We pray that those whose lives have been affected, including those of us on this ministry team and our families, will find closure. Thankfully, we have a loving Savior in Jesus Christ who is willing to forgive all who come to Him with sincere repentance.

While we have concerns about some of the arguments and statements made by those who openly opposed the dreams, we apologize to you specifically. We may at some time in the future ask that you consider the unscriptural positions taken, but it is clearly not appropriate at this time.

Please know that all of us involved in this ministry, only ever wanted to serve in the cause of Christ, to win souls for the kingdom. It is our prayer that those who have returned to Jesus, as a result of these messages, will not cast Him aside. While we cannot trust in man’s opinions, we can trust Jesus. Always look to Jesus for light and strength. May He find us ready, when He returns.

4 His People Ministry Board

Recent Update07/17/2009 - NOTICE FROM ERNIE: We know this will come as a shock, but we have come to believe that the dreams are not of God. Even though there was truth in them, there was also error. We believe that Candace may have been an evil angel. I also received personal dreams that were obviously not from God. We will be putting a notice on our website soon. Our future meetings have been cancelled. ... Thank you.

Satan knows his time is short and is working to deceive even the very elect. We are so sorry and pray that the Lord will guide us into all truth.

Love & prayers
Ernie & Becky

Recent Update07/17/2009 - IMPORTANT UPDATE from Ernie has concluded that he has been receiving some demonic input along with various godly input regarding the dreams, and he is now reconsidering his ministry and what to do with it -- he says that the person of "Candace" who was giving Ernie counsel outside of the dreams may have been a demonic spirit, and recently Ernie was receiving definite personal messages that he now knows were not of God. In the coming weeks after I have talked with certain people who work with Ernie and his ministry, I will then decide whether to leave this site up or take it down.

Jim Pinkoski. July 17, 2009

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