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Jesus strengthened me and said this--  We are very very close to the second coming.  He also said through the Holy Spirit that my Father-in-law is sick and if he does not repent he will enter the Great Time of Trouble.  I mean it seems like he could die anyday, but God is going to give him life until we enter the big persecution unless he repents then he would die.  I spoke to my mother-in-law through the Holy Spirit and told her that she would enter the Time of Trouble.  God confirmed that through the impressions from Hebrews; 1 Peter; Revelation; Daniel is still another marker but I don't know Daniel 11 that well yet.  But Daniel 12 is the Great time of trouble.  I'm not fooled about that.  & Michigan Conference pastors many years ago knew about the glorious land and the movements of the papacy in the Adventist Church even back then many years ago and I was still single.  This world is ready to vanish away Jesus is telling me in Hebrews.  & now is the time for the Holy Spirit to ripen the harvest to finish the prophecy to make an end of trangression and sin and to listen carefully to His voice in the bible so we are not deceived but shine as lights in a dark world.  Let us all be ready is my prayer.  Much love & peace to all whom can receive it.  From the Father of mercies & The God of all Comfort.  Peace in the Middle East...

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