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 i was studying about eternal judgement and noticed from my concordance that the word "ever" in rev. 20:10 and rev. 22:5 have exactly the same meaning in the greek root word. anyone want to comment on this?

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I think it signifies how completely God finishes sin, and also how completely He finshes our salvation.. They are equally total in thier conclusion..


What are your thoughts on it?

Also darkness, is too closely related to the hue of sins result in our lives, maybe is why its related to the completeness of the sin problems end.. Sin is gone, and therefore, darkness is gone.. But this speaks to God's completeness of knowledge ABOUT how things would go, GIVING us the night to begin with.. Interesting..



I think I am offended by this..  You Capitalize "WOULD go", as if I had the said the word 'would'  IN QUESTION OF God's omnipotence.. I BELIEVE what I said spoke TO that very thing... His omnipotence.. Saying, I believe,  that what you posted kinda made me consider the darkness a bit differently, or, well, maybe just I thought of it at all, really.. In light of this topic..


But you have a way of making me regret I offer up an opinion.. Why MUST you be so caustic in your responses? I always can almost hear you going," NO, NO, NO!!! YOU IDIOT!! Its like this....."


So, again, I am asking you to maybe tone down, whatever it is that makes you jump on me, when I am just trying to discuss what YOU wanted to discuss.. or so I gathered from the posting of the topic.. WHY is my comment offensive to you, anyway? And if its not, do you see where I might think that you DO think it is?


Every now and again, I think there may be some good discussion on a topic, and it is seldom good meat, but more debate and argumentative attitude..

If you read the definition of the word it does not always mean forever, and but can also mean a period of time. I

Like I said, the word has multiple meanings. Read Matthew 13:22, that same word in that verse means the world. "He also that received seed among the thorns is he that heareth the word; and the care of this world165, and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word, and he becometh unfruitful. Now if we take this word as having only one meaning then this passage should say "and the cares of this forever" but it does not, here it is rendered as world, in others as forever. So in Rev 20:10 it is for a set time period, but in Rev 22:5 it is for eternity. 

Use your concordance. Strongs G165 is the word for "world" in Matthew 13:22. It is the same word used for "ever" in Rev 20:10 and 22:5. And frankly I don''t serve God because I am afraid of dying and neither should you. God does not desire service from fear. 

When I read that I understand it as respect or reverence, not terror. God is not a dictator. 

ever...for a longer period of time that cnnot be defined,God uses forever to show that sin , darkness,satan and so called kingdom of darkness  will be gone no longer in existance in other words extinct......

The lake of fire is for the beast and his false prophet.. The two of them.. NOT us, sinners OR saints.. So this is only a discussion of fear mongoring, in my opinion..


YES, we have to have a PERSONAL fear of our own unworthiness.. Of what we may not have given up to Him, and such.. But NOT about if we are going to burn in a lake of fire forever if we dont! THAT is a teaching of satan..


Make God seem tyrannical, which He IS NOT... He would not allow people forever to be in torment.. THATS why He ends the whole thing when the world reaches its fill of iniquity..


The ONLY thing we have to fear is eternal SEPERATION from God.. And that NOT spent in a lake of fire, but as dead, I believe.. I believe my God IS a loving and just God.. FULL of mercy, even on those who do not choose Him..

I read my Bible...  Revelation 19:19-20... And I believe ALL are destroyed again at the end of the 1000 years, by fire.. Revelation 20:7-10.... The "nations" which are decieved into the final fight from the 4 corners of the earth, which are devoured by the fire, ARE the people, the lost.. And satan is tossed in with the other two..


That did it for me.. The Bible is VERY self explainitory, and I am grateful He has unlocked the Word for my understanding.. I hope that this will help you to see the fear is NOT over our ETERNAL RESTING place.. For I think it WILL be either restful, as in peaceful and just bliss, OR restful, like death..

Stearling, Vines Expository Dictionary comments on the term "for ever and ever" in Rev 20:10 and 22:5.

It says "they are idiomatic expressions betokening undefined periods and are not to be translated literally".

Vine's Dictionary is, I believe, a very reputable authority. And insofar as the term is used in connection with the lake of fire, I understand that it is an undefined period because the wicked suffer for different periods of time. Some are entirely consumed in a moment, others suffer for "many days".

Thanks, Teresa.. I KNOW God is not gonna let people burn eternally.. He would find NO pleasure in it.


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