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Have you ever made decisions in life that you regret? I recently made a very, very hard decision. I'm afraid I just made a big mistake in my life.

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Or is it just what people say to make us feel better..

What does the Bible say about this? Maybe there's a bigger purpose behind that decision we made but we don't know what it is?? Hope anyone can give their opinion on this.

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Hi, Psalm 139. Thanks for your reply and the Bible verses. It comforts me. GBU!

 I dunno exactly  I  still struggling myself with why things are like they are. foolish decisions?  probably no one ever made as many stupid and idiotic decisions in their christian experiance as I have, It is one thing ro know better and then go ahead and do something you regret later  and the comsequences for it seems  more then u can bear,

 Pain and heartache follows after these decisions so do not be fooled what you sow in integrity may not be what u reap. you can be sincere in what you do  but maybe the reason  u are doing it for  is not inl ine with what God has in mind    .

  , Have u ever heard the expression wrong right and right wrong before? . I not sure actualy what the consequences for these type of decisions we may make are for it seems to differ from case to case.  lets say u make the wrong decision  but for a good reason to help another what benefit u may expect from this  can back fire and leave u feling drained and  empty inside.

   lets say u make the  right decision then but your motive for doing so is all wrong how does this  decision  play into cause and affect in Gods eyes? , I remember in the book of Daniel  God working on  the KIng of the medes nPersian  empire to allow his people to return to isreal and build a temple and  become a anation . THE KING WAS NOT CONVERTED  BUT WAS CONVICTED TO DOSO EVEN THOUGH WE CAN SEE IT A BATTLE WAGED IN THE KINGS MIND BY SATAN AND HIS FORCES NOT TO ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN

 Gabriel even had to have Jesus assist him for satan and his forces would not yeild.. anyway just a thought that we need be careful for decisions we make for good or bad will have consequences and u better be prepared for them . sorry if what I stated  does not actually benefit .  

Hi Uncle Murray,


Thanks for your reply! Your response, especially that expression wrong right and right wrong; made me think. I can definitely relate to making the 'right decision' but with a wrong motive.. Which I had done a few times in my life and turned out be a bad decision in the end... Yes, i agree that we have to be careful with the decisions we make in life especially if it involves other people.





indeed there is a much bigger purpose behind things that we don't know as to why they happen, and why things doesn't happen they way you want them to,  so much unanswered reasons. 


sir james

Hi sir james,


Thanks for your response! I have come to accept both good and bad decisions i made in life. Although so many things in my life still confuse me, I think its better to just stop overthinking and put my trust in God.





Sorry, but I had to laugh when I read your question.  Not because it was funny, but because I have been there, done that so very many times.  Sometimes with life changing impact. 


One time, I made a decision that my wife and I had been discussing for about 14 years, not exactly a "snap decision."  However, while I had refused to go along with what she wanted, the situation had changed and so finally I gave in.  It was regarding a case of helping a member of her family.  It was to give a young person a Christian Education.  It was to try and lead a soul to Christ.  Just how could such a choice be wrong?


I did not ask God what I should do, as the choice seemed so obvious.  However, what I did not know was that some things had happened that I had not been told about.  So, when we went forward with our plan, which met with the approval of the entire family, it all blew up in our face.  Only then did I found out about those things that I had not been told.  But, God knew them and had I asked what He wanted us to do, He would have guided us around that situation.  Both of us were badly hurt by this person, all becasue we failed to ask God what He wanted us to do.  It looked like a "no brainer."  But the "no brainer" part was in not asking God for His leading.


Why did God allow this?  Because God made us free moral agents and in order to be a free moral agent, we must be allowed to have what we choose, with limitations of course.  When things blow  up like it did with the decision made by my wife and I, she realized why my first response was the better one.  I learned that even when something looks so very right, that unless God is leading, it is all wrong.  Which, no doubt, may have probably saved me from making even worse choices.  While I have been accused of worse choices, becasue I was trying to only do what God was leading me to do, none of the false accustations could be proven. 


So, the moral is, when faced with a decision, pray, pray, pray and in that prayer tell God that one only wants His will to be done, then watch for His leading.


Maranatha :)

Hi Ray Phillips,


Thank you so much for sharing your experience on this. Im still young and i have a lot more to learn in life. Decisions, especially ones that involve other people's lives are the hardest. I don't want to hurt anybody. Yes, I will definitely pray before making any decisions now. I also need to learn how to 'watch for His leading' and not misintepret God's answers to my prayer. I tend to do that a lot...





Join the club.  It seems like that is a common human tendency.


Happy Sabbath!


Maranatha :)


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