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can anyone prove that GOD exists without the Bible....

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Hi Prakash,

The theology about the Intelligent Designer is derived elsewhere. But the fact of His existance is evident.


The Bible doesn't prove God existance; the scriptures assume God's existance. However the Bible is armed with strong evidence such as prophecy that make strong arguments for God.

Thinkers such as Descarte took some excellant stabes at proving God's existance through logic alone.

Newton's 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, the law that that states that isolated systems progress eventually toward entrophy. This law fits with common sense and what we would expect. For example let's say you were walking through the woods and found a pile of bricks. If you returned to that spot in a year and found a brick building erected, you would assume that someone had taken the bricks and built that building in your absence. You would not assume that a major storm had hit the area smacking the bricks just right to fit them into the finished building in front of you. In fact, if I asked you how long would that pile of bricks have to sit there under the influence of natural forces inorder to make that building possible purely by natural forces? You would think that I'm a lunatic. You would expect that the longer the bricks sat there that the more the bricks would bleach, erode, scatter a bit, get buried etc (that expectation is in line with Newton's 2nd Law). What if I said in reply well you're right within the span of 50 to 100 years but we've left out what's possiblities in the coarse of 13.5 billion years (commonly believed age of the universe). We don't grasp how long a billion years is (I'm still in character) and there is a 1 in 96 cajillion chances that those bricks would wind up properly stacked eventually. If I made that argument I'd only confirm in your mind that I'm a lunatic. Why is that? This thinking cuts across what we've observed on the mechanics of reality and the law that Newton captured. But that must be suspended inorder to entertain the loosely confederated group of contradictory theories and conflicting observations that make up Evolutionary Cosmology. 


Newton's 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and common sense observation demand an intelligent designer adding information and energy to our realm inorder to bring about matter and life.

However our theology about that Intelligent Designer isn't sustained within this logic alone. So if we (the universe) exists, then an independent source must exist. That doesn't mean that His name is necessarily Yahweh, nor that He has a Son named Jesus Christ.

The theology about the Intelligent Designer is derived elsewhere. But the fact of His existance is evident.



Nature is God's other book and it can reveal the existence of Someone beyond our own limited comprehension.  There will be people in heaven who lived up to the light that they had.  Nature does show that a Creator has to exist if you are willing to look at the evidence.  But that has a limit on how much it reveals about God and His love because nature is now a warped mirror because of sin.

So the Bible is not a necessity for salvation.  You can believe there is a creator and accept that the Creator is worthy of worship.  But if someone has access to the Bible and rejects that extra light, then they are held accountable for that decision.

thank you so much for your replies..i believe GOD exists ...but how to make a atheist believe this..?? thats my main question ??

No one can prove that God exists. If that were possible there would be no need for faith, but God says that without faith it is impossible to please him. You will never be able to "make" an atheist believe, all you can do is plant the seed and let God do the rest. 

i think we can proove INTELLIGENT DESIGN


Pray hard, and listen carefully to what The Holy Spirit says to tell them.

Non the less you can explain to them the way you came to find out about God and how it convinced you (still also quote scriptures) when God is ready to work on their hearts, nothing will be able to stop it, even if you are not around to see their acceptance.

And Prakash Remember we do not ever convert them only God does, so you plant the seed and let others do the watering and let God make the plant grow!!


But if you absolutely have to have some kind of scientific proof, read about radio halo's and you will be surprised what you find:- you will find that these halo's disprove the theory of evolution and proves that the earth was made immediately, (let there be light, and there was light) It's over my head really but a very interesting study by a scientist in the 60's I think. Happy research.




thank u so much i was seeing for something like this...sure il read it :)

If you want a scientific basis for this, as well as proving the Biblical account it self I would suggest watching the series of Videos on this link. The series is called "The Genesis Conflict" and is founded in hard core scientific fact that no one can honestly refute.

Can anyone prove that He does not exist?

Oh by the way, you will have to look up

Polonium Halos in Deep Earth Granite

Robert Gentry discovered them, and took his info to court. The court threw it out of course, it was true and you know the world does not like the truth (especially if you have evidence) I hope you can find the story about the court case it was amazing.



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