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 Another pastor was banned in Kenya GC. August 22, 2018

Pastor Randy Skeete was banned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Keyan GC,.

Why stranded us preacher was rejected in Kenya, east Kenya union conference.

Seventh day Adventist church politics precipitated the decision by evangelist Randy Skeete to leave Kenya for Kampala after his two aborted missions.

Despite member contributing for his air ticket,, teir neighbours, Kisil Central SDA repotedly not happy. The Kisil Centrel team protested to the conference thus leading to the first aborted mission.

What is happening with are church!

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Benecio do you have any more information on this, please?

yes i will posed it.

This is the info of Randy Skeete banned from SDA church in Kenya conference.

He is speaking like an offshoot, making it appear as if the GC of the SDA church was involved in the decision even going as far as to say the the General Conference has agreed with the papacy with the World Council of Churches... and that we need to turn out backs to 'these men' at the GC   etc. we should get clarity on this issue from real Adventists ...

good morning brethren

The video is not officially from SDA church. It's the banning of pastor Randy Skeete from preaching in Kenya.

I have look for info on the official website of GC noting. But it had happen. If you go on Randy Skeete tweeter you will find the whole story.


My brother @Jason M , how easy it is to believe what we want to believe.  Doesn't the Bible say that wheat and the tares will be together till the end of time?  Why is it then to believe that we have false brethren inside of this church.  It does not matter if he is speaking like an off shoot or not, it should matter if what he is saying true or not.

No one is saying that we don't have false brethren in the church. what I am saying, and which should be clear to all, is that what he is saying about all the leaders of the church is false. 

May I ask you, what makes you believe that what he is saying about the leaders of the church is false?  please give me more data?  Thank you.


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