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We are just starting to implement some Facebook integration.  But to get our site domain locked in there... we need to have a minimum number of people "like" our page.  


So could you please go to our FB page and "like" it (yes we know there is not much there yet!)




We'll keep you posted on the new features as they come.


Blessings and prayers,

Clark P





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Consider yourself liked.

15 likes so far.

But I hope your not going to encourage me to log on to Facebook more than my customary once every month or two? :-p

No John... we don't want you to log on to facebook any more often than that!  I log on to facebook quarterly... whether I need to or not.  My wife on the other hand... makes up for both of us.


I need 25 fb users to like our page there so that I can then use the address for that page.  Until then it is  Not quite as memorable.  ;-)


The goal is to be able to spread interesting topics from Adventist Online to our friends on FB.  We will soon have FB "Share" buttons on most content.  Hitting this button will instantly put a summary and link on our facebook pages for all to see.


We hope that these features will spread the Good News as well as make more people aware of our community.

Cool! :-)
4 more to go.....

Thanks!  Due to your help with 'liking' us, our FB address is now


Yes, we know there is still nothing happening there!  But it will, soon!  Happy Sabbath!

I will and many more will but can you please place a picture of prayer hands instead of the face of this unknown man, someone told me once the picture reminded him of someone who once molested him. and in all honesty is this picture GOd, if we claim to be a people following all truth, a joke could easily be made regarding us leading truth out with a lie...such as this pic. 

 Until then, I cannot place this on my FB page or like button.

This is a well known painting of Jesus.  My personal favorite.  Reading anything into having a picture of Christ on a Christian site... is probably thinking too hard.  ;-)
I always thought that this well known picture of christ may someday be used by satan to impersonate  and decieve the whole world. Now that is just a thought and not to be taken as truth. But I do believe saying this is a true picture of christ leaves the  opportunity for unbelievers to prove we don't follow all of the law.
It may be well known but it is not what Jesus looks like.

But it is a good picture... 


I have a picture of Jesus Christ pointing to the New Jerusalem that I use as the closing picture in my presentations. It was painted by the late James Arrabito and was one of the pictures that his wife, Pat, gave to me to use. I think that it can be very useful in focusing the mind on Jesus. Same with the picture that Clark uses, personally I find that it reminds me of Jesus, i.e. it points my mind towards Jesus.

Better than seeing some bald-headed guy peering over the top of the page, eh, Clark?

(Just kidding, I like your picture too :-P )

I agree it does work in that way, but because this is the picture I have seen all my life, I cant visualise Christ looking any other way when I read the bible. Reading automatically helps you visualise, but isnt this the same as what other churches do when they kiss a cross or the feet of a statue representing the true person. Just not sure if its wise to depend on someone's interpretation of christ especially someone who was not called by GOd. For the sake of the argument,this picture could be the depiction of this artists loved one or lover for all we know. Which is probably why God wants us to refrain from making images of him. What if this picture is of a real person, people back then painted pictures of models all the time. A priest told me once that the picture of mary was used to convert uncivilized nations, because they took or respected the mother mary quicker than a man such as christ. Does that make it right?

Shanna, I think you are raising several points there, which, if you permit, I would summarise as being:

(i) the reverencing of an image;

(ii) the imaging, or imagining of Jesus;

(iii) the use to which an image or idea is put;

(iv) personal reaction to the image.


To address each point:

(i) there is no intention that the image should be reverenced and there is no encouragement so to do. The image is not part of a worship service and no religious/ceremonial property is ascribed. The churches that use such images claim that they are an aid to focusing worship and are dedicated to worship. That image is not dedicated to worship.


(ii) I agree that no picture can accurately describe Jesus. However, I'm not sure if that is enough of a reason to not use pictures at all. What we're looking at is a representation of Jesus' earthly incarnation, nothing more, nothing less. We should realise that this is not how Jesus will look when we see Him. Revelation's description is very different.


(iii) The image is a logo, it represents an idea. It is not presenting itself saying - this is Jesus Christ. We all assume that is who is being represented because we are used to the imagery - the "look" that we've associated with Jesus Christ. From the illustrations in the Uncle Arthur books and on the Bible felts to Robert Powell in "Jesus of Nazareth". Personally, I also like to be reminded that He is my goal.


(iv) Our personal reaction is, just that. If you find the image offensive then that really is a shame. I feel that the image fosters an atmosphere that I suspect is the one that Clark intended this place to have, a sense of calmness and peace, a reminder that the true "moderator" or "admin" in our lives should be Jesus. But, as I say, that is personal opinion and each opinion should be as valid and as valued.


I hope that it isn't such a big deal for you as I don't think that you could replace the image with anything else that would "say" what that image says. It's the AO "logo" and is on every page, to me the image represents AO :-(


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