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We are just starting to implement some Facebook integration.  But to get our site domain locked in there... we need to have a minimum number of people "like" our page.  


So could you please go to our FB page and "like" it (yes we know there is not much there yet!)




We'll keep you posted on the new features as they come.


Blessings and prayers,

Clark P





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I believe we  can intelligently explain many reasons to present this picture, but if everyone would view it biblically and not personally, I think it would be offensive to God. I myself agree with the above,but it is my nature that I submit to agreeing with it, not God's nature.He is a jealous God? I have nothing against the motive of the administrator using this photo, I'm just presenting a concern not often thought about.
I guess the issue is if it is being worshipped in some places should we assume that it isnt being worshipped at all. Otherwise I see your viewpoint. We should provide assurance to new believers as well as others that we do not worship or believe this is the image of God. I myself had to take time to explain this to my husband a former Muslim but now Advenist.
<--- This image always draws me closer to Jesus Christ.   For that I make no apologies.  Yes, I posted from the admin account so we could all enjoy it and wouldn't have to see my image.  :-)  I am not worshiping this image and I certainly don't think it is offensive to God.  I need all the help I can get in my path to being Christ-like.  An image that shows His true love to me is a beautiful thing and quite helpful to me.


You are correct that your concern is not often thought about.  Out of curiosity, what image would you suggest that would focus people on Christ?


Blessings and prayers,


I agree, we do need all the help we can get. God did reveal to us one living form he appeared as, and that was a dove, or even prayer hands is a known image nationally, and the image the early church used which has been found in archeological sights and is also well known is the fish. But like other posts I have responded to, what may be against me is not against you, and I believe the word personal, means that we have a personal relationship with God ....personalized to every individual, God saves me in a different way than someone else.So if this causes my husband to stumble because of his Muslim background, the lord impresses him not to acknowledge it, but if it brings someone else to Christ then the Lord may say use it, who knows. I am aware this is not the picture used to represent SDA.
FB integration on Adventist Online! Im all for it. 31 likes so far including mine. God bless AOL :)

I'm not on FB, but I got the wife to like it.

God Bless.


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