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How should a young sister who has fallen out of church as a result of pregnancy be treated?

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What I'll say is said with the sensitivity of a forgiven sinner. Christ has forgiven me my sin, and anybody caught in sin like our sister is in a position I identify with.

It would be good for the church to remember that a girl does not get pregnant alone. Too many times we subject the woman to disciplinary procedure (removal of membership or disfellowshiping) but forget the man involved. If the man is a fellow church member, the same procedure should apply. If the man is a church member, the responsibility lies with the young sister to bring him to Christ (since the church may not know him).

I do not think a public confession would be humiliating, inappropriate and unnecessary. Usually, if desirable and as led by the Spirit, the sister should go for rebaptism. That's pubic enough.

Please let the sister know that God is just and willing to forgive. He will show her His love and lift her out of sin just like He did to the Samaritan woman at the well.

Sorry. I'm just noticing that I wrote a very confused and confusing sentence. I meant to say I do not think a public confession is necessary or appropriate. It would be humiliating beyond measure and generally unhelpful to the young lady. 
True. Not humane in such a case.

No problem I figured out what you meant.  I totally agree.


The baptism is the public expression of what is inside. We confess our sins to God. Sexual sins are sins against self and God. No other public confession or plea for forgiveness is needed.If she chooses to do so she may but should not be mandated to.

Re-Baptism in itself is public acknowledgement and open confession that you have fallen short of a standard of the church.In this situation the evidence of the young ladies sin is already public, I don't see the need for her to confess publicly to the church that she had premarital sex and she is pregnant. It's clearly obvious.


Put yourself in the shoes of a 16 year old pregnant teen. The embarrassment, shame, judging looks and behind the back comments from members is enough trauma for her to deal with.

Imagine the additional torture of having to confess and apologize publicly to the church for something that is already obvious. In this situation to require a public apology is harsh and draconian measure and re-baptism says sorry publicly without having to verbalize it.




However Mark I do agree with you  that in certain situations a public apology is necessary for healing and closure in the church as in the case with Dr. Pipim.   A public apology was necessary because he is a very public and influential leader and his sins if not publicly confessed by him at the time would have caused serious damage to the ministry and if it had been made public another way.


I personally admired the way he handled situation and I felt his true repentance in the letter he wrote. He did the right thing by stepping away from ministry in order to take care of his issues. 

Am  in total agreement  wit you  Kodie....
Dj what specially in kodie's discussion that you agreement with.
That is the point. She is forgiven by God and is good to go."Neither do I condem you. Go and sin no more" are the words from the heart of my Saviour.
That is the point. She is forgiven by God and is good to go."Neither do I condem you. Go and sin no more" are the words from the heart of my Saviour.

Hi Kodie, grace and peace.

I agree with the fact that being pregnant is an obvious sin.

By publicly confessing her error and asking forgiveness she is not just stating the obvious, she is making a statement to all that what she did is wrong, therefore protecting those of weaker faith that they do not fall into the same error.

If I am truly repentant of something, then it is not shameful to confess, but rather a joy to be reconciled.

If the young lady in question was to find confession embarrassing then I question her

motives as not fully repentant.

God bless, Scott.


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