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It's just such little courtesy is exhibited on this forum. There are many trollers who are permitted to run amuck (and I'm sure they will troll on this post), who actually demonstrate to the online world that Adventists aren't really clear thinking people, but are rather bigots, child-like in mentality, unable to engage intelligently, unsound in mind, logic and reason, and are just simply un-Christian. People like Lazarus, Jason M., Bart, and the like, seem to think that this is their realm and fortress, guardians of orthodoxy, and can only abuse, mindlessly misrepresent others, accuse others, name-call, attempt to attack and hurt others, and do all the things that Jesus clearly has never felt Himself needing to do. And yet they seem to be the main ones responding to all discussions, despite breaking the forum's rules, and their bigotry is simply tolerated. Is this the picture AdventistOnline wants to put out to the world? What happened to ever being a light to the world that Jesus Himself said we should be? What ever happened to proving all things (1 Th. 5.21) rather than being staunchly entrenched in Adventist tradition? Isn't that what Adventists originally rebuked other denominations for? What ever happened to love your neighbour as yourself? As time approaches its end, shouldn't a different picture of Adventists be put out there? Will this be the only legacy of Adventists presented to God and the world? 

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Unfortunately for the toothless forum policing the abuse continues on this so called "christian adventist" forum. I will rather just continue in silence and remain a reader or provide limited contribution.

 How would that policing take place ?   If someone is unchristian should they be treated with as weaker member and brought into the fullness of Christ .   Personally labels such as conservative and liberals just a place they feel comfortable without the  Holy Spirit . A true Christian loves everyone and lays aside personal issues and only defends God. .

Nothing wrong with disagreement and vibrant on topic discussion. The danger is diverging from topic making comments that contains words like "you are...."  , "you believe......" , " you support......"   etc brings in a spirit that does not belong on a Christian forum.

 I think I see your point .  It much better ask a question to ask where stand on their beliefs than excuse of stance that my not be true.  Yet from what from what read the bible Jesus for the most part ignored accusation toward Him and stayed on topic. We must exercise constraint . Times will get harder hopefully on this board there is no one under the   influence of Satan trying to break our faith . If we can not  walk with the  foot soldiers ,how can we run with the horsemen?

Very true Roland and maybe AO is a testing ground to put our longsuffering and patience into practice.


Wow, you said it!

Everyone, this is what I mean. How can we get real discussion with honest and querying people, and reach out to people, if they don't feel confident to converse due to a belief that they will just be trolled upon by abusers who actually seem to be the real policy policers on this forum! What does that say? It says that this is the real attitude and view of this forum - to shut down enquiry and uphold orthodoxy. A Light to the world? ZJOutback response says it all. 

Pastor T - "I have been member of AO for a couple of years and have seen a steady decline. 

When I click the New Members I see that there haven't been any for some time."

Pastor T you have also noted that. This web site is sadly going to ruin.

Well said Pastor T

Let's pray that we become on fire for Jesus, rather than nit-picking on differences of theology

Happy Sabbath


As far as I know the place has been in lock down for some time.  There was an influx of spam promoting so called health products including increase your ..... you know the ones.  There were also plenty of phishing scammers coming in asking for donations etc.

I'm not sure what the plan is or if there is one but the site is still here at present.

Pastor T 

You should start trying start topics that will lead will lead to Spiritual growth . Which is what needed?  Love does grow by everyone agreeing . It grows by ignoring attaches and return to something uplifting . I have of lot experience loving those who dislike me. I teach and coach teenagers . Most of the posters here behave like teenagers . Their feelings get and then bickering back forth begin . I have earned never take sides or you lose  authority .  The biggest problem almost every topic has nothing to Christ . They are social issues  which are doomed to cause heated debate. It is not logical to start  a topic that is sure to cause strong feelings.   Part of is to strive harmony and set aside personal issues and work on getting the gospel out. A baptized member is a missionary first whatever else second . I have zero interest in taking side on social issues . I think both side are without the Spirit as far as I can see. 


I don't think Jesus ever ignored attacks. In fact, he dealt with them head on. So did Paul, John, James. And yet I'm not clear what you wish to uphold. Ethical Christian behaviour has everything to do with Christ. So I believe it would be good to heed their examples rather than sitting on the fence. In coaching teenagers, would you engage with them or just let all things fester? Of course you should be dealing with it. Would a father ignore his children? Of course not. I think the real disservice is to ignore the problem, which is by the way a massive concern not just on here but generally in Adventism since it goes to the very top, and to the heart of many discussions.

Jesus dealt with attaches on the truth . He was very specific about those teaching . He also called out a group that had those teachings . You used names . When did Jesus call out Annas or Caiaphas.

John 8 

41 They said to him, “We were not born of sexual immorality. We have one Father—even God.” 42 Jesus said to them,“If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and I am here. I came not of my own accord, but he sent me.

He did not comment  on their personal insult but instead dealt with a dangerous error they held.  Feeling personally insulted  show a lack of confidence. I teach my players ignore trash talk play your game . Cowards react to insults . The same is with gospel defend the truth with all your heart and ignore insults they are meant to distract you . I once had the play with torn ligament in my foot for three minutes until some could sub in . I ignore the pain and still played hard defense . Why can't a Christian ignore insults and just defend the truth.   Yet since you asked , if players on my ever fights a teammate,  I get in his face so fast that he has no time to lose his temper . Then he will run lines and not play the next game . I rarely have trouble with that . However I am the coach it is my place to do that . I am the authority on the team. Who are you to the names you called ?  If they can not except your logical presentation of your point move on like Jesus said "Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you. "    Jesus said they would attach . If you what to fight you need except a little pain. 

On to Paul 

Paul did many times names of those who were holding false teaching . They attached him personally also he did not call out names but gave evidence of why those accusations were not true.. Read 1 Corinthians 9

and Philippians 3 . The people he named those who held dangerous doctrines . They were not being childish and emotional . Everyone at times become that way.   

So may I ask what dangerous teaching are they holding .  Present the evidence of their errors and I will back you 100% .  If it is presented in a clear, logical , scripture backed format . Present what they have done . How is it not biblical .  What is the proposed action.    That is what is done when someone is brought before disciplinary board. What should they be censured or should they be terminated .  You must prove your accusation of fanaticism and trolling by showing evidence of this  .

Maybe even get some witnesses but to be fair they must be able to defend themselves.  That is what says  Matthew 18 


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