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Dear friends, 

We have held onto error for so long, but YaHuWaH (Jehovah) has forgiven us. But now light is coming and we need to keep up with it. 

I will make my point very plain and clear, because the Bible makes it that way. There is no need to beat around the bush for for large explanations. The truth is becoming self evident

The Torah (Law) still stands. Babylon tried to change it and take it away, but the only thing in Scripture that says will cease in the 70th week of prophecy is "sacrifice and oblation" (DaniEl 9:27). How can we continue to hold, with a clear conscience, that the Appointed Times of the Torah are ended? In Leviticus 23 they are called 'Holy Convocations', just like the Seventh-day Sabbath. That is their primary purpose. The animal sacrifices are shadows pointing to the Sacrifice of YaHushua (Jesus). Therefore, the purpose of these days are of convening together in remembrance of His Sacrifice and the plan of redemption associated with it. There is no need to guess on this matter. If we continue believing a lie (that the Feast Days are ceremonial and not moral), then we are denying both the Torah (Law) and the Messiah, and unless we repent we will receive the mark of the beast, which will include holiday laws (such as Easter and Christmass) in place of the Holy Days of the Bible. Come out of her My people!

Is this important? Yes!
Is this salvational? Yes! 

For more info.:

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Hi Brother Ricky,

Thank you for sharing with us.

If my memory serves me correctly you were sharing with us not so long ago about the 2520 prophecy. Is this something that you still believe in along with the Feast Days?

Just curious....a simple yes or no answer will suffice :)

Many thanks

Yes, both are steadfast and true; they are both written in the Torah.

Hi Brother Ricky,

Thank you for responding,

Blessed Sabbath to you.

Many thanks


Blessed Sabbath to you as well :)

Brother Ricky, I would agree the love feasts to Jesus are still EGW calls them...

but in an assembly fast backsliding in simple matters of love, asking for more love is illogical

love comes in degrees

Lu 7:47 Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little.

Oh how I would love our church to fall in love with Jesus, but making more things to do would be seen as more legalism, I fear.

It would be great to attend a Church on fire for Jesus, sadly I have not found one congregation yet or even a person willing to speak about Jesus for more than a few minutes....

God bless your ministry, and witness, more knowledge does not make one love more....somehow we need to wake ourselves up in a genuine experience with salvation




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