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Some Religious groups believe that Seventh Day Adventist would be 100% correct if they include Feast Days in their beliefs. Are those days important and necessary. Discuss.

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Ray - the first feast Lev 23   The Sabbath




     Hello Ray,


   Ray: "There were many things that Jesus did that we do not do today. 

  1. He walked and did not drive a car.
  2. He did not have electricity and computers and TV's etc.
  3. He did not have highspeed mass transportation.  Instead he had to rely on Angels.

This may sound sacreligious, but it is no more so than what you posted."



     Lol... No... No... Brother, I'm talking about when it comes to the Law... It's funny because I heard someone who  didn't believed in the 7thDay Sabbath, say the same thing.. He said 'so what Jesus kept the Sabbath, He also wore sandles, and a robe.. should we do the same?'  I said, No where in the law that it says we got to wear sandles or robes... Just like there is no where in the law that says we should only walk...



    Ray: "You cannot legitimatly compare the role of the weekly Sabbath with the role of the Sanctuary Feast days."


       It's all GOD Law... We know when it tell us not to eat swine, its a law of GOD we should follow, it's not on the same level as the 10 C's, but still they are both GOD'S laws. Just because the Feast days aren't the #1 feast day(7th day Sabbath), doesn't mean we shouldn't observe them.. That's why GOD call some of them (a) Sabbath, HE likens them the 7th Day Sabbath, in order to know how to observe a Sabbath, you have to know how to keep the Sabbath.


       As far the rotation of the sun to determine the weekly cycle and the moon to determine the yearly  cycle, I agree with you. I think I heard that from someone, saying the weekly Sabbath was determined by the moon or something like that. I don't believe that!  









Wasn't it the Edomite priest that killed the Son?  This situation is no different than what is going on today. There are leaders who speak for the whole of the country, when the majority of the people don't agree. I know I certainly  don't agree with what is being dished out in Washington these days.  

It was the Israelites that took the message to the world, they died by the millions, they were scattered to the four winds, and all we hear is that they rejected the Messiah. Oh, really?   

Simply put, the feast days are a road make of the plan of salvation. As Adventist we should know this and have a good understanding of them. Starting with passover and going all the way to the feast of booths, we should study them to have a fuller understanding of the great plan that God made for us. I am not saying that we need to keep them but even Ellen White said that we need to understand them. To me they really are simple. 



Ezra every thing in the Bible is there for knowledge and instruction. Every iota of the scriptures hinges, relates to, represents and symbolizes Jesus. Look to Jesus my brother and do not allow legalism to cloud your mind.

What are you talking about? Legalism? Come on, that's not fair. Ellen White herself said we need to understand the sanctuary, in fact the feasts are an important part of the sanctuary and point straight to JESUS. If I am not mistaken we are told by sister White to study the sanctuary and it will be a blessing.



Yes, Ellen White does stress the value of studying the sanctuary and it's services.  That is not even a debatable question.  The problem is that some have become so enamoured with the illustration that they have failed to see the reasons why it was given. 


Fiction has this same problem.  People become so involved with fiction that soon their entire life is lived as if the fiction that they have been reading is in fact real life, which it is not.  The Harry Potter phenomena is a prime example of this.


Of course, an illustration is suppose to be understood as not being either fiction, nor reality.  Yet, some who cannot see beyound the illustration, to the point being illustrated, fall into the same trap.  This is, in part, why the fascination today with the feasts of the sanctuary.  They are living in the illustration and are not seeing beyond the illistration to what is being illustrated. 


All facets of the sanctuary service are types pointing to the Great Antitype, Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.  Just like a shadow does not extend beyound the object that is creating the shadow, neither do the elements of the sanctuary service go beyound the Cross/antitype, which created the shadow/types.


To continue to observe the feasts today is legalism of the hightest order.  Legalism in reality denies that the cross exists. Those who observe these feasts are still looking for a Messiah.  Oh, they may deny this vehemently.  But their actions speak so loud their words are drowned out.  For, if in fact they really believed that the feasts/types were looking forward to Jesus.  They would recognize when the antitype came and move on in their Christian experience.  Instead, they have become captured in a time warp, not able to go back and not willing to move forward.


Maranatha :)

Show me where I have advocated keeping the feasts, and I will light up with wings.
It could not have been better said. We have gone through this with Ezra and others time and time again but for some reason the minds are blocked so the understanding  given by the Spirit is sniffled.
Ray and Redva, neither one of you have been fair in your treatment of me. At no time have I advocated keeping the old feasts but here you are accusing me of having lost sight and being a legalist. That is why I hate discussing them with Adventists. On one hand I get some who tell me that I am sinning for not keeping them and on the other I get people accusing me of being a legalist. Redva, you are the one who asked me about booths to begin with and once I explained it you immediately started to insult me and accuse me of something that I did not do. It is not very Christ like of you and I am hurt that both of you are doing this. I am done with this discussion.
God bless, Ezra

Ezra I am so very sorry my dear, it was not intended to hurt or insult you but to present the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and to be honest Ezra, the truth cuts very deep- Dividing asunder. If you could just take yourself out and see this as, NOT EZRA  but issues, and beliefs being dissected you would not feel so torn.

I sincerely withdraw any statement that was an insult  and offensive to you. There were no accusations as such, but you know how subtle the enemy is and how He seeks to distract us from the knowledge of God. We had to be forceful to get the facts across because the devil was stifling it Ezra. We just had to pull you by the collar out of the enemy's trap because we love you. The tug might have been a jerk but we could see what you were not seeing.

Sorry again, and do not allow the enemy to gain the victory my friend. Remember that friends are friends forever and we must at times disagree to agree.

Love you and God bless you.




My appologies.  No such insults were intended.  I do not know what your position is on the feasts.  When I read a statement, I respond to it as an issue, seldom as to an individual. 


As for being fair with you, would you really want us to be?  Would you want God to be fair with you?  No, we should not seek fairness, but mercy, that goes for all of us.  It would be impossible for me to be fair with you, since I do not know you.  All I see is an idea shared, which may or may not represent you. 


The only time I try to address people directly is when they take a firm stand on something, good or bad.  If it is good, I try to acknowledge it.  If it is really bad, then I will address the person directly.  But that is not the normal.


So, if I offended you, please forgive, as it was not intended that way.

Maranatha :)

Great Ray, we will continue to move on with Ezra as our friend. God bless you Ray I know the Lord is pleased. God bless you Ezra just listen to the voice of the Lord as we continue to focus on eternal life in Jesus.




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