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Because the programme provides an opportunity for spiritual growth and development as well as an opportunity to engage in social and physical activites for enhancement. It also provides me the leverage to be an influence on the lives of the younger generation through interaction, sharing of knowledge and example.
Masterguiding also prepares me to be a leader and equips me with the tools necessary to be an effective leader in the church, at home, at school and at work.

That's what I love about this church and the youth department
Because i believe that it would lead me or us to grow, in our faith as an Adventist
To guide the lost soul back in the way to God's saving power.
The is building spiritually, socially, physically and even academically.I have also learnt to a good leader and self-reliance..It also equips me the knowledge  to deal with young people and lead them to Christ, it is also helps one with skills of evangelizing the world..

Being a Master Guide gives me the courage to be able to speak to an audience with confidence and to put into practise what I have been taught. And you get to interact with others and to grow spiritually in Christ and also in physical, mental, and social aspects of life as well. We need teamwork to work together as a team and do God's work and fulfill His purpose in our lives.

I became a Master Guide because I was the leader of the Pathfinder Club in my church and I felt the need to be better equipped to lead those following in the way of the Lord. Since then, I have grown and developed and learned and done things that I am certain that I wouldn't have had I not joined the club. Though I no longer lead my church club, I cannot stop being a MG and plan to be one until Jesus comes to take us all home. I have learned more about my church, am not afraid to speak for or about my God, and He has been showing me how to gently lead His flock to green pastures and living waters. I pray that you all may have similar or better experiences. God wants all His people to be Guides.
I  thank Lord  for making doing the investure of 2011 make me an instrument for you thanks you always need to be praised.

I love the activities like camping and honor, but best of all I have a closer relationship with Jesus Christ!

to lead the youths for Christ

Because Its so nice to be a part of this club and indeed its a big help for everyone who have joined like me, its a wholistic way in training ourselves to serve others and for the higher service to come and the very word that would define it is HELPING OTHERS for Christ.


How are you? i know that the God of Sabbath is good to you. If i may ask, are a master guide?

i know i am out of topic, but pity on me..i just wana ask how can i get the materials for social marching, is any one can help me?please..i need to know it very badly...thank you..


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