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Actually this is one of the requirements of my degree in Education so weather you like it or not you need to take this course. But its really help to my physical, mental and spiritual life. I always love it and i will be love it forever. Once you a leader, you always a leader.

When I joined the master guide course last year I had no idea what I was getting invloved in.I joined because there were no openings in sabbath school and a freind convinced me to join her cos she saw something in me that I still dont see. Didn't realise it was so much reading.I need stronger lenses man!! I have never been to so many camporee churches or gathering ever and i have to say except for a few individuals its fun!!

I also didnt realise it was training to be a leader.Me a Leader?Hah!I still cant beleive it!

It was only at Pathfinder Camp up in the hills of staffordhire the UK that Paster Abraham Henry put it in perspective for me then he came and preached a slamming sermon at Pathfinder Rally in Sept last year that I realised with a heavy sigh that I am in training to be a leader.It was overwhelming when he spoke about the type of leaders that I got it. Only just. Im not happy about it. I dont know what I thought I was coming into. Well Im here now and Im not leaving till Im graduated Relunctant leader or not. It would warm my mothers heart that I started pathfinders but never advanced. Pator Abraham was the same and his sash is full of badges so its not too late for me.


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