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We have posted Forum Rules and Guidelines. How can we improve these rules?

Our Rules and Guidelines (found from the drop-down menu on the Forum tab) are here:

They currently read:

"Site Rules and Guidelines For Use of Adventist Online:

1. Be loving. Discuss issues with Christ-like love for your brothers and sisters here.

2. Be truthful.  Do not mislead others.  Speak words that you have a basis for.  Do not speculate about suspicions.

3. No vulgarity or profanity in any form will be tolerated.  Threats of any nature are strictly forbidden.

4. Don't call names, make personal attacks, or use negative stereotypes against other people or groups of people.

5. No belittling of individual people, their character, their beliefs, or their motives.

6. Only rebut issues, NOT the people who write them. Do not negatively characterize others' positions or beliefs with your own value judgment. Simply state how you think the belief is wrong and what you believe the true interpretation is - giving your basis for your belief.

7. Don't put words in other people's mouths that they have never said. (This does not, of course, prohibit quoting their words from previous posts.)

8. Don't post in the public forum personal differences, arguments, old grudges, hearsay, or private messages.  No spamming discussion forum or chat rooms with off-topic, useless or repeated messages.

9. No spamming, soliciting money, commercial messages, or link farming. Commercial links / messages are only allowed on your own personal profile page. Members agree to not use any of the following ways to advertise, promote, or repeatedly link to any website: Comments, Chat, Videos, Photos, Groups, Blogs, Forum Discussions, Messages (both public and private), Member Name and Profile Picture. Members further agree to not use Adventist Online as a platform to invite Adventist Onlines' members to any other membership site.

10. Adventist Online is not a place to state your beliefs without accountability for their Biblical and/or Spirit of Prophecy basis. Do not stop the open exchange of ideas and the search for His truth by blocking or deleting comments to your blog entries, videos, etc.

11. Listen to, and cooperate with, moderators. Challenging the decisions/actions/inaction of moderator/s in the open forum is not acceptable behavior. Use the "Report an Issue" link located at the bottom of every page to address issues.

12. This is a site by Seventh-day Adventists for Seventh-day Adventists. We welcome all seekers of God's truth here. We believe that God will continue to reveal His truth to His people as time progresses. Thus we are constantly seeking a better understanding of God and His word. We welcome all that are doing the same. That said, if it becomes apparent that your purpose in being a member of this site is to promote a different agenda and/or sow discord among the brethren, your ability to interact with this site may be restricted.

13. Only one profile is permitted per person.  Only one person is permitted to use each profile.  Each profile represents one person (the account holder) and is not a separate unique entity.  The profile is the representation of the person who established it.  The person and their profile are one and the same.

14. If you ever feel justified for being negative or antagonistic toward another person... prayerfully see rule #1 and DON'T.


How can we improve these rules? What needs to be added or removed? Are any of these unfair? Do they discriminate against anyone? Thank you for your help, it is appreciated very much.

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Rickey,   can we trust you ?  Joyce posted in one of the threads that you took your Oroville Church to the authorities once.  No wonder why Joyce stated that you guys are shunned like plagues.  You cannot get along with your church now here in AO Clark is being slandered and threatened ?  Who could be the problem ...  Joyce or you brother?   Nothing gets accidentally posted here because you have to knowingly click Add Reply  to send messages.

adnonikam, You took the words right out my mouth...great minds:)  There is no accident on posting. Maybe if they own their actions without excuses and false claims, there could be forgiveness.

Grace really.  LOL

I am glad that you have regreted that post.  I was one of those that saw it and was shocked by it.  I hope that God is with you and Joyce and that you are able to return to better terms with your fellow christians.

Of course agree with you Ron totally.   It's God's way.


In agreement with Ron completely!  That's all what it takes.


So you expect us to believe that you posted here for days without making such a mistake  and now suddenly you don't know how the forum threads work on this site? I take that as an insult to out intelligence.. 

Very true Kristina.  We are more intelligent than that!


I know this is an Adventist website created to promote Adventist teachings. I have seen people getting banned if their posts are anti SDA, or anti Ellen White.

1) I think that there are enough solid Adventists here who can ably defend the truths of the SDA church

2) Some who may start as anti SDA may very well be convinced through the discussions here and turn to the truth

3) There are those who are anti SDA but the manner in which they post their points would not lead to a ban because they may seem to be asking questions rather than making points, or, they may state their opinions in nice and humble ways!

My suggestion is to allow the anti SDA discussions to continue, but keep a close eye on them. If the truth is being defended, then allow the discussions to go on.

God bless

Hi Brother Clark,

Would you consider expanding the rule below? 

3. No vulgarity or profanity in any form will be tolerated

I have found it troubling of late to see videos that depict nudity/topics of a sexual nature - even if they address a particular health issue.

There is a time and place for such things but a public Christian co-ed forum, in my humble is not the place.

Posting images that are immodest in nature is vulgar and totally inappropriate.

We may wish to consider the following principles stated below

Every Christian must stand on guard continually, watching every avenue of the soul where Satan might find access. He must pray for divine help and at the same time resolutely resist every inclination to sin. By courage, by faith, by persevering toil, he can conquer. But let him remember that to gain the victory Christ must abide in him and he in Christ.11{AH 403.2}

Avoid Reading, Seeing, or Hearing Evil
—The apostle [Peter] sought to teach the believers how important it is to keep the mind from wandering to forbidden themes or from spending its energies on trifling subjects. Those who would not fall a prey to Satan’s devices must guard well the avenues of the soul; they must avoid reading, seeing, or hearing that which will suggest impure thoughts.{AH 403.3}

Salacious Novels and Pornography—Impure pictures have a corrupting influence. Novels are eagerly perused by many, and as the result, their imagination becomes defiled.{1MCP 229.2}

In the cars, photographs of females in a state of nudity are frequently circulated for sale. These disgusting pictures are also found in daguerrean saloons [photographic studios], and are hung upon the walls of those who deal in engravings. This is an age when corruption is teeming everywhere.{1MCP 229.3}

The lust of the eye and corrupt passions are aroused by beholding and by reading.... The mind takes pleasure in contemplating scenes which awaken the lower and baser passions. These vile images, seen through defiled imagination, corrupt the morals and prepare the deluded, infatuated beings to give loose rein to lustful passions. Then follow sins and crimes which drag beings formed in the image of God down to a level with the beasts, sinking them at last in perdition. Avoid reading and seeing things which will suggest impure thoughts. Cultivate the moral and intellectual powers.—Testimonies for the Church 2:410 (1870).{1MCP 229.4}

I do appreciate that some may disagree with me but I try and filter things through the counsel found in the Word of God and Spirit of Prophecy.

Thank you for your consideration.

The other moderators and myself viewed the video in question.  Although the video was discussing breast cancer and depicting breast health related issues with animation, we did not find it salacious or pornographic.  There were no photographs or live videos.  Only line drawings and animation to illustrate symptoms and/or correct techniques.  We found it to be clinical and health related.

While it is not a topic for everyone, it is an important topic.

We agree completely with the quotes you posted.  We must guard the avenues of the soul at all times.

Thank you for writing with your concerns.  I welcome others giving their opinion on this topic.

Blessings and prayers,


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