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a. 144,000 is Literal (as in)

b. 144,000 is Symbolical, but it is different from Great Multitude

c. 144,000 is Symbolical, and part of the Great Multitude

d. 144, 000 is the Symbolical number of the Great Multitude

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Explain your answers...

The 144,000 is literal - John heard the number 144,000

The 144,000 is the living saints alive when Jesus returns

The great multitude are the dead in Christ from Adam straight up till Jesus come

The 144000 will not enter heaven first. Paul addressed this when he said that we will be caught up together to meet the lord in the air.



@ Leslie but REV 7:14 says theses are they which came through great tribulation, "what great tribulation did Adam, noah, david, etc go through? so the GM really be dead saints from Adam up??


The text is speaking of both the 144,000 and the great multitude every who reaches heaven had a tribulation in their life and overcame by the blood of the lamb.

At Leslie please explain how the daily tribulation if the christian walk can be compared to the the tribulation that the 144k will go through. 

Leslie Ann

Food for thougth; if the 144.000 is literal, then they must by literal jews.

John saw then from the 12 tribe of Israel.


If the Jews here are symbolic then the number also must be symbolic.


Where today in this world historie, in the christian world we will find the 12 tribe?

Jew is Jew.


My God bless

Hi Leslie, I do not understand when you say 144K are living saints when Jesus returns. Does it mean among the living when He comes, Jesus will choose only 144 000? Explain further.


Yes when Jesus comes there will only be 144,000 living saints among the wicked. They will have been sealed before he comes.

I have heard nothing conclusive on the matter, theologians are as confused as ever.
Its speculation so far...... So I think as EG White says, "Soon we will know." But I think we need to strive to be of that number.

Paul long time 

ok so then if we have to strive to be in the number then it is literal and not only that but there are characteristics for the 144,000 like no guile found in their mouth. This does not mean that those living in this time who will die will get a lesser criteria all are supposed to strive to be in that number so the characteristics is for everyone. 


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