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Now in modern times all over the world gayness is being considered normal by the scientific communities and the other wisemen of society.

Gayness used to be considered a disease or a sin but that is now changing, but should it? The obvious argument is that they can form committed relationships therefore there is nothing wrong with their choice. There is dishonesty in that claim. Homosexuals can only form committed relationships under one circumstance. They can only survive if society does what it is currently doing. As long as gays do not have to worry about ideas like children needing fathers and mothers or the diseases caused by those acts, they can seem to have a certain level of sanity.

But that is where the problem lies. Gays want so much to be human and this has led to suicides, drug use, murders, atheism, parades and many other acts of debauchery. If gays are forced to accept the reality that the relationship between a child and a mother is a sacred thing and far more worth protecting than the relationship between two random men, this disease will manifest itself.

At this moment in time some gays can survive without drugs or illicit behavior because they are not being inundated with the errors of their ways. Society at large does not promote the family it promotes wealth and sexuality, so a homosexual says, “I can do that, if that’s humanity I’m there!” There is one problem, wealth and sexuality is not the definition of humanity. If a gay person was forced to accept that civilized society has to be built on the human family their emotional disorders would then become apparent. If all homosexuals ever saw were fathers running around with their children and mothers feeding and clothing and hugging, the gay psyche would be utterly destroyed, the gay mind would become disconsolate, but on the upside we could then invite them to church. Amen.

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We can and should invite them to church NOW. Christ's love WILL touch all varieties of sinners. Including us proud ones with the "truth". :-)

It is our job to let His amazing love be seen through us. He wants us to show it to EVERYONE.
will u allow someone who is Gay to 'stand on the pulpit"?????
Is that someone male or female?
No one who is willfully living in has any business being in the pulpit.
Okay you said it twice. But I hope we are all willfully living.
I wrote that on my phone at work so I kinda missed part of it. It should have been willfully living in sin. Lol.

I wouldn't let them preach, thought no one is perfect, the Bible does point out that a preacher should not have marriage problems and relationship problems.

As to targeting people (to invite to church) there is no reason to target demographics specifically. There is only the need to let those without know what we have to offer. Love, truth, money, food, etc..

The problem is the fact that a homosexual may come to church wanting to be loved, then that homosexual will get angry if we talk about sin. Those are the types of people that should be disfellowshipped or asked to leave.

Everyone wants to be loved, including homosexuals but that does not justify ignorance and arrogance when asked to accept ones sinfullness.


P.S. unrelated... Gay acts have a greater chance of spreading HIV. Greater chance of bleeding etc, then there is the sexual revolution aspects of being gay. People who worship sex tend to do stupid things sexually! No stereotypes here as a Christian I deal with facts, just trying not to be graphic! Please learn something before responding.

Jobe, David (prophets of old), Peter, James, Luke Timothy many of these apostles yes they too, had troubles and marriage problems, God Loved them as the same, and of course counselled them through revelation or appeared to them as the old testament does quote.

You said, "Gays want so much to be human....", as if they are not already human.

Your post comes across to me as full of stereotypes. Not all gays think and feel the way you have portrayed them here.

I lived as a gay man for over 30 years, and I don't recognize myself or any of my gay friends in this post. I would hate for them to come to SDA forums and see these kinds of posts. It is no way to persuade gay people to give their hearts to Christ.

God has as much love for gay people, and died for them, as much as for heterosexual. One's sexual orientation has nothing to do with God's love.

God must forgive gays the same as he must forgive heterosexuals for their sins.

He provides us with the power to be freed from our sins, including sexual sins, but it should start with love from other Christians and not prejudice because of who they are. They are fully human and should be asked to come to church irrespective of their lifestyle.

I have a feeling if Christ were here today, he would talk to them the same as He did to the woman caught in adultery. He did not come to condemn but to save. John 3: 17.
I am not trying to attract gays I am telling Christians about the errors of their ways read between the lines.

Stereotype? So gays don't want to be human, so they don't get emotional problems when they are told that their actions are not part of humanity. Wow, that's some thick skin.

Actually the way you treat someone sexually is a very important aspect of your love for them and your respect for God.

NO ONE HERE IS FULLY HUMAN, geez haven't you read the words of Ellen White. We are fallen far from grace.

I have a feeling he would cast out the demons from homosexuals and the true evil would become apparent. Please don't destort the Bible to protect your friends. WWJD?

But what is God's love, I see love as defined more as duty. It is true that duty can feel good but love is not a feeling, saying God loves gay people is like saying God gives gays AIDS so they will limit their sin. Amen
But the AIDS virus confirms my argument,

I am not stereotyping homosexuals, many scientists admit that it was the gay lifestyle that spread AIDS not the gay act.

Remember this is what I said.

"Gays want so much to be human and this has led to suicides, drug use, murders, atheism, parades and many other acts of debauchery"

No one has as of yet responded to my actual argument. (Don't worry whereever I go I get stereotyped as some sort of hater... no one actually reads the argument.)


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