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Now in modern times all over the world gayness is being considered normal by the scientific communities and the other wisemen of society.

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Wonderful post, Melissa.

The best way to attract people to Jesus Christ is to be loving Christians ourselves; and while we uphold high standards by our own behavior and words, we can show people that we are accepting of people as Christ is.

If He-- and SDAs-- hadn't been accepting of me at the beginning of my Christian walk, I would never have taken that first step. If a gay person comes into our churches, and he's made to feel loved and welcomed, he is much more likely to be convinced that God loves him, and more likely, too, to come back for more. If, on the other hand, he finds us cold and distant and condemning, he might reject the whole notion that God loves him, and almost certainly never return to give us another chance.
I believe that homosexual acts-- i.e., sexual contact-- are sinful.

What you are either forgetting or do not know is that there is a lot more to being "gay" than sinful thinking or sinful acts. Being "gay" has to do, also, with virtually everything about a person-- how he/she thinks about a whole host of things that are not related to sex.

Also, there are some gay men who are born with a feminized brain due to exposure to female hormones during very early development. (The same thing happens with females.) God can help even these overcome their sinful, hereditary tendencies, but that does not mean they will be heterosexual. Some do get married to a member of the opposite sex, but it is not necessarily God's will that all gay men or gay women have a "normal" marriage or normal sexual relationship. For some, it is a matter of having to live their rest of their lives without sexual, romantic contact or fulfillment. For others, God does perform a miracle and bring complete healing so that they are able to live in a normal, healthy relationship with the opposite sex.
Amen Melissa :-)
We can be honest but kind and loving, and it is not necessary for every individual to think it's their job to confront homosexuals with their sin.

Ellen White said that if you love someone enough to give your life for them, then you are ready to talk to them about their sins. What she was saying is that we ought to be like Jesus, who loved the people he talked to. Some people, though, all too often give the impression that they hate the sinner and would be happy to see them get what they deserve.

Think how you feel when people come up to you and confront you about some error of yours, in a way that shows they don't like you. Does it make you want to change?

Remember that our attitude should be the one Jesus talked about-- "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone." IOW, condemn the sin but make sure the sinner knows you love him/her; otherwise you may be working for the devil by driving them into his arms.

I hope you believe in Jesus more than Ellen White. I do too.

Yes, Jesus accepted sinners. Am I saying anything different here?

Of course no one came to Ellen White, and of course Ellen White cannot forgive sins. And of course she was a human being with flesh and bones.

It's not a matter of a "love affair with homosexuality." It's a matter of knowing how to talk to people and treat them with dignity and as Christ Himself would treat them if He were here. You have to learn to distinguish between hating the sin and loving the sinner.

A lot of people in Christ's day got this confused. It is the reason they hated Christ, because he loved the sinner. He hated the sin, yes, but he let people know he loved them, personally, despite their sinfulness. That's how we have to be if we are going to be any good helping people.
I have to laugh when I hear people say we should love the sinner.

The ways that we are to love the sinner vary greatly. Don't be fooled. Some would banish those sinners from church as a means of "loving" them. Tough love you know. To each his or her own.
Nishaun said: "You Christians need to end this love affair with homosexuality!"

I'm pretty sure we need to end our love affair with being proud, haughty, critical, and "right"... even though our own sins are engulfing us. Those are just as big of sins as any other and they tend to hurt others more... driving them away from Christ.

Christians who are living with Christ shining out through their lives are NOT those going around rebuking others for their sins. They know sin is bad... they are trying to introduce sinners to a loving Savior.

The thought Jim shared above is perfect: "Ellen White said that if you love someone enough to give your life for them, then you are ready to talk to them about their sins." I feel the tone of this discussion would be totally different if the "accusers" were all ready to lovingly lay down their lives for the accused. I could be wrong... but if I am, the "accusers" need to work on showing that love more completely. If I was in this situation, I sure wouldn't feel loved by the current way my sins are being pointed out.
Homosexuality is as bad as being a drunkard (even taking wine) so the duty of the church is to teach it's members that Christ desires a change in our lives.

There's no soul exposed to the redeeming power of Christ and the merits of His blood that remains the same! Christ is the head of the church, and if one enters His gates the greatest healer, he/she should be willing to surrender self and let God control and NOT defend their sexual orientation or weakness.
It's total surrender!

The problem with people today is defending their weaknesses homosexuality inclusive, that's not what Christ desires, He desires a person ready to surrender themselves such that Christ can remove that heart of stone and impart into them a heart of flesh.

When the lady caught in adultery was brought to Jesus, She didn't defend her weakness, she surrendered herself to the redeeming and forgiving power of Christ and in the end she she was changed, went to Samaria and testified about the messiah and many souls were won to Christ.
If homosexuals continue to defend their cause, that they were born like that and other weak excuses that's not the spirit which the Lord desires and is not pleased at all with that mindset.
The times of ignorance the Lord overlooked, now He is commanding everyone to repent. Acts 17:30

Blessings to All

Very Good Posts Gabe. I so much agree with you. Sin is sin. Any sin no matter how small will keep you from Heaven. Those pious pew sitters who think they are so holy ... are worse because they 'think' they are holy when they are not. Just one unconfessed sin will keep you from Heaven. You have to be willing to confess all and give you heart to God. This means that you desire NOT to commit sin ... even though you do.
Yes Good point Gabe.

Jesus invites ALL who are heavy ladden to come unto Him.
Not all are as strong as you Nishaun. What the world needs first is LOVE.


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