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Now in modern times all over the world gayness is being considered normal by the scientific communities and the other wisemen of society.

Gayness used to be considered a disease or a sin but that is now changing, but should it? The obvious argument is that they can form committed relationships therefore there is nothing wrong with their choice. There is dishonesty in that claim. Homosexuals can only form committed relationships under one circumstance. They can only survive if society does what it is currently doing. As long as gays do not have to worry about ideas like children needing fathers and mothers or the diseases caused by those acts, they can seem to have a certain level of sanity.

But that is where the problem lies. Gays want so much to be human and this has led to suicides, drug use, murders, atheism, parades and many other acts of debauchery. If gays are forced to accept the reality that the relationship between a child and a mother is a sacred thing and far more worth protecting than the relationship between two random men, this disease will manifest itself.

At this moment in time some gays can survive without drugs or illicit behavior because they are not being inundated with the errors of their ways. Society at large does not promote the family it promotes wealth and sexuality, so a homosexual says, “I can do that, if that’s humanity I’m there!” There is one problem, wealth and sexuality is not the definition of humanity. If a gay person was forced to accept that civilized society has to be built on the human family their emotional disorders would then become apparent. If all homosexuals ever saw were fathers running around with their children and mothers feeding and clothing and hugging, the gay psyche would be utterly destroyed, the gay mind would become disconsolate, but on the upside we could then invite them to church. Amen.

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They are already human, just like you are already human. Would it be true to say you "want to be human"?

A problem with saying gays want to be human is that it can encourage people to view gays as if they are not human. Some people already see gays that way, and it sometimes leads them to kill gay people. It becomes easier to do bad things to those you consider less than human. WE learned that from slavery and from the Nazi treatment of Jews in Hitler's Germany.

To say gays want to be human implies that they are not human. People cannot correctly be said to want to be that which they already are. That would be like saying my Boston Terrier "wants to be doggish." Obviously it was born "doggish." Similarly homosexuals are born human.

As for AIDS, it began through heterosexual contacts, and in most countries, such as in the countries of Africa, it is primarily spread by sex between men and women.

The important point here, though, is that we still should treat both homosexuals and heterosexuals with love and thoughtfulness.

If no one has addressed your "actual argument," it might be because you have not stated it clearly so anyone knows exactly what it is. Can you say in a brief, clear statement what your argument is?
Yes it would be okay to say I want to be human, I do. Human is more than a DNA strand it is a set of realities. Heterosexual is one of the scientific definitions of the human species.

If I were to change my argument I would say that they want 'gay' to be human, not gays want to be human. But I have seen no reason to change it. Wanting to be human I believe is an actual feeling. There is a joke here, when that gay marriage law failed in California a gay guy on the news said something along the lines of, 'I never felt less of a human.' But wait how can a human feel inhuman? lol.

I bet you understand what the gay guy meant when he said, he felt inhuman. But you did not understand what the Christian mean, hmmmm. Maybe you need to separate further from your former community. Amen? And if people are human then they will be treated like humans, so help me God. So therefore, I am more concerned with human children understanding that they need mothers and fathers I am only concerned with their humanity, but don't worry maybe it is your job to care for your former community. That's what the Bible states. Some preach to some, others preach to others. But no where in that mission are you allowed to prevent me from saying it is inherently human for a child to have a mother and father and all who don't follow that path go down the road of loosing status.
So you don't really have any Biblical or scientific counter argument to what I said. Your point is then carried.
I totally agree, we have to learn to see people as God sees them. When the Lord looks down on us He sees sinners need of his divine merits.

If a gay person shows up to church, and an unmarried person who had sex at night there's no difference between the two as a matter of fact you might find the gay person might go away with the Lord's blessings if he repents and the unmarried person who is concealing his sin go away with more sexual demons!

The point I am making is that, if we see a brother or sister in sin, It's our duty we who are perceived to be standing to correct them and warn them of their course of action. It's our duty to show them that they need the Lord and to forsake satanic characters wholly manifested in the desires of the flesh.
Correcting someone and for them to return to the right path needs a lot of faith manifested by genuine prayer and fasting. If we involve in evil surmising, rumors and speaking about others behind their backs, there's a spirit of the devil with such acts and many souls can't be won with that kind of spirit.

A tsunami of revival has to sweep across the land, and the Lord needs Ezra, Nehemiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniels of today lay evangelists, pastors and church members who are going to live a life worthy to be looked upon as role models with Christ working in them, sinners will turn from their wicked ways.

But as much as the world looks at the church and when it studies everything and find out unmarried members are having sex with each other, having relationships outside the church, and all kinds of abominations in the church then the line of demarcation between the church and the world will surely be invisible and that's the reason why for so many years you find a church is with 50-100 members and doesn't grow!
There are many things which lead people to do somethings, if a weak member is fighting with drinking alcohol wine inclusive and then he/she spots another member freely partaking of alcohol and also dating outside the church many feel there's no point and they are led to fall into temptation. We have to be careful with whatever we do, and how we see others, we have to live a life which is wholly dependent on Christ that sinners are turned from their wicked ways. Ps. 51
I think Christians should not be too quick to defend gays and their sin. (I am sure if I came on here talking about the danger or murderers or Nazis many of you would not respond this way. Please don't be hypocrites, gays are bad admit it.)

An important way to spark a revival is to stand for the truth you are trying to revive. An important truth that I stand for is that gayness is bad because children need a mother and father. Do you believe the majority of Christians think God hates gays? Then what are you trying to revive?
I hope we remember that "ALL" have sinned and come short of the Glory of God, none of us are blameless, no one has walked this Earth sinless except for Christ, which is why we need his Shed Blood on Calvary if any of us are going to make it to His kingdom. It is unfortunate that we can see the speck in our brother's eye and not notice the mote that is in our own eye. We have enough sins on our own plate, lets look upward instead of looking at others. If our eyes are on Christ, others will follow our example and choose to serve Him.
Wonderful post, Melissa.

The best way to attract people to Jesus Christ is to be loving Christians ourselves; and while we uphold high standards by our own behavior and words, we can show people that we are accepting of people as Christ is.

If He-- and SDAs-- hadn't been accepting of me at the beginning of my Christian walk, I would never have taken that first step. If a gay person comes into our churches, and he's made to feel loved and welcomed, he is much more likely to be convinced that God loves him, and more likely, too, to come back for more. If, on the other hand, he finds us cold and distant and condemning, he might reject the whole notion that God loves him, and almost certainly never return to give us another chance.
And how does a loving Christian pronounce the word YES. When asked if homosexuality is a sin or a disease?

What would you have said differently, would you have said nothing.

If you say nothing does it mean the God you speak of is nothing?
I believe that homosexual acts-- i.e., sexual contact-- are sinful.

What you are either forgetting or do not know is that there is a lot more to being "gay" than sinful thinking or sinful acts. Being "gay" has to do, also, with virtually everything about a person-- how he/she thinks about a whole host of things that are not related to sex.

Also, there are some gay men who are born with a feminized brain due to exposure to female hormones during very early development. (The same thing happens with females.) God can help even these overcome their sinful, hereditary tendencies, but that does not mean they will be heterosexual. Some do get married to a member of the opposite sex, but it is not necessarily God's will that all gay men or gay women have a "normal" marriage or normal sexual relationship. For some, it is a matter of having to live their rest of their lives without sexual, romantic contact or fulfillment. For others, God does perform a miracle and bring complete healing so that they are able to live in a normal, healthy relationship with the opposite sex.
What would you have said differently, would you have said nothing?

You did not really answer my question.

Why do you feel I was claiming it was just an act?
Amen Melissa :-)
But it is dishonest to not speak the truth. So how does one look at God and NOT speak of him? And that according to the Bible he loved us enough to teach us what is correct and what isn't.

When I look at God I see a guide in a lost world. So I preach the guidance that I find, when I find other guidance I am happy to preach that.

Perfection is not a prerequisite for preacher, but that is what you implied, why?


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