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Now in modern times all over the world gayness is being considered normal by the scientific communities and the other wisemen of society.

Gayness used to be considered a disease or a sin but that is now changing, but should it? The obvious argument is that they can form committed relationships therefore there is nothing wrong with their choice. There is dishonesty in that claim. Homosexuals can only form committed relationships under one circumstance. They can only survive if society does what it is currently doing. As long as gays do not have to worry about ideas like children needing fathers and mothers or the diseases caused by those acts, they can seem to have a certain level of sanity.

But that is where the problem lies. Gays want so much to be human and this has led to suicides, drug use, murders, atheism, parades and many other acts of debauchery. If gays are forced to accept the reality that the relationship between a child and a mother is a sacred thing and far more worth protecting than the relationship between two random men, this disease will manifest itself.

At this moment in time some gays can survive without drugs or illicit behavior because they are not being inundated with the errors of their ways. Society at large does not promote the family it promotes wealth and sexuality, so a homosexual says, “I can do that, if that’s humanity I’m there!” There is one problem, wealth and sexuality is not the definition of humanity. If a gay person was forced to accept that civilized society has to be built on the human family their emotional disorders would then become apparent. If all homosexuals ever saw were fathers running around with their children and mothers feeding and clothing and hugging, the gay psyche would be utterly destroyed, the gay mind would become disconsolate, but on the upside we could then invite them to church. Amen.

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We can be honest but kind and loving, and it is not necessary for every individual to think it's their job to confront homosexuals with their sin.

Ellen White said that if you love someone enough to give your life for them, then you are ready to talk to them about their sins. What she was saying is that we ought to be like Jesus, who loved the people he talked to. Some people, though, all too often give the impression that they hate the sinner and would be happy to see them get what they deserve.

Think how you feel when people come up to you and confront you about some error of yours, in a way that shows they don't like you. Does it make you want to change?

Remember that our attitude should be the one Jesus talked about-- "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone." IOW, condemn the sin but make sure the sinner knows you love him/her; otherwise you may be working for the devil by driving them into his arms.

I hope you believe in Jesus more than Ellen White. I do too.

Yes, Jesus accepted sinners. Am I saying anything different here?

Of course no one came to Ellen White, and of course Ellen White cannot forgive sins. And of course she was a human being with flesh and bones.
Does every individual on 'Adventist Online' feel it is their job or is it just me?
Is it possible that for personal reasons you just don't want to hear the truth?
Because not many people on here seem to accept my arguments...

It is okay for people to not like me.
I tend to gravitate toward truth.
When someone tells me I'm wrong I actually think about it, maybe I don't have that homosexual arrogance and flamboyancy that would cause anger if someone claimed I had a weakness.

Sorry I am just not offended by truth.

And you may be working for the devil by making an unrepentant homosexual feel comfortable in church.

God only wants humble people to follow him...Therefore there is absolutely no excuse to be angry if someone calls you a sinner. If you get angry when someone points out your weakness you are not ready for Christ.
You Christians need to end this love affair with homosexuality!

It's not a matter of a "love affair with homosexuality." It's a matter of knowing how to talk to people and treat them with dignity and as Christ Himself would treat them if He were here. You have to learn to distinguish between hating the sin and loving the sinner.

A lot of people in Christ's day got this confused. It is the reason they hated Christ, because he loved the sinner. He hated the sin, yes, but he let people know he loved them, personally, despite their sinfulness. That's how we have to be if we are going to be any good helping people.
I have to laugh when I hear people say we should love the sinner.

The ways that we are to love the sinner vary greatly. Don't be fooled. Some would banish those sinners from church as a means of "loving" them. Tough love you know. To each his or her own.
Jim I think you just haven't let go of homosexuals.

I don't find the truth offensive.

I don't want to talk to anyone who does.

I make that clear with my arguments.

If God wants to attract an arrogant person he most likely won't ask me to get them for him. God would only ask me to tell Christians why they should reject gay 'theology.'
(Because a child needs a mother and father.)
Nishaun said: "You Christians need to end this love affair with homosexuality!"

I'm pretty sure we need to end our love affair with being proud, haughty, critical, and "right"... even though our own sins are engulfing us. Those are just as big of sins as any other and they tend to hurt others more... driving them away from Christ.

Christians who are living with Christ shining out through their lives are NOT those going around rebuking others for their sins. They know sin is bad... they are trying to introduce sinners to a loving Savior.

The thought Jim shared above is perfect: "Ellen White said that if you love someone enough to give your life for them, then you are ready to talk to them about their sins." I feel the tone of this discussion would be totally different if the "accusers" were all ready to lovingly lay down their lives for the accused. I could be wrong... but if I am, the "accusers" need to work on showing that love more completely. If I was in this situation, I sure wouldn't feel loved by the current way my sins are being pointed out.
But the problem with love is when you have to tell a homosexual that they can't babysit your child or teach Sabbath School.

Be honest be real, don't get offended by truth.

People who are offended by truth should not be in a Seventh-day Church anyhow.

People should know what the church stands for before they enter the door, there will be less garbage in church that way, and then the church can grow.

God is coming back for a spotless church.

Homosexuality is being held in high esteem in this day and age, as a Christian I cannot I will not follow the world and hold it in high esteem also.
You should not welcome them into the church. You should allow them to come to church, or invite them.

But they should know what your church stands for, what you stand for before they enter.

I am confused Gabriel, why do you believe God wants people who put their sexuality above a child having a mother and father in his church?
If you believe Christians should tone down their anti-gay rhetoric do you also believe the Adventist Church should also stop using the name 'Seventh-day' and only use 'Adventist', to attract sunday worshippers? Some do.

Or do you see the need for the church to maybe call itself, the 'Adventist Church of the Human Family?'
Seventh Day Adventist Church of the Human Family sounds like an honest name. That would definately make news, a Christian church changing its name in support of the male, female relationship.

But you have to understand the gay community would just call it 'concealed' gay-bashing.


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